Travelers of Madagascar is a licensed local Antananarivo-based tour operator specializing in creating custom-made Madagascar tours and safari vacations.

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20 Days Captivating Safari Tour in Madagascar

Available from April till January
    from US$5,067
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    Reviews (2)

    John Rhoads

    from United States, May 2018

    "My Dream Trip"

    I have always wanted to visit Madagascar. I think the natural beauty of the island in unique in the world. My driver/guide led me throughout the southern part of the country and provided insight as we traveled. The geology was fascinating. The wildlife was outstanding - better than I had hoped. Even though I am senior in age, my driver/guided ensured I was treated carefully by local guides. I also appreciated the insights into the history of the nation. I am very impressed with Travelers of Madagascar and highly recommend them.

    David Sichrovský

    from Czechia, January 2018

    "Toky Guid Mada is perfect driver and guid . "

    exclusive experience .

    exclusive coutry .

    thank you Roberto Cioce .

    thank you Toky bro :-)

    Testimonials (1)

    Anne L. Texas, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    Roberto and his team quickly arranged a day tour for me, including Ambohimanga, Lemur Park and the Queen's palace. Each location had an English speaking guide. The driver and tour escort from the tour company made it easy. Highly recommend using their services - the driving around Antananviro is crazy - they know how to do it!