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Rhino Explorer Tours & Safaris is a passionate local expert helping adventurous safari for wildlife, nature, and cultural tour from Mt. Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar.

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Ilya Temnikov

from Germany, October 2018

"Really good value for money for a short term safari"

- you'll see everything you wanted to see during these days;

- the road is not boring: they have several stops on the way for taking pictures and lunch;

- the guide is nice and responsible;

- the tour is well organised;

- good transfer and the hotel in Arusha;

- a fridge and sockets to charge devices are in the car...

Some more useful info (just to do not guess "what is going on now" :) :

- tour is organized by a guy who meets you in the hotel in Arusha. Transfer from and to an airport is organized by him with a local taxi. Also all activities in Arusha will be supported by him. You will meet your safari driver the next day after your arrival at the hotel reception. You will pick up a cook and some camp things on the way to Serengeti in a village;

- if you want to go to massai village to see the dance of masai and their life then prepare to donate 15$ from each person and maybe some more donations for kids there in a school and so on;

- beer for example in Serengeti costs around 5$ per bottle and there is lack of shops and bars there. So better to take something with you from Arusha;

- prepare tips for the safari (10$ * 3 days)*(driver/guide + cook) = 60$ (or more if you want) from each person

Damayanthi Siregar

from Tanzania, October 2018

"Exceeding all my expectation"

The safari itself is excellent, and the guide gave a very thorough information on every animals I encountered. The food was superb and the camping sites are great. Communication with Daniel is easy and he made sure everything is comfortable even after the safari. I got some ear problem after the safari and he made sure I got into a healty center and get it fix. Great service!


from Norway, October 2018

"Great value for money safari! "

Everything was great. We had some trouble with our car, but our driver turned out the Macgyver type and fixed it all so we could continue our safari. Great experience.

Veronica Corno

from Belgium, October 2018

"Amazing safari for less money"

Our guide David and our cook Action were amazing. They made our experience better, and always did their best to make us happy. You see the same as everybody else, but for less money. The Jeep was great with open roof, enough space for the eight of us. We even got an upgrade for a hostel instead of a tent one of the nights. We will definitely recommend this experience to anybody who wants to have a full safari experience in Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

Much love,

Vero & Nic

Itamar Feld

from Philippines, September 2018

"Great experience "

The Driver who was also the guide named Mike was the best you can ask for, knew exactly where to take us to see the best views an animals and also was very friendly and polite and overall made everything fun


from Germany, September 2018


from Spain, August 2018

"An amazing experience in Tanzania "

The car was a monster that survive to bad dirty roads and we could easily open the roof to see the animals. Action made a very good hot food almost everyday. The Venice hotel food and acomodación was great to begin and finish the safari. David was a very funny guide that made the best to find as many big five animals as possible. Daniel was very friendly in all moment to answer emails and give info about the safari. The relation quality- price was absolutely great and these guys made an excellent job

Monica Marin

from Spain, August 2018


Toda la organización muy bien. Nos vinieron a recoger al aaeropuerto, nos ayudaron a realiazar gestiones,... en general toto miy bien organizado.

El conductor fue muy atento y complaciento, siempre pendiente de encontrar y poder ver los diferentes animales.

Las estancias en los campings no estant muy acondionadas, pero no depende de booksafaris. En el mismo camping se alojaba gente de otros tours.

Guillermo Jaquenod

from Argentina, June 2018

"Experiencia excelente!"

La calidad del servicio, la cordialidad del guía/conductor David, su preocupación porque pudiéramos ver los BIG FIVE (y lo logró), y también la preocupación por Daniel en que TODO el Safari, incluso los hoteles y traslados, fueran perfectos

I-yun Hung

from Tanzania, May 2018



我覺得很棒的地方是會在Arusha住一晚後再出發前往國家公園獵遊,所以可以充分的休息後再出發,Daniel也會把一切行程交代清楚!我們也很幸運地看到了Big Five,我們的Guide是China(他對於中文很有熱情XD),也非常有經驗,所以沿路看到了超多獅子!是很棒的回憶,廚師的廚藝也是一級棒!真的覺得煮得很好吃!!!


