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Yoga Spirit Journeys

Yoga Spirit Journeys is about awakening your potential by connecting to the nature. You will align with chakra points, ley lines, and indigenous song lines.

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Denby Sheather

With over 15 years of teaching experience exploring the relationship between the seasonal cycles, five element theory, esoteric modalities and body andmind spirituality, Denby has founded the innovative practice she calls Mana yoga, a unique flow that reflects her own journey with yoga, energetic healing, and motherhood. Denby has led healing retreats in Bali, Hawaii, and Tonga for the past decade. Yoga Spirit Journeys is her newest venture where she intends to respectfully share her knowledge, teachings. and ever evolving spiritual awakenings in service to others.

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Yoga Spirit Journeys website

I can honestly say I have never been to a yoga class of this calibre anywhere. I have practiced regularly over the years and attended yoga classes of various styles around the world and my very favourite have always been with Denby. Under her very connected and loving guidance I have experienced many wonders on my mat. I feel cleansed, opened and stretched, physically and spiritually and always leave with a deep warmth inside of me, unsure of whether that sensation has been reignited inside me, or been intentionally channelled into me. Denby has a beautiful way of creating and holding a sacred space; I feel totally safe to explore and let go. Having Denby’s teaching, her dedication and her awesome, deep knowledge in my life, changes everything.


Yoga Spirit Journeys website

Denby is an amazing and inspiring yoga instructor. Her depth of knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics of the body is unlike most. She understands the importance of correct posture and movement when on the mat that I very much appreciate. She has a hands-on approach where she may correct your form or give you a little “squeeze”, a massage, or release an area with a Reiki treatment which is extra special. She also takes her teaching to a whole other level with her inspiring and spiritual dialogue. I find I leave her classes feeling so much more open, renewed mentally and spiritually and ready to tackle the week ahead.


Yoga Spirit Journeys website

I have regular shamanic healing with Denby and they have forever changed me. Her caring and compassionate style enables me to be open to work on a very deep energetic level and I am able to shift so many layers of thoughts, behaviors and patterns that no longer serve me and that have been holding me back for so long. I feel like the most alive, shiny, glowing goddess after each session! Denby is so insightful and intuitive that she is always able to facilitate shifts in my thoughts and consciousness that many years of work had only dented. I am forever grateful to the universe for leading me to Denby.

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