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On & Beyond Wildlife

Explore vast savannas, thick jungles, winding waterways, and nature reserves chock full of stunning wildlife. Find tips & tricks for your safari adventure and read inspiring stories that will take you across the globe.

The Great African Migration: Where & When to Go on a Migration Safari

If you’re planning to go on just one safari in your lifetime, it would have to be the Wildebeest Migration safari! Often dubbed as “The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth”, it is a definite must-see for lovers of wildlife & nature.

10 Best Things to Do in South Africa

Located at the southern tip of Africa, South Africa offers varied landscape and endless opportunities to have fun! Home to 21 national parks and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the country is a treasure trove for anyone who is fascinated by nature, wildlife, and history.

Planning Your Safari in Africa in COVID-19 Era

The pandemic has changed the world in ways no one could have predicted...

Safari 101: The Beginner's Guide to African Safaris

An African safari is an unforgettable experience that tops many travelers’ bucket lists.

A Guide to Choosing Your Safari Travel Style

During a safari, travelers enjoy unique experiences, such as getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most impressive wildlife in their natural habitat.

Group and Multi-Generation Travel: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Smooth Safari

They often say that your travel experience is enriched not only by the places you go to but also the people you visit them with.

Camping Safaris: Get Up Close and Personal with Africa's Wilderness

Picture this: you’re lying under a blanket of stars while listening to the soundtrack of the African bush.

African Safari with Kids: Why & How You Should Travel with Children

For some parents, the idea of traveling with young kids may be something to avoid at all costs.

Top 5 Mountains in Tanzania For Hiking & Climbing

Tanzania is an exotic tapestry of colors, flavors, and sights. From the vast plains of the Serengeti, teeming with Africa’s iconic Big Five animals, to paradisiacal islands with sun-soaked beaches, there is so much more to Tanzania than what you’d expect.

5 Advantages of Choosing a Short Safari Tour

Going on a safari through Africa is a travel experience that will change your life. While exploring the continent’s vast wild spaces, your urban existence melts away when you compare your shoes with the giant footprints of elephants. As you silently witness big cats seeking refuge in the scant shade of an umbrella thorn tree and watch campfire smoke spiral into the Milky Way, you drift off to the sounds of nature hoping this would never end.

The Ultimate Safari Checklist: What to Pack for Your Wildlife Adventure

Plane ticket, passport, vaccinations? Check, check and check! If you’ve already decided on your travel itinerary and have all the details sorted out, there’s only one thing left to do before you begin your wildlife adventure of a lifetime: packing!

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