15 Days Wildlife, Apes, and Nature Safaris in Uganda

  • Namirembe Guest House, Namirembe Hill - Kibale Forest Camp, Kibale National Park - Bush Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park - Gorilla Friends Camp, Bwindi Forest National Park - Bushara Island Camp, Bushara Island

Exciting Uganda Safaris

This Uganda safari package provides many opportunities to traverse Uganda's beauty and diversity well intended to give you a full Uganda safari experience. You will have the chance to see the Southern white rhinos, go for chimpanzee forest walks, experience gorilla tracking, see the tree climbing lions, various birds, and colorful butterflies. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the local culture and meet the friendly Ugandans. This is something you don't want to miss!


  • 5 game drives
  • Chimpanzee forest walks
  • 2 boat cruises and walks with wildlife
  • Includes chimpanzee and gorilla permits and park entrance fees
  • Experience the local culture and meet friendly people
  • Enjoy fresh fruits and a visit to the Equator line
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Daily delicious meals
  • 15 activity days
  • English
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Bushara Island Camp

Bushara Island Camp offers a range of safari tents, cottages, dormitories, a treehouse, and group campsites to meet the needs of the lone traveler, couples, groups, and families. All of the private accommodations are self-contained, offer privacy, and a beautiful view of the lake.

Gorilla Friends Resort Campsite

Located on Ruhija Village, this campsite is adjacent to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and less than one kilometer from the gorillas' natural habitat.

Kibale Forest Camp

Where better to capture the thrill of a howling black and white colobus or to listen to the wood owl calling his partner, than from the comfort of your tent in Kibale Forest Camp? Get absorbed by forest smells and sounds, spot primates swinging through the trees and observe rare birds and beautiful butterflies fluttering around. Have a break from your daily concrete jungle life and experience the real thing.

Kibale Forest Camp offers an affordable classic canvas experience in the form of ten African safari style tents tucked away in a lush forest. A budget alternative is lazy camping on the campsite. Complemented by excellent food served in a cozy grass thatched restaurant, the camp forms your perfect base if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable place from where to explore the area.

Namirembe Guest House

At Namirembe Guest House, they have a multiplicity of services offered, ranging from accommodation, restaurant, coffee and fruit bar, salon, business center, tour and travel services, holiday center, body care center, car hire and airport pickups, gardens for functions, conference halls for meetings, and workshops instituted in one place within a serene and adept environment.

At Namirembe (the hill of peace) the million-dollar view bestows each of the guests with an incredible strategic and panorama view having at glance the whole of Kampala city in your palms. With an excellent reputation in services delivery under the Church of Uganda, they have lived for decades and still building on what has been laid to them.

The Bush Lodge

%The Bush Lodge forms an excellent base for your safari activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lodge is built along ecological principals, the bandas designed and spaced in such a way to maximize privacy, and enhance the safari aspect of the lodge. Surrounded by the national park and bordering the Kazinga channel, the lodge has a truly unique setting.

Animals literary room in and out the camp and sounds of hippos and hyenas complement your star lit dinners. At a great price quality ratio, The Bush Lodge finally offers a safari camp which is affordable and authentic. Expect a great outdoor safari atmosphere, a close to nature experience with excellent food, and friendly service.

Day 1

In the morning, after your arrivals at Entebbe International Airport (EBB), you will be driven to Murchison Falls National Park. The journey will take about three hours.

Day 2

Early in the morning, go on a game drive on tracks around the delta of the Nile, where a high concentration of wildlife can be found and will impress even the reluctant safari lover. After lunch, go on a boat trip on river Nile up to the base of the Murchison falls, offering spectacular views following the course of the Nile through a beautiful African atmosphere.

Day 3

After a very easy and rewarding walk to the top of Murchison falls, you will drive to Fort Portal to visit the crater lakes. This journey will take about six hours.

Day 4

After a pleasant breakfast on the lakeshore, drive to Kibale Forest National Park and experience an optional chimpanzee tracking activity. Otherwise, you can go for a day walk in the park. Chimpanzee tracking offers a chance to see chimps habituated to human presence in their natural environment.