Glenn Shor

from United States, May 2018

"Excellent except for one thing- No working seat belts"

Guide-George was terrific. Friendly, informed and informative , safe driver, helpful. Three days of seeing animals in Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater was right for us. Cook was great- enough and very tasty.

Laura Rebecca Tessmer

from Austria, May 2018

"Great safari"

We booked the 5 days optimistic tour with 3 days safari in may. It was rainseason so we saw loads of wildebeest and even the migration. Victor was an excellent guide and the food was super delicious what we really didn't expact from a camping safari.


from Kuwait, April 2018

"Wonderful time"

Saw all of the big five, guide was amazing. Food good. Hotel in Arusha was good.

Emil Trygve Hasle

from Norway, April 2018

"An awesome trip"

Daniel is fast to answer your mails and gives you the information you need. He can be trusted and is a nice guy.

Our safari guide Mussa knew everything. You could point at a flower or animal and he could tell you tales about different aspects of it.

A great trip which gives you extreme value for money with Serengeti and Ungorogoro in a 3 day trip with better food than you should expect out on a cheap safaritrip

Willy Da Silva

from Switzerland, April 2018

"Unforgettable Optimistic Safari in Tanzania"

The staff is very helpful from the first moment when they pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel, it's all included. Daniel, the two Emanuel make you feel welcome from the first moment. The days are organized very well and with Pole-Pole mindset we did everything. We saw all the animals included on the safari, maybe we missed the Leopard but we saw two times Cheetahs. It was very nice and comfortable to sleep in a tent in the middle of Serengeti Park and at the top of Ngorongoro hills. The bathrooms were really acceptables to be in the middle of nowhere, hot water a few times.

John was always ready to not let us starve, so he cooked for us all the time during the Safari: morning, lunch and evening with super tasty and traditional dishes.

The guides in the Safari: John and Thomas made us feel very comfortable and welcome, they taught us a lot of new things and Kiswahili language too. Thomas was very friendly, has a great knowledge of life. A beautiful person to spend time with, forwarding is very nice and a Great Safari Explorer. Finally Andrew is a good mentor.

This experience was fantastic and will remain in our hearts forever. Maisha marefu.

Bianca Dermendjian

from Kenya, March 2018

"Great and exciting safari"

I loved the safari, we saw so many animals in so many different ways. The big five, so many lions walking, resting, crossing our way, up in a tree, elephant families, great pictures!

Nikolay Anastasov

from Bulgaria, March 2018

"It was the best trip we did anywhere in the world"

Excellent service, great team, always accurate and smiling

Great organization, perfect jeeps and excellent drivers,

I have traveled around the world, but these guys are very good

I strongly recommend them,

It was a great adventure. Finally, we have made a very expensive gift for you to remember all my life.

Many many thanks

Pere Estopinya

from Spain, February 2018

"highly recommended "

the charm of the people, the experience of the driver to find the animals, the fact that they pick you and take you to the airport, the flexibility to make changes and the constant attention to make you feel confortable, specially in Arusha.

Johanna Asp

from Tanzania, February 2018

"Amazing safari experience."

The driver and guide was excellent and we saw all animals we could possible wish for. He had a good eye to spot the animals and our car was often alone, away from the other safari cars which was nice and gave an extra nice feeling of the safari, landscape and animals.

Great food by the chef. That we eat vegan food was no problem.

Really awesome experience to camp in the park and see the night sky, sun rise and hear animals roam at night. The campsites are very basic but all the companies stay at the same campsites so don't really have anything to do with which company you choose. Tents, mattresses and sleeping bags used but clean. Bring toilet paper. As mentioned above the simple accomondation is totally worth it for the feeling of the closeness to nature.

Great value for the money. We really recommend Rhino Explorer Tours & Safaris.

