Piper Mackay Photography

Nairobi, Kenya

Piper Mackay Photography organizes photographic adventures that offer a deeper experience throughout the African wildlife, intimate wildlife encounters, and remote tribal expedition.

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  • Ken Slagle

    Piper Mackay Photography website

    I have been struggling to master my camera and equipment. My photos are technically good, but nothing dramatic. This workshop helped me understand how to use the light to create dramatic photos. Also, I learned the techniques to take photos using all the tools to capture action shots, sunrise and sunset shots, and also people shots under difficult conditions.

  • Larry Kerr

    Piper Mackay Photography website

    My experience in Kenya with Piper was excellent and exceeded my expectations. She knows wildlife and is a skilled photographer and tour leader. In addition, her personal connection with the local tribes is evident in her sincere interactions with the tribe members. She is deeply connected to the people and wildlife of Africa.

  • Catherine Page Canada

    Piper Mackay Photography website

    I just completed the spring Spirit n Light workshop with Piper Mackay. What an amazing experience! Piper encourages you to use light in such a way as to create images with drama and impact. In conjunction with the ranch staff she creates unique opportunities to capture images in wonderful morning and evening light. She teaches you to consider how you are capturing light and environment while composing your images. In addition to this, you also practice techniques such as panning and silhouettes that add to your photographers toolbox. Piper has incredible enthusiasm and knowledge. I learned, practiced, and was inspired by this workshop. Definitely a wonderful, worthwhile experience.

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