Day 5

In the morning, visit the Amabere caves near Fort Portal and take an afternoon walk on the crater lakes area.

Day 6

After breakfast, drive to the Queen Elizabeth National Park and go for a boat cruise and sunset on Kazinga channel.

Day 7

Game drives during this day is dedicated to discover the Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the most diverse ecosystems in Africa. A total of 95 mammal species has been recorded. The park boasts of over 600 recorded bird species making it the ideal destination for bird watchers.

Day 8

After breakfast, transfer to Bwindi National Park. Bwindi National Park is home to around 330 mountain gorillas, almost half of the world's population of mountain gorillas.

Day 9

Early in the morning, you can go for an optional gorilla tracking experience. The tracking activity might take from one to seven hours. People who choose not to track the gorillas in Bwindi can enjoy a nature walk in the park. You will return to the chosen accommodation in the late afternoon.

Day 10

After breakfast, drive to Lake Bunyonyi, called the "Switzerland of Africa". Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most pleasant and delightful places in Uganda. You can relax on the lake.

Day 11

Go for a morning boat cruise and visit the village of Batwa pigmies. After that, enjoy a free afternoon.

Day 12

Enjoy a day of relaxation on Lake Bunyonyi. With its fresh water, bilharzia free, and beautiful landscapes, Lake Bunyonyi is a small paradise for travelers looking for a place to relax.

Day 13

After breakfast, drive to Lake Mburo National Park. In the late afternoon, go for a boat cruise in the lake. Many plant species and animals can be seen clearly like crocodiles, hippos, and birds like pelicans, black crake, heron, cormorant, fish eagle, and the rare shoebill stork.

Day 14

After an early morning game drive and breakfast, you will return to Entebbe for an overnight stay at Boma Guest House.

Day 15

You will visit Ngamba Island in the morning and then departures in the evening.

  • Boat cruise along the river Nile
  • Boat safari along the Kazinga Channel
  • Bush walk in Lake Mburo National Park
  • Visit Ishasha and watch the tree-climbing lions
  • Visit the top of the Mighty Murchison falls on the longest river in the world
  • Visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Visit Lake Bunyonyi and to Bushara Island
  • Visit the equator and souvenir shopping
  • Walk with wildlife in Lake Mburo national park

This safari takes you for game viewing and primates tracking in Uganda's most famous national parks and areas with astonishing fauna.

Bwindi Forest National Park

Bwindi forest national park is located in southwest of Uganda, on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This rainforest was gazetted as a reserve in 1932. Today, it is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO for Mountain Gorilla tracking excursions. Bwindi Forest National Park ranges at an altitude of 1,200 meters and 2,700 meters above sea level. The Bwindi Forest covers a series of steep ridges and valleys that form the eastern starting point of the Albertine Rift Valley, with annual rainfall on average at 1600 millimeters supplying five rivers that flow into Lake Albert as a source since it is a catchment area.

More than half the world’s wild mountain gorilla population is resident in Bwindi. Estimated at 440 individual gorillas in Bwindi Forest, living in separate 23 families. Though the focus is mountain gorillas in Bwindi, there is a staggering 93 mammal species living in this forest, more than any other national park in Uganda, except Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Although the list of mammals consists of mainly small ones such as rodents and bats, you will find chimpanzees, varieties of monkeys with common viewings of the blue monkey and black-and-white colobus. Occasionally, forest elephants can be spotted or heard, there are six species of antelopes, the bushbuck, and five types of forest duiker.

For bird lovers, Bwindi has 23 particular species characteristic to the Albertine Rift with 14 species found nowhere else but within Bwindi forest. Among them are the African green broadbill, the white-tailed blue flycatcher, the brown-necked parrot, the white-bellied robin chat, and the Fraser’s eagle owl. Bwindi Forest is best known for mountain gorilla tracking safaris.

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park is part of the extensive Kibale Forest which lies in the Toro Kingdom. Kibale Forest is a tantalizing combination of adventure with a decidedly off-the-beaten-track atmosphere, wonderful scenery with a remarkable variety of activities. Kibale Forest National Park offers chimpanzee tracking everyday in the morning and in the afternoon until 6:30 p.m. You will enjoy some serious bird watching as well as the greatest variety and numbering of primates found in this single forest compared to any other East African country.