Sara Hätönen

from Finland, February 2018

"Everything was amazing! "

If looking for the best value for your money book this Safari! Everyone in the company goes above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience possible. It was the perfect safari and I would not change anything!

Lulu Kamlah

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Simply perfect for a lot less money"

I'm doing my travel on a budget so I did go for the cheapest offer. However once on the safari I realised we got exactly the same as all the other safaris. We got to see 3 kills and the good was amazing. It really couldn't have been better.

Hieronim Czarnecki

from France, January 2018

"Would always recommend"

Daniel is extremely good and honest guy, I would trust him to big extent. That’s really rare in Africa.

Jonathan Kaye

from Tanzania, November 2017

"Perfect trip"

Organisation was great, amazing trip. Thoroughly reccomend.

Gema Ballestero Sanchez

from Kuwait, October 2018

"Recommend to do"

The driver David is the best !!! He make the safari an amazing experience!!!

Sarah Challenor

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Amazing safari with incredible value for money"

This trip was incredible. Daniel was amazing - one of our group needed to catch a later flight at the last minute and he completely worked around us. He came up with a new schedule and didn’t charge us for the last minute changes. The driver Issah and the cook Mahmoud were welcoming and friendly. We had a fantastic safari and I really could not recommend this highly enough.

Cindy Wang

from United Arab Emirates, October 2018

"Good safari! Coordination needs improvement for solo clients"

The wildlife safari experiences and the people are really lovely and helpful. The camping equipment was provided and our cook and driver were good. Lodge accommodation was unexpected for a camping trip, but very welcome! Daniel is a really lovely guy and he will do his best to give you a great tour experience, as you can see from the reviews on this site so far.

Robin Raitz Von Frentz

from Tanzania, September 2018

"Amazing adventure absolutely recommended!!!"

I booked two tours, one 8 days and one 7 days to maximise the time spent in the Serengeti and the area around (like Ngorongoro mainly).

The first tour was with Protus and his chef Fenna. Well what can I say? Both just did an amazing job!! Protus is a perfect tour guide, absolutely knowledgable about flora and fauna with 14 years of experience as a safari guide. A calm gentleman who is always focussed on making sure that his guests have a nice safari trip.

We saw all big five (even a rhino!), many many lions and even a leopard relaxing on the tree. And Protus even managed to show us thousands of migrating zebras and wildebeests which was a very special event!

Fenna was an amazing chef, all his meals were excellent, especially if you consider the limited facilities given in a camping site environment.

Tour number 2 was with David as a guide and his chef Jacob. There's not much I can add because tour number 2 was just as amazing as tour number 1! David is a great tour guide who found all the wildlife, he literally smells the animals! We saw many many lions and showed us the wildebeest migration at River Mara which was fantastic! He is always energetic and has lots of humour.

Jacob is a hell of a chef who provided many delicious meals (every meal he cooked). I can absolutely recommend this tour operator to anyone considering to go on a safari tour!

Lucy Booth

from Great Britain, September 2018

"August 2018 Safari"

The Safari was amazing seeing so many animals.

The accommodation was better than expected as we were scheduled to stay in tents and three of the four nights were in lodges.

Elke Koehnke

from United Arab Emirates, September 2018

"A childhood dream come true"

Everything was very well organized and well taken care of.

Maria Do Rosario Saramago Rodrigues

from Mexico, August 2018

"The best Tanzania Safari"

Everything was excellent. Daniel give us the best : organize our stay carefully and give us a very good team: David and Roger.


from Netherlands, August 2018

"Beyond expectations!"

The 7 day safari was wonderful, because we had multiple days we not only had time to spot the animals but also have seen a lot of wild life action!

Everyday you get a very good breakfast lunch and dinner. Really delicious and plenty variation!

They are very flexible, we wanted to have our taxi to the airport a week later and that was no problem at al. And they even helped us with to find activities for the week after the safari!

Overall: really satisfied, and really good value for the money we spend!


from Great Britain, August 2018

"Very good quality/price"

Everything was great from the beginning, very serious company and very professionals. I absolutely recommend travelling with Rhino.

