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Safari Holidays (20)

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3 Day Maasai Mara Private Safari

Available from July till January
    from US$2,035
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    3 Day Tsavo East National Park Safari in Kenya

    Available in July, August & September
      from US$1,295
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      8 Day Kenya and Tanzania Private Budget Safari

      Available from July till February
        from US$6,420
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        8 Day Kenya and Tanzania Private Lodging Safari

        Available from July till February
          from US$6,065
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          George Mumba

          Reviews (25)

          Catherine Knight

          from United Kingdom, February 2024

          How close we were to the park, the willingness of the driver, Alex and Joshua to adapt to people's needs in the jeep. I met many drivers who were very helpful and keen to look after all the guests.

          Alex and Joshua were knowledgeable, quick to spot animals - and good company

          Levente Farkas

          from Netherlands, October 2023

          "Magnificent is the right word"

          We were picked up from Nairobi and after a 5h drive arrived to the best (from what we've seen) ranch in the Masaai Mara area. The vehicle, a custom built safari 4x4 with a pop-up roof based on a Toyota pickup, was among the best equipped and maintained vehicles I've seen in Kenya. Our driver, Ronald, was not just super friendly and knowledgeable about the area, the animals, the traditions, history, but also an experienced off-road driver. And I have a few years of competing in open and extreme categories in national off-road championships to know that this guy had tons of experience and was wisely tackling the obstacles to minimize the chances of getting us stranded (unlike some of the other jeeps I've seen there). I was impressed even before I talk about the Serengeti.

          Then the safari, the animals, the action. We had 3 game drives in Masaai Mara, on the 2nd day we went early in the morning for a balloon ride, and the last day we had a game drive at Lake Nakuru. We saw zebras, giraffes, buffalo, ostrich, lions, caught a cheetah chasing and taking down prey, saw crocs dragging a zebra in the middle of the Mara river, elephants, hippos, rhinos, flamingos, lots of monkeys and birds. I got literally blown away. I have amazing footage. I mean stopped in the middle of the road, among some tall trees and vegetation, with a herd of zebras just peacefully grazing next to us, in the middle of the road is surreal. Not a budget affair, this is the real deal. Cannot recommend it enough!

          Alette Jacobs

          from Kenya, January 2020

          "Entry to the park"

          Very good value for money

          James Long

          from United States, October 2019

          "Expectations Met"

          The price for the experience was well within budget. In fact I found the balloon safari to be less expensive than others.

          My guide Dennis was the best...knowlegable. safe and courteous.

          In summary for the money I paid, I couldn't have had a better 50th birthday experience

          Ariadna Iglesias Iranzo

          from Spain, October 2019

          "Increíble experiencia al mejor precio!"

          Lo que más me sorprendió fue las instalaciones del campamento. me imaginaba algo peor y la verdad que fueron cómodas y limpias.

          La gente del campamento era muy sociable.


          from Uganda, September 2019

          "Clue is in the title... budget! "

          The food and accommodation was amazing! We saw so much in the Masai Mara! 3 game drives was great!!

          Nerissa Yap

          from United Arab Emirates, September 2019

          "Budget Safari Didn't Feel Budgeted at All! "

          Two nights before we were set for Tanzania, I found this budget safari and we were deathly unsure! But as soon as we booked it, Joy/Elizabeth were very quick to respond and we truly appreciate their help and patience. Still we had so many queries when we got there, good thing they sent their guy, Benjamine, who was super patient especially when we had an issue with the online payment. The guide Elly and cook Freddy were awesome! Elly knew the Serengeti and Ngorongoro like the back of his hands. We had a lot of questions and he answered every single one. Freddy cooked some amazing meals, he even made pizza in the middle of the freaking savannah! And when we got a bit sick along the way, they were so patient and took great care of us. Over all, Perfect Wilderness Safari had amazing customer service. I'd give them a perfect rating just for the constant communication, that's key. I'd definitely recommend this tour! And we'd love to do the other tours with Elly and Freddy again! See you, guys, next time!

          Melissa Brake

          from United Arab Emirates, February 2019

          "a Magical experience in the safari "

          Our guide kikoto was excellent, his english was brilliant and so helpful and just loved seeing the animals as much as we did! He took us and looked after us and was excellent and just constantly smiling. Location was great and just being able in the open was brilliant


          from United States, February 2019

          The safari was wonderful. Saw many animals, all the big five.

