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My Unforgettable Safari Adventure in South Africa

December 15, 2017

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I have always planned to visit South Africa to explore its wildlife. As a natural wanderer, it was one of my biggest dreams to immerse myself in what nature has left to offer. It was a long trip over the Atlantic to South Africa.

I went with my two best friends, who were as excited as I was, and boarded the plane to the country. It was an exhilarating ride, but we all knew that our trip was just beginning. Since our planet is slowly deteriorating, these wildlife sanctuaries are proof that we still have a chance of keeping our endangered animals alive.

South Africa was a gleaming place to behold. The people were welcoming and their culture was something to marvel at. I loved how they have kept their heritage well and that is something that we need to strengthen as a nation. It was fun to engage with the natives. But our excitement of visiting the African continent was elevated when we embarked on our adventure exploring one of the numerous safaris that South Africa offers.

Sabi Sand antelopes

We went on a guided trip to visit the different parks in South Africa. We started our tour at Kruger National Park. It is said to be one of the largest national parks in the world. We were able to see lots of rhinos and antelopes. The animals can roam around the place freely. It was a pleasure watching them free from the cages and chains for once.

We were then lead to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, known to be one of the best safari destinations in the world. Being able to witness endangered species such as white rhinos roaming freely enthralled me. Like our earlier location, the vast area of the Sabi Sand is home to a great number of antelopes.

africa elephants

Using a 4 x 4 open-topped safari truck, we continued exploring the fascinating safari destination that is the Sabi Sands. Around the reserve, we were able to spot several other animals which were endemic to such ecosystem. For instance, we were able to see elephants having a jolly time pushing through branches. The buffalos, on the other hand, were resting with their young.

As we explored the rest of the reserve, we were able to see various animals living their normal life. A herd of zebras, for example, were looking for food to graze. Predators such as leopards and lions could also be seen hunting for their prey to serve as a meal of the day.

africa zebras

After a few hours of exploring, it was time to leave. Honestly, even if it were only a few hours, it left me with lasting memories which I will cherish. For our remaining days, we were also able to visit the majestic Victoria Falls. Aside from the safari destinations, it was the next best natural attraction in the country.

south africa rainbow

We spent our last days in Johannesburg before boarding our flight home. My safari journey in South Africa really made a huge impact in my life.

As a graphics designer, I was inspired by My recent trip inspired me to decorate my home with African landscapes in mind. Using animal prints as the inspiration for the fabrics inside my room, I was able to create an overall effect that looked neutral and earthy. Animal prints of zebras and leopards, for example, looked good against my animal figurines. Since the special landscapes of the safari are home to a variety of plants, I also did some hunting on which plant to place in my room. Luckily, I was able to find small shrubs which could fit with the overall motif.

animal print

Even though it has been weeks since my journey, the impressions were so strong and left me with a desire to bring the spirit of safari to my home. With the use of animal prints and other wildlife-related paraphernalia, I was able to pull it off.

A safari adventure is anything but ordinary. It is teeming with wildlife set against an untouched landscape. It is true what they say; the country is host to some of the most excellent wildlife areas in the world.


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