Private Kruger Safaris offers highly professional safaris in Kruger National Park. Based in Hazyview, they specialize in private open vehicle safaris.

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A Guest

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Our group of 12 had two day safari with Bernhard and Arno and I think we got the best what we could :) We completed big five and saw maaaany many more. Bernhard and Arno are really pros, they know where to look for animals and keep cold blood in all situations to make you feel comfortable. Really experienced guys with whom you're not afraid of lion walking just meters from you.


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We had an amazing two days in Kruger thanks to Private Kruger Safaris. Bernhard was fabulous from start to finish. He was very attentive to our wants and needs well before we even arrived on the ground. I had rented a couple of camera lenses from another company that works with Private Kruger Safaris, and both lenses were ready for me when we started our safari early in the morning. We had an amazing photographic experience -- I cannot imagine it being any better. Bernhard is a photographer himself, so he knows what is important and helps you get the shots you want. My two oldest sons joined me on the trip, and it was truly the trip of a life time. An amazing experience from start to finish.

A Guest United Kingdom

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We did the full day Kruger Safari with Private Kruger Safaris and hit the Big 5 plus so much more.

After spending 3 days self-driving through Kruger, we opted to do a private safari and it far exceeded our expectations.

Our guide, Arno picked us up early in the specially designed Safari vehicle and within 10 minutes we had 2 Lions lounging within an arms length of us. And things just got better from there!

Arno's knowledge of the park and wildlife made for an interesting and entertaining day. His skill and dedication to finding us the wildlife we wanted to see was first class. We hunted Leopard all day and along the way saw Buffalo, came up close and personal with Rhino, had an interesting encounter with a dung beetle and of course plenty of Elephant.

Being on safari is not just about experiencing the animals in Kruger National Park but about experiencing the natural landscape of the African bush. Arno took us to some of the best vantage points in the park to experience the never ending landscape. From one of these vantage points, we were able to spot a herd of buffalo moving across a field.

As our day was drawing to a close, Arno heard a lion roar in the distance. He knew this was a mating roar! We headed in the direction he thought they would be and when we arrived, other vehicles had given up hope of a clear view of the pair and were moving off. Arno knew the pair would mate again soon. Every 15 minutes or so apparently! So, patiently we waited, eyes peeled in the area he thought they might be. Suddenly we saw an outstretched paw above the grass. They were moving. Then it happened. The pair rose and began the ritual where the lioness tries to fight the male off before mating. An experience we will never forget.

This was truly the highlight of our day and we were more than pleased with our experience with Private Kruger Safaris... Except, Arno came to the fore again! This time a Leopard up a tree just near where we had seen the lions mating. The roar of the Lion had scared the Leopard up the tree. We were so close to this magnificent creature.

Overall this was the best day we had in Kruger National Park and would highly recommend Kruger Private Safaris to anyone visiting the park and wanting the ultimate safari experience.

A Guest Canada

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My sister and I booked with Private Kruger Safaris on a 4 day / 3 night trip. From the start, Berhnard was very attentive and quick to respond to emails - he had accommodated a last minute booking and it was ready to go immediately. We had inquired with Private Kruger given their positive Trip Advisor reviews, and they certainly did not disappoint!

We were welcomed at the Nelspruit airport on time by a cute sign and friendly ride over to the park.

We stayed within the park, which we had preferred, at Skukuza Camp in a bungalow, with twin beds, bath, and fridge/sink - it was 'basic' but very clean and air conditioned. We were pleasantly surprised compared to the satisfactory reviews for the camp available online. This, as well the documentation for the park entry fees and conservation fees, were prepared for us by Private Kruger Safaris. Meals were not included, but food could be purchased at the store on the Camp, or at the take-away or sit down restaurant.

As for the guided safari, we are very happy that we opted for this! Arno was an excellent, funny and knowledgeable guide. On our first afternoon, we saw four of the BIG FIVE within 2 hours! We started off the next day by seeing a white rhino and its young close up on the paved road - the animal that had been missing from the Big Five list on the previous day. All in all, we saw the big five twice (and then some!), and even had the opportunity to see the African wild dog, a rare occurrence. We saw a diverse array of animals during our time at Kruger, all thanks to Arno. His appreciation for all wildlife, including the Dung Beatle pushing a poop ball across the road, and the Weaver or even any bird, was obvious. He was able to spot a leopard resting in a tree within seconds (we were the only ones privy to this sighting as the leopard climbed down the tree and wandered off), and even spotted a mature male lion off in the distance on a rock surface, that would have certainly been missed by an untrained eye. Arno even tolerated (or perhaps enjoyed?), our sing-song nature and intermittent singing in the truck. Aside from the first day where we toured with two pleasant and avid photographers, we were lucky to enjoy the safari truck to ourselves!

We would certainly recommend Private Kruger Safaris to anyone hoping to make the best of their time at Kruger, and commend Arno for his friendliness, knowledge, professionalism, and experience as a Safari guide and skilled photographer.

Lisa Sydney

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We booked a full day safari with Private Kruger Safaris and had one of the most amazing days ever. We were guided by Arno whose incredible understanding of the park comes from ten years of experience. Arno's style is affable and he has a dry sense of humor which made it fun but as the day went on we also really came to appreciate his intricate knowledge of the animals routines and movements, bird calls, the indigenous flora. We were fortunate enough to see an enormous range of wildlife up very close including lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, impala, wild dogs - the park seemed to be teeming with wildlife. There were wildebeests, monkeys, kudu, vultures, eagles, a hyaena, a crocodile, a chameleon, a snake, and even a squirrel.

Then we got very very lucky. Arno spotted a leopard quite close by and we followed it past impala and through the park. Amazing! The only animal that managed to elude us was the rhino and sadly because of poaching there's very few in the park and there's a policy of not sharing their location if you do sight them to protect their location. I can't recommend Private Kruger Safaris highly enough and they specialize in photography safaris so have a trained eye beneficial for taking great shots. Thank you Arno for a brilliant day, we'll be back to go searching for rhinos with you!