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Explore vast savannas, thick jungles, winding waterways, and nature reserves chock full of stunning wildlife. Find tips & tricks for your safari adventure and read inspiring stories that will take you across the globe.

The Deadliest Animals You Can Encounter on a Safari

Unlike humans, animals don't kill for pleasure. They do it for survival. Most of them attack to defend themselves when they feel threatened. That said, there are some species that may consider you as an easy prey.

Top 10 Animals with Superpowers (You Wish You Had)

We humans like to think that we’re pretty cool. And, for the most part, we are. When we put our mind and body to it, we’re fully capable of amazing things.

How Strong is A Gorilla? Plus Other Amazing Gorilla Facts

Being the largest living primates on earth, gorillas are amazing creatures to study. Their black fur, stocky build, and often-frowning face have led many to mistake them for aggressive and dangerous animals.

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Ecotourism on African Wildlife

Africa is at a tipping point. Population growth, poverty, unstable governments and mass-tourism have had their say over the past decades. The continent’s population has grown from 100 million at the turn of the 20th century to 700 million towards the end, and rural Africa is experiencing one of the highest population growths on earth.

Conservation Safaris: Endangered Animals in Africa and What You Can Do to Help

Did you know that in the last 500 years, as many as 800 species went extinct due to human activities? Extinctions are a natural part of evolution on Earth, but throughout most of our planet’s history, its biodiversity has managed to flourish. However, for the past few centuries, there has been a rapid pace of extinctions and we, human beings, are mostly to blame.

4 Animals and Insects That Humans Can't Live Without

When people start to think about the ecosystem and nature as a whole, many don't fully grasp the importance of relying on other species.

India's Top 6 National Parks for a Wildlife Safari

With its breathtaking artistic heritage, ancient traditions, and sumptuous culinary creations, India is one of the most fascinating South Asian destinations.

Wildlife Photography: How to Take the Perfect Wildlife Shot

As you sit in your jeep, watching the big cats of the savanna hunt their prey, you are in awe. They strategize, stalk, and when the time is right, they go in for the kill. The scene is intense and quick. Blink and you just might miss it!

Wildlife Photography: Why You Should Try It Out in Tadoba

India is quickly becoming one of the world’ s most unique safari destinations. Not only is it a great alternative to the plains of Africa, but it also is a magical place to sharpen your photography skills.

2018's Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Responsible Tourism: 3 Animal Tourist Attractions You Should Never Do

As travelers on a quest for new experiences, we are constantly attracted to the unique and adventurous. We crave for a different experience, look to pushing boundaries and find the need to live our lives to the fullest. Because why shouldn’t we? But our travels should be responsible and our actions should always be ethical. 

A Safari in Sri Lanka: The Complete Travel Guide

As the summer heat starts to grip the plains of Africa, the safari spotlight has turned on Sri Lanka! And, what a beautiful country it is!

10 Awesome African Safari Movies You Need to Watch

Sometimes movies make us think about an important social issue, other times they bring a smile to our faces; a movie can scare you, and it can even motivate you. Movies, good ones, at least, have that power over us. 

Best African Safaris to Observe Elephants in their Natural Habitat

In terms of physical appearance, we have nothing in common with them. But if we stop for a second and look beyond the surface, we might find more similarities between ourselves and the mighty elephants than we would have guessed. 

Wildlife Poaching Could Soon Be Punished by the Death Penalty

Kenya has become the go-to destination to experience a true African safari. In fact, this emerging east African country has dominated other iconic African safari destinations by the likes of South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, and Uganda, and has been voted world’s top safari destination by the World Travel Awards twice over!

The Impact of the Drought on South African Wildlife

Think about the last time you got up to get a glass of water. It probably wasn’t too much of an effort, now was it? All you really needed to do was take a few steps from your living room to the kitchen, reach into the cupboard to grab a clean glass and then hold it under a fresh stream of clean water that gushed from the faucet as soon as you opened it.

