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Dentro y más allá de la vida silvestre

Explora vastas sabanas, espesas selvas, vías fluviales sinuosas y reservas naturales repletas de impresionante vida silvestre. Encuentra consejos y trucos para tu aventura de safari y lee historias inspiradoras que te llevarán por todo el mundo.

Traveling to Rwanda: What You Need to Know to Plan an Unforgettable Trip

From the lush forests that are home to the endangered mountain gorillas to the scenic shores of Lake Kivu, Rwanda offers delightful beauty and diversity in both scenery and wildlife.

A Guide to Choosing Your Safari Travel Style

During a safari, travelers enjoy unique experiences, such as getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most impressive wildlife in their natural habitat.

Sustainable Travel: Ways to Make a Positive Impact on a Safari

Generally, sustainable travel is all about traveling lightly, leaving no footprints, and staying in accommodations that are serious about the environment, wildlife, and communities around them.

Eco Safaris in Africa: Traveling That Can Help the Planet

Tourism is currently the world’s largest industry and in recent years, the ecotourism sector has outgrown all others.

Wildlife Tours in Madagascar: A Guide to Some of the World’s Rarest Species

Animations enthusiasts surely remember the hilarious comedy Madagascar (2005) that follows the story of four animals from New York’s Central Park Zoo who unexpectedly end up on the island of Madagascar.

Conservation Safaris: Endangered Animals in Africa and What You Can Do to Help

Did you know that in the last 500 years, as many as 800 species went extinct due to human activities? 

Elephant Safaris: Top African Countries to Observe Elephants in their Natural Habitat

The mighty elephants once roamed the entire globe. Nowadays, they can only be found in Africa and some parts of Asia. 

Wildlife in Indonesia: 10 Must-See Endemic Species

Bridging Asia and Australia at the crossroads of the Pacific and Indian oceans lies Indonesia, the home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife. 

The Amazon: Awesome Facts About The World's Largest Rainforest You Need to Know

The Amazon rainforest is, perhaps, one of the most underrated wildlife travel destinations in the world. 

The Small Five: Encourage Your Children to Appreciate & Learn from Wildlife

In a world more and more dependent on technology and screen-time, it is a big endeavor to get children – and adults alike – to set aside time to read a (printed) book.

Top 10 African Safari Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

Is an African safari on your bucket list?

From the charms of Kenya to glorious South Africa, Botswana, and Uganda, there are dozens of exciting opportunities to explore Africa.

6 Amazing Things To Do During a Safari in Botswana

Blessed with some of the best wildlife on Earth, Botswana is home to national parks and reserves that cover more than one-third of the country.

10 Awesome Reasons to Go on a Safari

Are you a lover of travel and wildlife on the hunt for an unforgettable trip? If your answer is “Yes!”, then an African Safari should really be a part of your travel bucket list!

What Exactly Are the Big Five Animals? And Where Can I Spot Them? [Updated]

If you’ve ever done a search for safaris on the web, chances are you’ve encountered the term ‘The Big Five animals’ or ‘The Big Five’ game safaris amongst your results. Though it may sound straightforward, there are many misconceptions about the five species of the African wildlife included within the group.

Safaris in Kenya: Top National Parks to Visit

The birthplace of safari travel, Kenya offers incredible natural beauty, great game viewing, the heart-pumping wildebeest migration, and interesting cultural encounters.

5 Must Visit African Safari National Parks [Updated]

Africa is a vast and beautiful continent blessed with a diverse wildlife and nature unlike any other in the world, ensuring it a place in most travel lovers’ bucket lists. One activity you should not miss on your next trip to Africa is visiting its breathtaking national parks. 

Facts About Endangered Wildlife from David Attenborough’s Dynasties

“An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.” - Sir David Attenborough

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Ecotourism on African Wildlife

Africa is famous for a number of reasons – its unmatched wildlife, mesmerizing landscapes, fascinating culture and the fact that it is considered the birthplace of humankind. 

Responsible Tourism: 3 Animal Tourist Attractions You Should Never Do

As travelers on a quest for new experiences, we are constantly attracted to the unique and adventurous. We crave for a different experience, look to pushing boundaries and find the need to live our lives to the fullest. Because why shouldn’t we? But our travels should be responsible and our actions should always be ethical. 

A Safari in Sri Lanka: The Complete Travel Guide

As the summer heat starts to grip the plains of Africa, the safari spotlight has turned on Sri Lanka! And, what a beautiful country it is!

Meet 2018’s Top 5 Newly Discovered Animals

The planet Earth is a weird and wonderful place so it is no wonder that we humans just love exploring its ever-changing surface. The history of life on Earth goes back about 3.8 million years and is believed to have started with single-celled prokaryotic cells that evolved over billions of years into what we know and recognize today. 

The Impact of the Drought on South African Wildlife

Think about the last time you got up to get a glass of water. It probably wasn’t too much of an effort, now was it? All you really needed to do was take a few steps from your living room to the kitchen, reach into the cupboard to grab a clean glass and then hold it under a fresh stream of clean water that gushed from the faucet as soon as you opened it.

Beyond the Big Five: Africa’s Most Underrated Animals

Thinking about traveling to Africa? Well, I am sure there are plenty of things you’re excited to see, from the jaw-dropping landscapes to the diverse cultures and, of course, the ever-popular Big Five. These are the pillars of African travel and with good reason! But, there is so much more out there just waiting to be discovered.

Saving the Wildlife: 5 Easy Ways You Can Help

It is no secret that most of our wildlife is either in danger or on the verge of extinction. While many of us are concerned about this disheartening situation, we also feel that the problem is larger than us and that what we do or don’t do will not effect change. 

Wild Facts About the Big Five: No. 4 – the Cape Buffalo [Infographic]

With short coarse hair and a permanent angry look on their faces, Cape buffaloes appear hostile towards everyone and everything around them. These large bovines display imposing horns shaped like question marks, which come in handy when they need to protect themselves against predators, to make way through the herd or to fight for dominance.

Wild Facts About the Big Five: No. 3 – the Leopard [Infographic]

Remember the old saying “A leopard can’t change its spots?” Easily recognizable thanks to their golden fur covered in black and brown spots called rosettes, leopards are renowned for their climbing skills and their ferocious yet graceful hunting techniques. 

Monkey Business: The Best Destinations to Observe Primates in their Natural Habitat

Did you know? There are three primate groups that you can encounter and observe  – monkeys, apes and humans. We all have complex brains, excellent eyesight, the ability to walk upright and skillful opposable thumbs, and the interesting part is that this is only where our similarities begin! 

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