Selous Ngalawa Camp offers boat safaris on the Rufiji River, as well as walking safaris, game drives, and cultural village tours.

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5 Days Selous and Mikumi Safari in Tanzania

Available from May till December
    from US$1,398
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    8 Days Wildlife Safari in Southern Tanzania

    Available from May till December
      from US$2,280
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      7 Days Budget Camping Safari in Tanzania

      Available from May till December
        from US$2,240
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        Guides (1)

        Donatus Massawe

        Reviews (46)


        from Poland, March 2021

        "Great safari experience"

        Romain, our guide was really great. He new where to find animals in the reserve, he made sure we get the best view. Romain also helped us to get SIM cards on our way to the reserve and was always helpful and knew everything we asked about.

        Boat safari was also an amazing experience. We've seen many hippos and crocodiles, definitely not a waste of time.

        Walking Safari with a bushman gave us a lot of new information on animals living in Selous as well as on local traditions. We could tell that the guide is putting on a show and it was a bit exaggerated but overall experience is on plus.

        Accommodation was very modest. But we had electricity and hot showers. We also knew we should not expect 5 star hotel in the bush. Food was nice, mostly local and the view from the camp was really breathtaking.

        Eva Beriel

        from France, March 2020

        "Great Experience "

        Superb experience! A 5/5.

        Lenard is the best guide, patient and very knowledgeable about flora and fauna.

        He is smiling and has lots of anecdotes to tell us. In addition, very careful on the road which is not the case for all guides in Tanzania.

        The proposed experiences are nice and we do not get bored!

        It is not the must of comfort but for 3 days it does the trick.

        To conclude, I recommend this trip.


        from Finland, January 2020

        "3 night safari in Selous"

        First of all, our guide Michael was super good! He really made an effort for us to see the animals and stopped for time enough to take good photos. He had good knowledge of the animals and nature and was a very reliable driver also. Felt safe all the time.

        Journey from Dar is quite long so be prepared. I think it took about 6hrs to reach the camp.

        Food was Ok and the camp staff very nice and polite. Tentroom was clean and good and beds comfortable. Pool was Ok but the water is really warm😂

        Boat safari and walking safari were nice but the game drives were absolutely the best! We saw a lot more animals than I could ever imagine!

        Overall, it was a super good safari from the more budget side. Nothing luxurious but to get that kind of safari search from the high end..

        And there are baboons in the camp, they were nice to watch:)

        Anna Tsvetanova

        from Netherlands, October 2019

        "Amazing Safari experience"

        It was really an amzing safari, very well organized, very well executed! The guide was really great, very nice and knowledgabe. The accommodation and the food were also great. I could't imaging a better safari. Thanks a lot!

        Mateusz Sitek

        from Great Britain, September 2019

        "Great experience "

        Our guide Lenard was great. He was very friendly and chatty and helped with anything we needed, he even told us stories about Tanzania which we really loved. The camp we stayed in has WiFi which was amazing. We loved our accommodation.... we were not exactly sure what kind of tents/house we’d get but it turned out to be a huge tent build into a floor with a big roof - it was really unexpected and it looked awesome! Safari trips were amazing, we saw most of the animals (enjoyed watching lions sleep) and had a nice picnic in the park, which is around the corner from the camp. What we also loved is that there were monkeys jumping around the camp, we saw at least 3 different kinds and they were super cute. It was the wilderness we came to experience.

        Orhiane Hardy

        from France, August 2019

        "This safari was just PERFECT! "

        L'organisation était parfaite, les activités très diversifiées, notre guide était adorable, c'était une découverte GÉNIALE !!!

        Andreas Weil

        from Germany, August 2019

        "Great time in Selous"

        Saw lots of wildlife and great nature, our guide Roman was nice and knowledgable. Everything was well organized during the trip.

        Louise Ahlin

        from Sweden, February 2019

        "Safari great but the stay not so mutch..."

        I really enjoyed the safari tour in the car and the walking safari. Michael and our guide at the walking safari was exellent. They enjoyed their jobs and they were really impressive.

        Location was beautiful and close to nature, lovable.


        from Denmark, February 2019

        "Very nice safari and a perfect guide!"

        It was such a nice trip! Our guide was the best - he was so humorous and knew a lot about the animals. We were supposed to have a trip to selous game reserve and mikumi, but because of the rain we couldn’t drive to mikumi. The office and our guide handled it very well, and we got some compensation for it.

