Adventure Makers is a specialist tour company based in Tanzania. They offer tours and travel services to all of the most spectacular places of East Africa.

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Rob Seidner

from United States, April 2023

"Safari with the family you didn't know you had in Tanzania"

From months before I arrived, Stephen wrote asking me exactly what I was looking for to make the dream vacation with my 11 and 14 year old kids. By the time he got me at the airport, I felt like I was meeting an old friend. He made so much time to take us to local restaurants and shopping outside of the safari so we could truly experience Arusha too. The safari itself is what I wanted - more rustic with us using tents and staying at small family-owned locations. The chef cooked great meals using ingredients all bought from the local markets. The driver was unreal in his ability to handle roads and driving conditions that I know there is zero chance I could have done! We saw all of the animals we wanted - I don't get why people would not come towards the end of the rainy season when all of the babies are still with their parents. Going to multiple parks allowed us to see so many animals in different habitats. It is difficult to explain just how different it is seeing even the same animals inside the crater verses crossing the street in the Serengeti. Having an experienced driver is crucial because in addition to how freaking scary the roads, the guide can spot animals way in advance.

There are a lot of options for tours but what I got with this one was an owner who genuinely cared to make my experience personal to make my dream come true. It was the little extra things Stephen did that I do not think a large company would ever do and that made a difference.