The Dharmic Path provides one to one yoga teaching or mastery coaching and also online courses for sale or download and hosts international yoga retreats.

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The Dharmic Path website

I feel incredibly fortunate to study in person and in private with Paige Elizabeth. When I first started to follow her before coming out to Vegas to work with her, I loved her simple breakdowns and her safe approach to the practice. I’ve studied with several teachers over the 5 years of my Ashtanga life and before that, another 5 years when I was dabbling into other forms of yoga.

Paige has the rare combination of being an advanced yoga practitioner with a long-standing well-developed self-practice of Ashtanga as well as being able to teach complicated concepts in a way that makes them accessible to beginner and intermediate yogis alike. She is truly gifted in tailoring to the needs of her students, and in using intuition and inner wisdom to help you make the practice work for you, while still respecting the Ashtanga system.

She has helped me with powerful breakthroughs on and off the mat, in my body and in my stubborn head, and I leave every session feeling the joy and confidence of a true yogi. She teaches from a place of love, honesty, and dedication to her students.

Thank you Paige for all that you do!!!!

Leanne A.

The Dharmic Path website

I just wanted to take the time and discuss how Paige has helped me. I recently have gone through some life changes/ career changes and was struggling a bit with decisions on what to do.

Paige really has helped me in making my decision for the better allowing me to not feel trapped and not feel so worried about what others would think. She really has expanded my thinking and has helped me get back on track financially as well as spiritually.

I have found that since this time I've had great things come my way, my health is better on top of it! I feel so much better in so many ways and look forward to what the future has in store!

Thank you Paige for dedicating so much of your time and energy to me! Love you!