With a mushroom of crater lakes, some 30 crater lakes to the west of the Kibale Forest National Park, it is one of Uganda’s prime destinations. The vegetation type of the park is rainforest with patches of grassland and swamp. Kibale Forest is classified as a transitional evergreen forest showing elements of both afro-montane and lowland forest.

At least 60 mammal species are present in Kibale Forest. It is particularly known for primates, with 13 species recorded, the highest total in other park in Uganda. Primates found in Kibale Forest are vervets, red-tailed, L’Hoests, blue monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, red colobuses, black-and-white colobuses, olive baboons, and chimpanzees.

Other mammals in Kibale forest include buffalos, duikers, civet cats, and the third largest population of elephants in Uganda. These are forest elephants, smaller and hairier than their savannah counterparts. Birds are abundant with at least 325 species, as are clouds of fluttering butterflies.

Kibale National Park is an enchanting park full of lakes, grasslands, marshes, and forests. It is 30 kilometers south of Fort Portal at the northeastern end of the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda. Fort Portal itself is nothing more than an overgrown village, but is a pleasant enough place surrounded by tea plantations.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is outstanding amongst all Uganda national parks because of its popularity and number of visitors it receives for safaris in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth runs from the base of the Rwenzori Mountains all the way down to Ishasha in the south. The park protects the entire Ugandan shore of Lake Edward and the western shore of Lake George.

Close to 600 species of birds live in the Queen Elizabeth National Park area with these being common: great white and pink-backed pelicans, white-winged terns, papyrus canary, malachite, woodland kingfisher and pied kingfisher, black-rumped buttonquail, gabon and slender-tailed nightjars, beautiful black-headed gonolek, and African fish eagle.

The checklist includes virtually every water bird species resident in Uganda, with a variety of woodland and forest birds with Mweya outstanding for the myriad water birds on the Kazinga Channel and the forest at Ishasha is a good place to see more unusual species.

North of Queen Elizabeth National Park - Kazinga Channel

This is where you find the main tourist circuit. Some more than 95 mammal species have been recorded in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Ten primate species including chimpanzees, vervet, L’Hoest, black-and-white colobus, and olive baboon can be spotted there. 20 predators are residents in Queen Elizabeth National Park, including leopards, lions, spotted hyena, side-striped Jackal, and tsavo cat.

The most common antelope species is the Ugandan kob, bushbuck, topi, and Deffassa waterbuck with the elusive papyrus swamp antelope the sitatunga antelope found around lake George, while four Duiker species are defined to the Maramagambo forest.

Cape buffaloes are common and they are often reddish in colour leading to interbreeding with forest buffaloes which are a redder race of buffalo living across the border in Congolese rainforest. The elephants in the park also show strong affinities with the smaller much hairier forest-dwelling race of elephants found in the Congo.

Southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park - Ishasha

Ishasha is the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park and one of the most alluring game viewing areas in East Africa. The park is dominated by light acacia woodland and savannah. The most common large mammal species in this habitat are Uganda Kobs, topi, and buffalo. Elephants are found in the sector. Most famous are the tree-climbing lions. The northern circuit is rated famous and best known for tree-climbing lions, it also pass a swamp where shoebills are frequently seen. While the southern circuit is better for general game viewing with large herds of Cape buffalo.

You will be served 14 breakfast, 15 lunches, 15 dinners during the safari, as stated in the itinerary.

Bird watching

The east African rain forests stretching into the west-African tropical forest together with the safarilands boasts a health superb bird life, enough to convert those who really did not know that they cared about birds. Steady Safaris have a number of excellent, specialist guides both freelance and company guides, who are simply fantastic and can advise on special interest trips. Whether you are interested in rare species or just that one special bird you have been waiting to see in years, this is surely something you shouldn't miss.

Boating safari

Safari from a boat is a very different experience to game driving. You can view wildlife from a different perspective - seeing elephants interacting in the water up close is something you just cannot do from a 4 x 4. There is also no better way to view crocodiles and hippos as they eye each other up across the water. Relaxing with a sundowner and watching the sun set over the Victoria Nile in Murchison falls is an experience that cannot be beaten.