Driving Across Africa: How to Take a Road Trip Like A Local

When exploring a continent as vast and widespread as Africa, driving yourself around may just be the better option. After all, you might want to visit a few countries, including the ever-popular South Africa and mesmerizing Kenya.

4 Famous African Animals That Have Made an Impact on the World

One of the most significant reasons people go on safaris is the animals. Getting to see the majestic African beasts in their natural habitat is one of the most precious memories a person can make in their lifetime. 

Ecotourism Safaris: Traveling That Benefits the Planet

Traveling is one of the great joys of life. People spend billions of dollars every year on vacations to their dream destinations. Whether you fly first class or economy, everybody enjoys packing a bag and leaving their regular lives behind for a while. The globe is full of amazing destinations from South Africa to Beijing and Rio de Janeiro there are many possible destinations making it quite difficult to choose just one place for your next vacation.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Africa

Are you a globetrotter? If that’s the case, you’ve probably visited the most popular European destinations. Chances are, you’ve also seen a big part of the American continent. What about Africa?

Amboseli National Park, Even Without the Kilimanjaro View

By the time we got to Amboseli, passing colorful Maasai men and women, who rightfully called this area, too, home, I had gone through many states of tiredness, boredom, indignation, seen the slums of Nairobi and then let them all go down with a teasing French fry.

Have You Ever Seen ‘Duma’? - I Found My Happy Ending in the Maasai Mara

This article is dedicated to all my friends who love cheetahs, lead their lives as passionately as these elegant big cats, and continue running as untamed and as wild as them.

Lake Nakuru - A Safari in Kenya Soaked in Sunshine

After all that day’s heat, it was late afternoon and we were arriving in Nakuru Town in the rain. Only the purple flowers in the trees along the road seemed to smile back at us, as my travel partner and I were both excited because that’s the feeling that new places seed in travelers.

Sustainable Tourism on Your Safari: 8 Things You Should Do

In the travel industry, as well as in many other areas, there are many misconceptions that might stop you from going to certain places or doing certain activities you’d love to. This is what usually happens when it comes to safaris and sustainability – it’s commonly believed that some practices are not very beneficial for the local communities or the animals.

Murchison Falls – a Safari in Uganda with a Smile

Arriving in Uganda is a color shock. Landing in Entebbe meant staring at the red earth I had only encountered in Argentina and not willing to let go of that sight. Driving the 40+ minutes to Kampala made me realize that I wasn’t hallucinating, by any means, and that I was indeed in a very beautiful and diverse country. 

My Unforgettable Safari Adventure in South Africa

I have always planned to visit South Africa to explore its wildlife. As a natural wanderer, it was one of my biggest dreams to immerse myself in what nature has left to offer. It was a long trip over the Atlantic to South Africa.

The Animals of Madagascar: A Guide to Some of the World’s Rarest Animals

Movie buffs will remember the hilarious comedy animation Madagascar that followed the story of four animals from the Central Park Zoo who unexpectedly ended up on the island of Madagascar. There, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippopotamus attempted to navigate life on the island and find friendship with some of its inhabitants.

The Small Five: 3 Reasons Why This Book Will Encourage Your Children to Appreciate Wildlife

As a mother of a two-year old in a world filled with technological distractions, I find myself fighting the good – and sometimes challenging – fight to instill reading habits in my young one. 

Wildlife Photography: Tips That Will Help You to Snap Perfect Photos of Mountain Gorillas

Next to seeing the Big Five in the African savannah, encountering gorillas up close and personal in their natural habitat comes up close on most adventurous traveler’s bucket list. 

5 Easy Tips that Will Enable You to Travel Africa on a Budget

The thought of trekking the globe, one destination at a time, may sound appealing. But one of the biggest problems travelers face when planning their worldwide adventure is the hefty price tag. Money, whether we like it or not, dictates much of our travels. Afterall, it buys our flights, our hotels and many of our experiences.

