Self Drive Southern Africa

Kempton Park, South Africa

Self Drive Southern Africa offers self-drive or Flexible Individual Travel (FIT) touring option as one of the most cost-effective ways to explore the fascinating region of Southern Africa.

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  • Dale Leeds Colorado, USA

    Self Drive Southern Africa website

    I have used the services of this company twice for two very different trips. Both experiences were terrific and everything was handled exactly as I told it would be. I was slightly nervous doing something like this over the internet the first time but everything was professionally and expediently handled including Laurence and Alida giving me clear expectations of what to expect and their follow through on communications has been superior. I don’t have experience with the guided tours but I am an experienced traveler and very comfortable with the self-drive experience. Basically, I wanted to travel with this company to save me the work of setting everything up which takes a ton of time and I wanted a “safety net” should something come up during the trip. If you have traveled a bit on your own Laurence and Alida can save you a lot of time at very low cost and the company will be there to support you should something unexpected come up. The recommended tours are good but many times I wanted to make some modifications to see or do specific things, which is not on the recommended tour. These modifications were graciously accepted and changes to the itinerary were made on my behalf. Something I found very helpful is that on a couple of occasions I was told that a request I had made was unrealistic (distance of travel in a day) or unnecessary (GPS on most recent trip). You can see that I like working with this group and the last sentence is a compliment rather than something negative about my experience. I think this company has something for everyone. If you are a confident or experienced traveler go with the self-drive tour and you won’t be disappointed. If not, give the guided tour a go as based on my experience the quality of the work done on your behalf will be equally high in quality. When I have another opportunity to self-drive in South Africa I will definitely use this company again.

  • Agneta and Martin Pigotte United Kingdom

    Self Drive Southern Africa website

    We met Laurence and Alida at a travel show in London. We were impressed by their enthusiasm and approach and knowledge of South Africa and decided to request a proposal from them. We opted for a comprehensive tour, including three days of safari in a private game park in the Kruger area, a self-drive tour of the Garden Route, ending in Cape Town. Laurence was very prompt and helpful in providing a proposal and tailoring it as a result of our comments and preferences. We booked our own flights, but everything else was organized by Laurence and Alida. He met us a Johannesburg airport and we spent the first night at their pleasant lodge. We were very pleased with the itinerary and choices of accommodation that they made for us. This was our first trip to South Africa and we were slightly apprehensive about security but found Laurence’s advice very helpful and we felt completely confident and safe by following his itinerary and advise. All in all a very memorable trip made easy.

  • Alex Miller United States

    Self Drive Southern Africa website

    I had a nice visit. Now that I’ve done it once, I would be in a much better position to provide you with my interests. I felt like the safari didn’t really begin until I hit Kruger, and I would place greater emphasis on wildlife viewing and less emphasis on driving and sightseeing. Umlani was fantastic. We saw the Big Five both days I was there. We saw a leopard take down an impala from only 20 feet away! We were surrounded by herds of elephants and cape buffalo. It was simply superb and the staffs were first rate. The truck and camper were fine. I very much appreciate your help in organizing the trip. It would not have been possible without you. I especially appreciate the honesty and integrity you showed in processing exchange rates, handling payments, etc. I would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend you to anyone else. More folks from the USA need to understand how easy you make it to visit South Africa and enjoy an unforgettable African adventure.

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