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Steady Safaris is one of the top competing safari suppliers of traditional big five safaris, gorilla and chimpanzee experience tours, vacation packages, sightseeing tours, and day trips in Uganda.

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Sian Belgium

Steady Safaris website

I have used Steady Safari's more than once as I coordinate group travel. They are the most timely safari operators I've ever worked with, know Uganda very well, and are very safe. An all round great experience.

Melanie United States

Steady Safaris website

Our drivers while in Uganda were terrific! We were always safe, they were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The night safari was well planned and definitely a highlight of my life. Our driver, Kenny, became a fast friend and taught us tremendously about Uganda. Steady Safari is the way to travel!

Ricky Waterford United Kingdom

Steady Safaris website

We had a short safari organized by Steady Safaris a local company run by two blocks who are brothers. Carlos and Steve own the company. Our initial communication was done by Carlos who responds to emails immediately, which I found very professional since we did not waste to much time waiting. Steve did our orientations for both before and after the safari. They really and I must emphasize this, really understand the business asking the right question and keeping everything within cost. So please next time you are in or going to Uganda consult Steady Safris limited to organize yours.

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