Miguel Hernandez

from Spain, August 2018

"Amazing safari and amazing care"

Daniel, Hans (Driver) & Osman (Chef) took care of us all the time, making the great scenario even greater and sharing with us their living experiences. Daniel is a super profesional that provided us the best customer experience. Hans, what to say, it’s Hans :) and has an eye to catch up animals incredible. Osman is a real chef in the savanna and food after hours of safari was excellent.

Ah! Of course we liked to see all the big 5 and many more animals.

Sarah Reeves

from France, August 2018

"Absolutely breathtaking. David was brilliant "

David was extremely knowledgable. Great English. An adventure of a lifetime

Grahame Andrew

from Great Britain, August 2018

"They went the extra mile to help us when the airline lost ou"

Everyone was very friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. The accomodation and food was good.

Nazaret Granado Morales

from Spain, August 2018

"Excellent experience"

Our driver David was so kind, he always answered our questions so patient, he had many years of experience and showed to have good knowledge about animals and zone.

Roger was the best cook ever, good quality and quantity and he was always so nice with us.

In a nutshell, it was a really great experience and we will recommend to our friends.

Gloria Marx

from Israel, July 2018

"wonderful way to experience nature with experts."

How responsible the staff were, specially Daniel who took care of any problem without

fuss or bother.David our guide and driver, was freindly, kind, helpful and most of all informative. A real adventure

Ronald De Groot

from France, June 2018

"Tarangire Lake Manyara Serengeti Ngorongoro krater with Davi"

The guide, David was very positieve, safe and aknowledgable he aswered all our questions and showde us the Big Five, and many other animals trees and birds His enthousiasm is infectieus and Made the safari very enjoyable. We liked all the different landscapes and national parks! During our safari we were supporter By Action Chef (stomach-engineer) providing us with delicious food. We highly recommend borg of these men to accompany you on your safari!!

David Grant

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Holiday of a lifetime "

We loved the personal care provided by Daniel and Max, our guide and driver. Max’s knowledge of wildlife and his rapport with other guides was excellent. Our schedule was spot on, Max changed this to maximise our experience. Always listen to your guide. Brilliant.

Angeline Foehn

from Switzerland, June 2018

We highly recommend this tour from Rhino.

Daniel did a great job organizing it and is very reliable. Given the kitchen standards on the camp sites, our chef cooked really good meals. We were also positively suprized by the standard of the hotel in Arusha.

The program had a great mix of national parks with different sceneries. Since we were able to see all Big 5 and many more animals, we were obviously very happy.

Brett Cowan

from Tanzania, June 2018

"Serengeti is the best safari"

We had a great driver Herman who worked hard to find us the animals and was always willing to go out of his way. The Serengeti is great - if time is short, or even if it isn't spend as much time as possible here.

Lee Siao Hooi

from Malaysia, June 2018

We saw all big five. The food is good.

Brenda Lucas

from South Africa, May 2018

"We enjoyed our holiday. Herman our guide was very good"

We experienced the migration which was a wonderful sight

John Schardt

from United States, May 2018

"It was like nothing else I’ve ever done. "

The journey through the parks was quite the adventure. Getting to be so close to the animals in the wild was a truly awe inspiring experience. The guides were great, I had David for the 1st day and Rocky for the others. The cooking done at the camps was very amazing considering being out in the middle of nowhere-it’s a logistical feet for sure. I liked the last night spent high up above the crater, it was very refreshing for the last night,as the facilities were pretty great with WiFi available and a nice indoor communal eating hall.

The crater was my favorite day- I feel most nothing can prepare you for what you will see there. Closest thing maybe could be to imagine entering into Jurassic Park.

Daniel is the manager of the operation, of sorts. He made sure to get me from my entry point to Arusha, and take me back out, and was in regular contact to make sure all was well and was happy to help and or offer to help when/where needed with local assistance/questions I may have had.

The hotel on either side of the safari was solid. The breakfast was decent. The staff were pleasant and attentive for whatever minimal requests I had.