Chimpanzee tracking

You can go for a chimpanzee tracking activity which offers a chance to see chimps habituated to human presence in their natural environment.

Fishing safari

There are various options for fishermen of all interests, with testing fly-fishing on the river Nile and from the islands of Ssese, and lots of deep water action for pulling in some serious kilograms on Lake Victoria. Dedicated fishermen should look to Uganda and rest assured that all of these provide great safari possibilities for non-fishing traveling partners.

Gorilla tracking experience

The gorilla tracking experience to see the gorillas in their natural habitats might take from one to seven hours.

Local culture

The world is one according to God. But mankind decided they have to create a separation in form of territory using borders. Much of the joy of travel is the experience of other cultures and traditions and taking time to know and understand the local heritage of your chosen country. Cultural tourism is a tricky thing to accomplish well, but if it is done well it is incredibly worthwhile. The opportunity to interact on a personal level with the people whose country you are visiting will enhance your experience no end.

Rafting adventure

The early colonialists and the earlier Egyptians never knew what sort of adventure could be taken advantage of in the powerful flowing of the river Nile.


Uganda is “the pearl of Africa”, a land best explored on foot. Stunning landscapes, great guides, and getting out and about on foot awakens the senses and brings you closer to the action in a way that is empowering and enlightening. There are numerous myriad choices for walking in all of the best safari destinations operated by Steady Safaris, briefly or over a period of days; different destinations provide a variety of landscapes and wildlife.

  • 1 chimpanzee permit per person
  • 1 gorilla permit per person
  • 14 nights accommodation as listed in the program
  • 14 breakfast
  • 15 dinners
  • 15 lunches
  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • All fuel for the tour
  • English-speaking Ugandan driver and guide
  • Transport to and from Entebbe International Airport (EBB)
  • Park-entrance fees according to the program
  • Transport in a 4WD mini bus with pop-up roof for excellent safari view viewing
  • Airfares
  • All expenses of personal nature
  • Drinks
  • Entry visa to Uganda
  • International air fares
  • Laundry
  • Meals that are not part of your accommodation
  • Optional activities
  • Personal medical and travel insurance
  • Tips and gratuities

Arrival by airplane

Please book flights for Entebbe International Airport (EBB). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Steady Safaris will pick you up from the airport. Travelers are supposed to reach Entebbe on the tour starting day before 8.00 a.m. and leave from the same airport at the end of the tour after 8.00 p.m. If these times can't be respected, then one or two days should be calculated for the overnight in Kampala.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 60% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 20 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 15 days before arrival.


  • Review by Sian from Belgium

    "I have used Steady Safari's more than once as I coordinate group travel. They are the most timely safari operators I've ever worked with, know Uganda very well, and are very safe. An all round great experience. "

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Melanie from United States

    "Our drivers while in Uganda were terrific! We were always safe, they were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The night safari was well planned and definitely a highlight of my life. Our driver, Kenny, became a fast friend and taught us tremendously about Uganda. Steady Safari is the way to travel! "

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Ricky Waterford from United Kingdom

    "We had a short safari organized by Steady Safaris a local company run by two blocks who are brothers. Carlos and Steve own the company. Our initial communication was done by Carlos who responds to emails immediately, which I found very professional since we did not waste to much time waiting. Steve did our orientations for both before and after the safari. They really and I must emphasize this, really understand the business asking the right question and keeping everything within cost. So please next time you are in or going to Uganda consult Steady Safris limited to organize yours."

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Stephen Madgwick from United Kingdom

    "Stephen, Carlos' brother, was my guide. We spent two full days in the Park, having driven up from Kampala. The organisation by Steady Safaris was excellent and Carlos came to meet me personally a few days beforehand at my accommodation in Kampala with a typed folder of the itinerary. Stephen's English was excellent and he made sure I was at ease throughout the trip. He had even caught the bird sighting bug by the end and was quite prepared to stop anywhere to have a closer look. I chose a mid range level of accommodation and the Murchison Falls River Lodge is well situated on the bank of the Nile. Stephen was able to arrange that one of the bird-knowledgeable rangers accompany us for a full day which increased our bird spotting rate a lot. He just knew where to find that elusive shoebill stork."

