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YogaByCandace is a modern yoga lifestyle media company. They offer yoga retreats, Namaslay yoga teacher training, and yoga workshops to empowered yoga teachers.

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  • Sarah B. Australia

    YogaByCandace website

    The Sifnos, Greece yoga retreat with Candace was an amazing experience. The yoga program was fantastic, the people were fantastic and the place was fantastic. Worth traveling to the other side of the world for!

  • Caitlin S. Connecticut

    YogaByCandace website

    In a word, the the YBC retreat was idyllic. Sifnos is a quiet, charming island and the retreat was held in a venue nestled amongst olive trees overlooking the Aegean Sea (for real). The days started and ended with Candace's classes. These are not your average run of the mill yoga classes. In addition to being an incredible yogi, being a teacher is a part of who she is; she's attentive and clear and creative in her teaching. Her sequencing is my favorite of any yoga class I've taken, so playful and fun, but appropriately challenging. And she'll get you upside down doing arm balances! If you have the opportunity, attend one of Candace's retreats. I came home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.

  • Sarah L. Australia

    YogaByCandace website

    This was truly the most relaxing holiday I have ever been on. I got to see beautiful places, take deep breaths, meet wonderful people (both the locals and the other yogis), explore a beautiful island, drink great coffee, enjoy some wine and amazing food and, of course, the yoga which was challenging but well paced. Extremely well organised, every need was taken care of, nothing was too much trouble. I only hope I can get to more retreats in future. Thank you Candace and Sophie for an amazing holiday. I truly loved every minute and it was totally worth the trip from Australia.

  • Carley S. United States

    YogaByCandace website

    I would highly recommend attending a YBC retreat - I cannot say enough wonderful things about Candace and the workshops she puts together. First, her classes are incredible. She is such a thoughtful and talented instructor; her Vinyasa sequences are creative and challenging, allowing you to work on taking your practice to the next level. Her guided meditations are amazing, I guarantee you will leave the retreat feeling centered, refreshed, and rejuvenated. I encourage anyone who is a fan of Candace, her blog, and videos to attend one of her fabulous retreats, you will not regret it. Taking the classes from Candace in person is a completely different experience than online; her beautiful personality truly shines through in her instruction, leaving everyone with a feeling of complete peace and serenity. Attending one of Candaces retreats was one of the best decisions I ever made, I am looking forward to attending more in the future!

  • Taryn D. United States

    YogaByCandace website

    I was definitely skeptical about the blindfold yoga. I even told Candace that my practice might consist of down dog the entire time. But, once I put on my blindfold, I was able to quiet my mind (for once) and truly focus on my breath and core stability to find balance. I felt that was the first time I actually trusted myself enough to push myself because I had to focus on all the muscles I don't usually notice when my eyes are open. I realized I stopped comparing myself to others, as well as the expectations I have for myself. Thank you Candace, for taking away my eyesight in order for me to let go of preconceptions and experience the beauty of trusting myself.

  • Marine D. France

    YogaByCandace website

    I discovered yoga during a week dedicated to Ibiza with Candace. It was my first course, and I was afraid I would not appreciate this discipline too slow. In fact I found out a lot about my body and mind during this week, and I returned from vacation so revitalized. I cannot wait to repeat the experience.

  • Carrie United States

    YogaByCandace website

    Candace's Santa Barbara retreat was a fantastic experience in one of the most beautiful and relaxing settings in the world. Everything was planned from start to finish including the yoga, food, and free time. Highly recommended!

  • Sally N. United Kingdom

    YogaByCandace website

    Candace led us beautifully through a flow class, explaining each move and offering alternatives to lighten or deepen your own personal practice. The workshop was such that you could be challenged to where you needed to be at that time. The yoga Nidra left me feeling refreshed and energized. Candace teaches with a warm compassion, connecting well. Come back to England soon Candace!

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