          Nikolaos Savvopoulos

          from Greece, February 2019


          I took the 7 day Masai mara , lake Nakuru , ambroseli Safari. General Everything was well organized. A driver Picked me up on time from the hotel, to the randevouz point were i joined the others from the group. The landscape of Masai mara isbit monotonous (hilly and low grass) but you can see the animals from a very close distance (sometimes 25m) . James our guide seem experienced, new the ways around with people, informed us about the animals and did his best to position the car so we could take good pictures. I would like to thank him for arranging the visit to ripoi primary school which was not programed. The lodge was better than i thought for a budget one and the food good. I also had the water Safari at lake naivasha which was very good and worth it. At lake Nakuru you can see White rihnos and flamingos, the landscape is very beautiful. After that i took a private Safari at ambroseli. The car we used was much more comfortable than the van from Masai mara drive. The lodge was very good and the food also. Ambroseli is very beautiful and you can see mount Kilimanjaro. My guide Vincent was very good spoted all the animals even though the car did not have a radio. He spoted a lioness before all others, he predicted her moves and so i took sone very good photos. Also would like to add that he is a very careful driver witch is for me very importand when driving on the tricky and full of traffic roads of kenya. The last day i took the walking safari with a Masai guide


          from United States, January 2019

          "Great! "

          It was an amazing experience! Our guide is patient, experienced and knowledgeable! We saw so many animals. Never felt being rushed.

          Sandra Johansson

          from Sweden, January 2019

          "More than I expected "

          So happy with our experience, and our guide Robert was the best! Food was good and Good facilities. Our full day of our 3 day safari was incredible. We saw EVERYTHING! Big 5 plus many more! And the animals where so close! INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!! Would recommend this to everyone.

          Pavlina Pecinkova

          from Austria, September 2018

          "Amazing 4days safari trip"

          We booked an amazing safari experience - 4 days safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater and it was absolutely splendid.

          Our driver Julian was punctual, patient, super friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to drive and to spot so many animals in the same time! He accommodated any our wish.

          Our cook Freddy was a star! We had pancakes, omellets, sausages etc for breakfast. Fish, french fries and avocado on safari tour?? Well, he made it all! We also had nicely packed lunch boxes and enough water for all of us.

          The wild campsite Seronera was so cool! We were part of the nature being surrounded by all animals (zebras, hyenas and even lions). Watch out - the campsite is open, not fanced at all!! so if you don’t feel comfortable don’t book this to avoid a possible heart attack:-)

          Sleeping bags and tents provided were truly clean and the 4x4 Jeep was also maintained! You might see broken jeeps along the road (popped tyres etc) but our one served us well from beginning to the very end.

          Mr Benjamin was our main contact after arrival in Arusha who met us in person and organised taxi transfers etc.

          We were feeling welcomed, pampered and really special.


          Pavlina & Jana

          Sumaiya Rudhmila

          from United Kingdom, September 2018

          We had an excellent guide and driver. His name was James or Jims as he told us. He made our journey extra exciting and fun. This will be a trip of a lifetime. I would highly recommend this package and specially James. He was extra helpful when needed and took care of us and our requests. He went extra mile so that we have the best time as he promised, and we did!!!

          Shella Salcedo

          from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

          "Unforgettable Experience!"

          I just had a fun time from my Masaai Mara experience down to Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru. Raymond our guide from Masaai Mara was just superb. He can take you to the best spot to take pictures and will drive the fastest route to get u where the big five are! I highly recommend him! Kikitu my guide in Lake Naivasha and Nakuru is just the friendliest guy ever. He will make sure you will be comfortable at best. I'll miss his wide smile! Overall, it was just crazy fun and surreal, would love to do this again!

          Ines Buresti

          from Ireland, July 2018

          The guide was called Rastas and he was the best!

          Sandra Schaefer

          from Switzerland, June 2018


          We could see much more animals than expected and our tour guide Martin did all the best to get as close to them as possible. He was helping when there has been a problem in any kind (lost things, transfers, ..). We laughed a lot in the group ;o) spending two nights in a teint in the park was really cool. And when there is no wifi, no one is on the phone and you get in touch with a lot of people!

          Conrad Stallings

          from United States, May 2018

          We were able to see everything we wanted and had a very enjoyable time. The food was really good! Our guide spent the perfect amount of time stopped at very prime location for viewing game.


          from Finland, March 2018

          "Safari with lots of animals and friendly staff"

          An unbelievable experience! Saw so many animals that I can’t even imagine. All the big five was spotted. Our guide was really good. He knew about the area, animals and history of Tanzania. He was superb at spotting animals and really did his best to find us animals to see. Amazing sceneries were surrounding us all the time.

          Youngsil Rim

          from United States, February 2018

          "Amboseli National Park Safari trip"

          Facility and the location of the lodge.

          Fabrizio Terrezza

          from Germany, February 2018

          "All the big five in 4 days"

          Our guide was great, he can see a leopard on a tree 200m away! We have seen all the big five and a lot of animals. Good organization, good food, good company.

          Lukas Prskavec

          from Czechia, October 2017

          "Great experience "

          Our guide Julius was very nice and cook Isaac was absolutely amazing. Our food he made in the camp was way better that what we got in a fancy hotel in Arusha. Tents were spacious.

          We had some amazing and close encountres with the animals!