    "It was a thoroughly enjoyable safari with a capable and confidence inspiring company. I would certainly use them again."

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Krista K. from United States

    "I went on a safari with Steady Safaris a few weeks ago and it was an absolutely unforgettable experience! The whole process was easy and we were given exceptional care throughout our entire trip. Our guide Carlos was phenomenal! He was incredibly knowledgeable and so fun to be around. We had such a fun time and learned so much. Carlos took care of everything for us, we didn't have to worry about a thing! He really tried to make sure we saw everything we wanted to see while we were there as well as giving us so much information on the animals, plants, and surroundings. I would say it's a once in a lifetime experience, but after doing it once you will want to go back again and again. The experience is truly indescribable. I would definitely book with Steady Safaris over and over again!"

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Faith from United States

    "The safari was amazing! We had a great time! Our tour guide was Carlos, and he was very personable and professional. He made sure we were drinking enough water, wore plenty of sunscreen, and had insect repellent. We saw every single animal on our list, even the super rare ones. 100% satisfied!"

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Mark Smith from United Kingdom

    "We had a wonderful three days in Murchison Falls national park with Steady Safaris. From initial contact and planning with Carlos to our time with our guide Noel the whole experience was to class. Carlos was very happy to work within our budget and to help us make the most of our short time and always responded to emails promptly and in a professional but friendly manner. And from the moment we were met at the airport by Noel, through the drive up to the National Park, through driving around, through conversations over dinner (excellent food in Fort Murchison!) and through bring dropped off at the end, we were looked after really well. Noel was so knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions and point things out, and also just good and interesting company! Sadly we didn't see lions or a leopard - but this wasn't Noel's fault! And it gives us a good excuse to return! And if and when we do we'll definitely be using Steady Safaris - I would recommend them to anyone. "

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Emily from United States

    "Some friends and I went on a safari the beginning of this year and it couldn't have been better! From start to finish we were taken care of completely. The safari itself is magic. Pictures and words don't do it justice. If you are thinking about booking a safari I would go with Steady Safaris without any hesitation. "

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Isabeau from United Kingdom

    "I was very impressed by Steady Safaris - we made a last minute booking, the company responded quickly and efficiently to our requests, kept within our budget, and delivered us safely and on time to the airport at the end of the holiday. Steve was a great guide, he liaised with the lodge and the national parks team at Lake Mburu to make sure that we got the most out of our stay, his driving was excellent (no matter what the terrain), and he ensured that we had a smooth and enjoyable trip. Thank you!"

    Steady Safaris website, edited

  • Review by Betty and Simeon from Ireland

    "I have been dreaming of going to Africa for over ten years and this year that dream finally came true. Our travel company was wonderful (Steady Safaris Uganda Limited) - particularly our agent who helped us every step of the way (Carlos Olaaka). I gave him some vague ideas and s"

    "he came up with a wonderful itinerary and recommendations on where to stay. We went through several iterations and our agent was always helpful and very responsive. If I contacted him during business hours I never waited more than an hour or two for a response and many were much faster. Every partner they worked with in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya was very professional, on time, and provided excellent service. Honestly, after having visited I would imagine that you can't go wrong - everyone we met had nothing but positive things to say about everywhere they had been. If you're on the fence or worried, don't be!! Everything was taken care of every step of the way and I felt 100% safe and cared for the entire time. "

    "What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of our trip? We were fortunate enough to see four leopard on our trip - a mother with two cubs and another with a kill in a tree. We saw a pride of lions feeding on a zebra that must have been killed during the night. We didn't see the actual hunt but we saw one of the splinter groups that split off and even that was pretty incredible - zebras and wildebeest everywhere in Kenya. The absolute craziest thing we saw was a group of crocodiles eat a hyena. It was the most awesome and horrific thing I've ever seen! And the highlight was the gorilla trekking"

    Steady Safaris website, edited

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