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Roger Dugmore Safaris

Roger Dugmore Safaris' passion, knowledge, and experience of wild areas translate into an unforgettable adventure in some of the most beautiful parts of Botswana.

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Jenn Tabb Los Angeles

TripAdvisor website

I love that Botswana had no hunting as that makes for the most wonderful of safari experiences and you don't have to witness the carnage. We saw everything but rhinos - there are not many in Botswana. We were also there during rains so it was a bit harder to see animals - when water is plentiful they spread out. I highly recommend this wildlife reserve as well as supporting Botswana with tourism.

Visited February 2017

Beatriz O

TripAdvisor website

We stayed at Moremi Crossing Standard Tents and it was very special. Did walking safaris, boat tours and the canoe one. All of them were special. It had rained a lot, so we couldn't see so many animals (just elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocs and tons of birds), but it was amazing. The camp food and staff were really friendly and helpful. Bring good rainy shoes, a rainy coat, a sweater and sunblock even if you decide to go in the rainy season: February and March.



Roger Dugmore Safaris website

Thank you for a marvelous, amazing, brilliant camping safari. We have been absolutely blown away by the density of animals in this area and our amazing guides have not missed a thing. What a highlight to have seen the leopard cubs and wild dog puppies. The children have had the most brilliant time and were so engaged and the experience was much richer than we had expected. Thanks a million, absolutely unforgettable!

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