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10 Awesome Reasons to Go on a Safari

by Cris Puscas

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Are you a lover of travel and wildlife? On the hunt for an unforgettable trip? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions then an African Safari should really be a part of your travel bucket list! Through a safari, you will have the adventure of a lifetime, in a place surrounded by spectacular scenery and beautiful wildlife.  

There are plenty of great reasons to go on a safari and in this article, we at BookAllSafaris.com will highlight some of the best ones.


A safari can be an affordable experience


A budget African safari offers excellent value for money. Most of these safaris include accommodation, meals, sightseeing, and activities (game drives, game walks, etc). This allows you to manage the budget easily and the only thing you would need to figure out is transportation.


A safari saves you travel planning time


Aside from the search to find the wildlife safari of your dreams and booking the transportation to get there, everything else is taken care of. The trusted and experienced travel operators make sure everything goes without a hitch and you can simply focus on enjoying your vacation.


A safari offers excellent photographic opportunities


reasons to go on a safari: photographic opportunities

No matter how advanced your photography skills are, once you go on a safari you’ll want to snap as many photos as possible. By the way, we recommend packing extra power banks and storage cards. The magnificent scenery and the incredible wildlife will make for memorable moments and photos that you’ll want to share with your friends and family.


A safari allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife


A safari offers a unique chance to see the wildlife in flesh! Whether you want to see the Big Five or enjoy birdwatching, there is a choice for every traveler. An African safari is the only way you can track wild animals and marvel at their beauty and power.


A safari can be a unique honeymoon experience


reasons to go on a safari: unique honeymoon

For the couples that love nature and animals, a safari honeymoon is a unique way to enjoy the beauty of our planet together. Whether you choose an adventure packed itinerary or one which offers plenty of relaxation, the experience will be thrilling and unique.


A safari allows you take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life


Going on a safari means a change of scenery. It may be a culture shock, too. Enjoy the time traveling through Africa at a slower pace, taking in nature, and forgetting about the daily grind. Relax, enjoy, and recharge your batteries!


A safari allows you to support conservation efforts


The cost of an African safari includes conservation fees for the parks you visit. This helps support the conservation efforts and save the species which are in danger of extinction. Also, many safaris offer the possibility to stay in environmentally responsible lodges and camps which contribute to the well-being of local communities and wildlife.


A safari offers learning opportunities


reasons to go on a safari: learning opportunities

Photo Credit: Kuruman Flickr via Compfight

What better way for children to learn about the animals than to see them during a family safari? Many lodges offer Junior Ranger programs in which children learn to track animals, while other lodges focus their programs on the local culture.


A safari allows you to explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites


There are many natural parks in Africa that have been designed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For example, Zimbabwe is home to four, just like South Africa. In these protected areas you get the chance to see various endangered species and also learn about the local culture.


A safari allows you to make new friends


While you can plan a safari with friends or even book a private safari for your family, many safaris are created for small groups, in which you get to know your travel companions. Sharing stories, love of wildlife, and reminiscing about the day’s adventures while sipping a drink by a roaring fire is a wonderful way to make friends for life.


Ready to plan your memorable African safari vacation? Browse the many safari vacations we have on offer at BookAllSafaris.com and choose the one which suits your travel style!

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