        Tomer Shani

        from Israel, September 2018


        from France, September 2018

        "Boat safari/game drive ok. Walking safari: disappointing "

        Boat safari, game drive and food were ok.


        from Australia, September 2018

        "Selous safari"

        Liked the accomodation and the food and service at the camp was great

        A J

        from Great Britain, September 2018

        "Much better than expected "

        My guide Salamu went out of his way all the time to ensure I got to see everything I could which is all the more impressive considering he does this day in and day out. Chef Amos made great African food. The walking safari was an amazing experience and the whole trip couldn’t have been better.


        from Israel, September 2018

        "Great Value for Money - Highly Recommended!!"

        The safari was great, especially the middle day of driving around. We saw tons of animals, including a lion eating a zebra, lots of giraffes and a family of elephants that crossed the road right behind us. The boat safari and the walking safari were also fun, but the middle day was definitely the best. The accommodations were better than we expected and the staff was all very nice and helpful. All in all, it was a great experience for a really good price.

        Helena Wolffs

        from United Arab Emirates, September 2018


        from Tanzania, September 2018

        "Very good experience"

        The whole day safari in the Selous Game Reserve was really nice, as well as the boat safari. We managed to see almost all the expected animals, like giraffes, zebras, lions, hippos, buffalos, warthogs, hyenas, crocodiles, baboons, monkeys etc. We couldn't find elephants though. The driver and guide was very good and experienced. Also the accommodation and food in the camp site were nice.

        Sarah Verheyen

        from Tanzania, August 2018

        "We weren't picked up as promised and the trip was shorter "

        The park, guide Lennard and restaurant in Selous Tent Camp

        Jose Baldovi

        from Spain, August 2018

        "Amazing experience"

        Everything, from the beginning to the end was incredible!


        from Italy, August 2018

        "Very nice experience, but too much time in the car"

        We liked a lot the overall experience, thanks to our guide that knew very well the park and gave us a lot of info about animals and trees.


        from Great Britain, August 2018

        "Great safari experience"

        Had a great time on this safari. Good communication beforehand that answered all questions. We loved the safari and Julius, our guide was great. He was very professional, friendly and genuinely tried to do his best to help us see everything that we could. The accomodation was satisfactory at the Ngwala camp and has everything you need to not feel like you are roughing it too much. The staff at the Ngwala camp are nice and a special mention to the chef who takes great pride in the food he serves and we enjoyed his enthusiasm relaying his menu each evening. The boat safari is ok but we didn't see much and the bush walk was actually quite interesting and the leader of the walk certainly made it memorable and fun. The first and third days are nice add ons but the actual safari drives are obviously the main attraction and you do get full days with only short breaks. We thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend Julius as a guide.

        Kim Perneberg

        from Sweden, August 2018

        "Like a dream"

        I had a fantastic guide, Salomon. He was the best. I saw almost all of the animals that was possible to see and I learned a LOT. I came close to the animals without the feeling of being too disturbing.

        Even the nature was fantastic. The sunset was magic!

        To climb up to the waterfall felt nice, especially after all the hours spent in the car

        Beatriz Sanchez

        from Spain, April 2018

        "Not reply to questions. No options for meals outside natural"

        The driver/guide was nice and punctual. And did his best to show me the animals

        The park is very beautiful but this does not depend on Ngalawa campo

        Christian Mangan

        from United Arab Emirates, March 2018

        "Selous game reserve 2 night stay "


        from Philippines, March 2018

        "Safari and Mountains "

        The guide Roman was very friendly, funny and gave his best to let me see the animals I wanted to see.

        It was a very good safari and the trip to the Udzungwa Mountains were also overwhelming.

        And the first location, Camp Bastian, was perfect! Really perfect!

        Julien Bataillard

        from Tanzania, February 2018

        "Beautiful Selous"

        Our driver and the cook team were very nice. The camp is good. And safari was great with all the divers activities.

        Daria Matveeva

        from Russia, February 2018


        That was so great!! The best experience in my life!

        Edgar Runs

        from Tanzania, January 2018

        Our guide Roman was awesome! Great guy. Laughed a lot with him. Really friendly felt like being with friends.

        The food was awesome!

        Brigitte Van Damme

        from Tanzania, October 2019

        "Een ervaring om nooit te vergeten "

        Prima kamp met supervriendelijke staff. Maaltijden lekker en verzorgd. Driver Bakari was zeer professioneel en competent. Deze safari was onvergetelijk