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5 Types of African Safaris You Need to Book This Year

April 11, 2017

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If you think of safaris as wearing beige clothing and driving in a Jeep in the African plains spotting lions, then we’ve got something for you that will alter your perception on safaris. While all those things aren’t necessarily false, an African safari can be so much more diverse and exciting. 

Here, presents 5 types of African safaris that any safari beginner is going to love. Whether you’re passionate about photography, animals or just trekking, we’ve got it all!


Jungle Safaris


african safaris

Jungle safaris have got to be one of the most exciting safaris! Sure, seeing the big five in the African plains is a stunning experience, but the jungle holds so much fauna and flora that they become a world in itself! It’s never boring in the jungle. There’s always something to see, something to steer away from and even walk towards. There’s always that one perfect photograph waiting to be shot inside the African jungle. Not to mention the adorable chimps and imposing gorillas. To observe our distant relatives in their natural habitat isn’t just a delight, it’s a privilege! Put your best boots on, and power through the swamps and forests to discover nature at its finest. To uncover stunning plants, tropical birds and bugs.


Photography Safaris 


african safaris

Are you a budding photographer or just someone who likes to play around with a camera? Or maybe you’re a professional photographer in need of some inspiration. Whichever it is, a photography safari will be an amazing experience that will leave you with not just great memories, but also stunning photos! The best locations for photography safaris are the African national parks. There is a certain degree of control, you’re under the supervision of a guide and there is everything you can think of, from animals to trees and insects, available for you to photograph.


Desert Safaris 


african safaris

If you’ve never been on an African desert safari and you might think it’s going to be a dull experience, we’re here to tell you it’s most definitely not! Contrary to popular belief, you won’t be riding for hours in the empty desert. Instead, you’re going to ride a camel through the dunes, observe the scarce wildlife, do a bit of sand skiing and even visit stunning kasbahs and picturesque villages. Desert safaris are some of the most underrated safaris and we highly recommend you try an African desert safari! Morocco is the most popular choice for a desert safari, but there’s also Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania, which make awesome desert safari destinations.


Walking Safaris


african safaris

African walking safaris are for those who love to be active. Walking is the best way to get a feel of the place you’re at. Feeling the dirt under your foot, the sun on your face and the wind in your hair just makes everything so much more intense and authentic. Don’t get us wrong, a driving safari is great, mainly because you get to cover a lot of ground and see many more things than you would on a walking safari. But it also makes you feel like a visitor, a tourist. When you’re out there in the African plains, walking along with like-minded travelers from around the globe, discovering the things that you came there to discover, the experience is so much more powerful.


Animal-Oriented Safaris


african safaris

If you’d like your safaris to be more focused on a certain animal in particular, then know that it’s possible to go on an animal-oriented safari. Do you feel the call of the lion and need to see as many as you possibly can during your short visit to Africa? Then book a lion safari and you won’t be disappointed. Are you curious about rhinos and how they live, eat and even mate? Go on a rhino safari and you’ll be provided with not just sights of the animals, but information about them. These animal-oriented safaris are great for folks with a passion for wildlife!


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