Buzzing Botswana: 5 Amazing Reasons Why It Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

If living among wildlife, and I mean truly living among wildlife, is something for you, then visiting Botswana should be at the top of your travel list. Botswana is a landlocked country, bordering South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

Saving the Wildlife: 5 Easy Ways You Can Help

It is no secret that most of our wildlife is either in danger or on the verge of extinction. While many of us are concerned about this disheartening situation, we also feel that the problem is larger than us and that what we do or don’t do will not effect change. 

10 Recently Extinct African Animals

Animals go extinct. While that’s sad, it’s just a fact of life. What’s tragic, though, is when man has a hand in their extinction. 

Wild Facts About the Big Five: No. 4 – the Cape Buffalo [Infographic]

With short coarse hair and a permanent angry look on their faces, Cape buffaloes appear hostile towards everyone and everything around them. These large bovines display imposing horns shaped like question marks, which come in handy when they need to protect themselves against predators, to make way through the herd or to fight for dominance.

Wild Facts About the Big Five: No. 3 – the Leopard [Infographic]

Remember the old saying “A leopard can’t change its spots?” Easily recognizable thanks to their golden fur covered in black and brown spots called rosettes, leopards are renowned for their climbing skills and their ferocious yet graceful hunting techniques. 

10 Stunning African Creepy Crawlers

Insects – otherwise known as bugs – and creepy crawlers usually have a bad rep all over the world. People don’t like them because they’re strange looking, have more legs on them than they need and some bite and sting like it’s nobody’s business. 

Africa’s 10 Strangest Animals That Are Out of This World

Africa’s geographic diversity has provided sanctuary for the world’s most amazing animals, some of which have evolved in truly unique directions. There are those that continue to steal the spotlight, and there are those elusive, funny-looking creatures that are just aching for attention. The stuff of legends, the latter are often overlooked.

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Monkey Business: Best African Safaris to Observe Primates in their Natural Habitat

Did you know? There are three primate groups that you can encounter and observe in Africa – monkeys, apes and humans. We all have complex brains, excellent eyesight, the ability to walk upright and skillful opposable thumbs, and the interesting part is that this is only where our similarities begin! 

Tips to Take Awesome Photos During a Safari

The affordability of digital SLR technology together with the many options of affordable high-end camera phones have led to an increase in the numbers of photographers. And it also makes it easy for everyone to take snaps of everything they enjoy.

10 Awesome Reasons to Go on a Safari

Are you a lover of travel and wildlife? On the hunt for an unforgettable trip? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions then an African Safari should really be a part of your travel bucket list! Through a safari, you will have the adventure of a lifetime, in a place surrounded by spectacular scenery and beautiful wildlife.  

The Great African Migration: Where and When to Go on a Migration Safari

If you’re planning to go on just one safari in your lifetime, it would have to be the Wildebeest Migration safari! Often dubbed as “The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth”, it is a definite must-see for lovers of nature and wildlife. 

Birdwatching Safaris: 8 Birds You Should Not Miss

Did you know that Africa is a fantastic destination for bird watching holidays? Offering a vast geographical range, coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, a large range of endemic species, and a variety of migrating ones, Africa is heaven for a variety of birds.

5 Must Visit African Safari National Parks

Africa is a vast and beautiful continent blessed with a diverse wildlife and nature unlike any other in the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that it is found in most travel lovers’ bucket lists. Should you plan to make your way to Africa in the near future, one of the exciting activities that you simply must not miss out on is to visit its breathtaking national parks. 

What Exactly Are the Big Five Animals? And Where Can I Spot Them? [Updated]

If you’ve ever done a search for safaris on the web, chances are you’ve encountered the term ‘The Big Five animals’ or ‘The Big Five’ game safaris amongst your results. Though it may sound straightforward, there are many misconceptions about the five species of the African wildlife included within the group.

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