Highly adaptable, leopards thrive in both warm and cold climates but prefer rocky landscapes and riverine forests. Even though their numbers are pretty high, especially when compared to other members of the Big Five, they are considered a vulnerable species – their habitat is threatened.

The Big Five are the most sought after animals on a wildlife safari. In no particular order, they are the rhinoceros, the African lion, the leopard, the Cape buffalo and the African elephant. After having discussed the rhino and the lion, we have now put together some interesting facts about leopards in an infographic, the third in a series:




They are commonly believed to be an African animal, but leopards can be found in southwestern and eastern Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula, southwest Asia, the Himalayans, India, Russia, China and Sri Lanka. Of course, the snow leopard deserves an honorable mention, the king of the Himalayas, living in some of the harshest conditions on the planet on Central Asia’s rocky mountain slopes.

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