Arusha is a bustling city, there’s lots of great bars and restaurants, (and even a brand new mall with a craft brewery and movie theater).

Robert Reile

from Germany, April 2018

"Nature at its best"

I can write a thousand of good words. But I like to keep it short: if you want to have a lifetime experience you have to go with Rhino Explorers. We have had five unforgetable days. Thank you for that.

Our guide Peter was very kind and answered a thousand questions we had. His knowledge about the animals and the environment was amazing.

Dalibor Pospisil

from Sweden, March 2018

"Experience of lifetime"

Excellent and driver/guide, both cook and drivers nice persons, ready to help when small mishaps occur, patient with us the customers.

Ian Stogrin

from Canada, March 2018

"Great safari but lacking the little details"

Rhino explorers delivered as promised even picking me up at the airport after a 4 hour flight delay. They had a knowledgeable guide who drove a clean landcruiser that even had an icebox in the back for cold drinks .

Jørgen Gimmingsrud

from Norway, February 2018

"The driver and chef"

We had David as driver/guide and mister action as Chef. They were great guys with great attitude, always good mood and made sure we were comfortable The whole trip. We saw The big five in 2 days, But Thats not compareable to The company.

Murshid Saleem

from Tanzania, February 2018

"Great safari from 🦏 Rhino safari and driver Ruben"

We liked the organization, food plus the driver Ruben, he did everything to make sure we saw all the animals and get what we paid for. He was very educated on all animals plus plants and answered promptly.


from Germany, February 2018

"Great safari with Rhino Explorer Tours & Safari"

To make it simple, the safari with Rhino tours was awesome! We saw cheetahs, lions, leopards, hyenas, tons of elephants, migration of wildebeest & zebras and so much more. The accommodations were very good. We booked the tent safari for 4 nights but slept only two nights in a tent.

David was a fabulous guide. He was very passionate about the animals and extremely organized (even better than we Germans ;-)). He made the whole trip unforgettable for us. Also the chef Action was excellent, he introduced us to typical Tanzanian food. Altogether it was a very well organized and great tour from pick up until the end. We enjoyed it very much.

Asante sana Daniel for the organization and spoiling us with room upgrades. Asante sana Action for the great food. Asante Sana David for simply being the best guide. Give a kiss to your beautiful little daughter from us. And thank you Terry and Chip for being great travel mates.

We will be back! :-)

Conny, Niklas & Catharina

Jehna Danbrook

from Austria, February 2018

"Best trip ever!"

We loved everything about the safari. From the first day, Rhino safari made us feel at home. They pick you up and bring you to the hotel and make sure you feel comfortable. We were travelling as a pair, and were matched up with 4 other people who were also really great company and will remain friends after the safari was over! The camping was one of the best experiences as there was a big fire and lots of other campers to chat with. We saw so many animals and our guide, David, made sure that he always knew when and where to find the most exciting things. He was fun and knowledgeable and spent a lot of time singing. The taxi driver that drove us to the nearby town of Moshi on the last day actually RETURNED from Arusha to Moshi ( about 2hrs away) just to drive us to the airport the day afterwards. So you know they really look after you! I knew the safari would be fun, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Howard Coleman

from United States, February 2018

"I could write a book- what a wonderful adventure"

Not enough space to say all I liked about this trip, or this company. I could write a book. Daniel was very attentive to all our questions and concerns before leaving, David was an awesome safari driver, Action was a superb chef and the food was great, way more than we could eat. The folks Daniel sent out for day trips, Jackson took up to Kilimanjaro and Nasri walked us around Arusha, all these guys were great. Several nights the accommodations got bumped up to better than what we were expecting. My expectations were exceeded at every turn, the animals and their habitats, food, scenery, the people we shared the safari with, it was all truly amazing. I don't know how it could have been better. David, our driver is a smart, funny and sharp guy who knew how to find the animals, and knew his way around, the vehicle was surprisingly comfortable considering how long we sat in it. We stayed at the Venice Hotel, and it was quite nice. Truly stellar in every regard, and something I will smile about for the rest of my life. This company is well organized, friendly, attentive and I couldn't ask for better. Thank you to all of you! I will never forget this trip.

Doina Ocreanu

from Great Britain, February 2018

"The best adventure in Tanzania "

Friendly and open people,very good and tasty food ,Mr. Daniel from Rhino has organized everything very well. Hotel Venice very welcoming!!!Asante Sana Doina


from Bulgaria, January 2018

"The safari tour was excellent"

excellent safari tour, we saw everything, really was amazing


from Great Britain, January 2018

We have seen all the main animals and the big 5.

Friendly and willing to help

Ulrich Marquardt

from Philippines, January 2018


knowlegde of the guide

Simen Sletten

from Norway, January 2018

"Great safari experience"

Very polite and friendly staff. Our guide, Daniel, knew everything about the animals. He was also very helpful and caring. He made the safari experience great.

The price is also very affordable compared to other safaris. You will visit some of the best national parks in Tanzania for a low price.

Kalle Korpela

from Ireland, November 2017

"Four Day Safari - Tarangiery - Serengeti, Ngorongoro"

The landscape, the wildlife and excellent bushcraft of our guide Anwar. Although only 4 days on Safari, we really had an unforgettable experience in Tanzania.

Andreas Torin

from Sweden, November 2017

"Andreas & Malin Sweden"

Polite driver and chef. Vi seen the big 5! It was an amazing trip, nice work guys... ? ?

Aik Teng Quek

from Singapore, October 2017

"Excellent Safari Tour"

I saw all the Big 5, which was my goal from the onset. The sight of the huge herd of wildebeest was just so stunning!!!

Testimonials 3

A traveler

Rhino Explorer Tours & Safaris Facebook page

Best Customer Services, Friendly and Experienced Safari guides and 24/7 customer support. Health safaris gears. I highly recommend to Traveller who wish to visit Tanzania.

Elsa S.

TripAdvisor website

We were the family of 5 people, my husband, my daughters Jacquline, Irene and Adela planned vacation in Africa . Fortunately we booked with Rhino Explorer Tours &Safaris. For me, this was my second safari in Africa but my first time in Tanzania to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tazangire. Wow!!!! what an amazing experience. Easy to work with, honesty, easy to book, and constant contact to make sure we were happy prior to trip. The guide David was the best, informative, funny, helpful, knew every animal, and helped us get some amazing photographs. We will add him and Agness (the owner) to our Christmas Card list few months to come.They are our family now.

The scenery was amazing, at evening our accomodation was set by the cook, the campsites and camping gears were clean, food and drinks were fastastic.We slept while surrounded by animals in the wild was a bit scary to say the least. At night we imagine animals visiting the sorroundings of our camps, but the rangers were out for security. You can tell that Rhino Explorer had done their research. Everything honesty!. The accomodation at Tarangire was unbelievable (Fanaka campsite), we both slept at the room. It felt like you reached a paradise in the middle of the jungle. straight out of the movies.

David made our experience feel like we were filming a movie for national geographic. The food was great, the service was amazing, and the hospitality was top notch. The fact that we were able to spend about an hour with the Masaai villages in their homes and dancing and singing with them was unreal. Have nothing negative to say about this trip or this company. We enjoy see many bigest trees and flowers,wonderfull crater,lions,hippo,tallest giraffe,cheetah hunting impala,elephants,zebra, wildebeests in plenty,kingfischer,owl,eagle, flamingos in plenty and Maasai people cultures just to mention few.

Thank you so so much Agness for such an amazing tour. Next time we will be back. Thank you Goodluck, David and Action for such an amazing 5 days teaching us so much about your country, the safaris, the animals, and your culture...

Daniel France

Rhino Explorer Tours & Safaris Facebook page

Very good company, helpful, friend and professional. 24/7 Customer support. A lot of animals (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, warthog, wildebeests, zebra and many).Thanks.

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