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9 Gadgets That Will Make Your Safari Trip Even More Memorable

by Stefan Simonovic

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The gadgets you choose can really become a significant factor in the amount of fun you'll have while being on a safari. Of course, it depends on your interest in gadgets and the budget you have set aside for these items.

Your safari trip can be much more fun if you know how to choose the gadgets you want to bring wisely. Aside from the fun factor, a good camera or even just a good Tripod or selfie stick can become a great helping hand. Now, armed with a good camera, it has never been easier to create beautiful memories that you can share with your family and friends, taking you back in time when you were on a safari, having the time of your life.

If you are a professional safari photographer or just a passionate amateur, you will definitely have numerous chances to take wonderful shots of Africa.

So, let's go!  Here are some useful suggestions for gadgets that will ensure more fun and help you make the most out of your African Safari.


1. Smartphone

Smartphone is definitely something you should always have on your hands for many different reasons, especially if you’re going on an African safari. Put your phone on silent if you prefer a phone-free vacation, but take it with you wherever you go as a safety measure.



Some great app suggestions include: “Safari to go” (where you’ll be able to find books, videos, and interactive content in order to learn more about the country you’re visiting). Also, do check out the “Safari” app, where you can read about nature, ancient civilizations, flora, fauna and much more. In addition, “Africa: live” comes in handy if you want to find off track hiking routes, ecomaps of endangered species, special fields of birds etc.

Emergency calls

Another important reason why you need your smartphone is so that you can make calls in cases of emergency. An important reminder: Always keep your battery fully charged. You never know when an emergency occurs.


2. Smartphone charger and battery/power bank

Having a reliable charger and power bank with you is a must even in the most urban environment, let alone in secluded areas. Here are some of our recommendations when it comes to purchasing a smartphone charger or power bank.

  • Proporta
  • Zendure A8 QC Portable External Battery Charger 26800mAh
  • Zendure A2 6700mAh power bank (in 2017 considered as one of the best in the category)
  • Lumsing 15000mAh Power Bank 3-Port Portable Charger
  • Original 20000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank External Battery Portable Charger Dual USB
  • Universal 3-Port USB 5V 3A Wall Home Travel AC Fast Charger


3. Camera/DSLR


Nikon D850 – The leader of the pack, Nikon, with its autofocus mechanism that can help when it comes to capturing a subject on the move, is a great buy if you are interested in investing in a high-quality camera. If you are interested in photography safari and dream of capturing an image of a leopard in action or a flying bird, then go with Nikon!

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV - For best image quality and great image colors, you should probably consider one of the most famous and remarkable cameras out there, Canon. You will fall in love with the kit lens.


4. Tripod suggestions

It is of utmost importance to have a tripod with you, especially if you will be driving in an open Land Rover. Some of our highly recommended tripods for safari trips are:

  • Extendable Tripod Stand with Swivel Head and Bracket Mount
  • Universal Selfie Kit with Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Pro iPad Pro 12.9 Tripod Mount + 8-inch Tripod Adapter
  • eCost Connection Aluminum Camera Tripod with Universal Smartphone Mount


5. Memory cards (SD cards)

You probably got this one solved, since pretty much every gadget asks for some kind of SD or memory card. However, just in case you were looking for advice, there are a couple of go-to recommendations.

  • SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card (you can choose between 2GB, 4GB,  16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or extreme pro 128 GB)
  • Transcend (comes in 32GB, or 64GB)

When it comes to safari photography, having two 16 GB memory cards has proven to be useful as you don't want to be worried about how much space is left while setting up for another great safari sunset picture.


6. Lens cleaning kit


If you have been dabbling in the world of photography for quite some time, you have probably figured out by now that cameras tend to be very sensitive. Out in the African plains, things can get a little dusty. So, to be prepared for dust and sand, it is advisable that you take along a lens cleaning kit. With this in hand, fog or not, you will be ready. As they are multipurpose, you can use your lens cleaning kit on your binoculars as well as sunglasses.

Here are our top picks for lens cleaning kits:

  • Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Vortex Fog Free Lens Cleaning Field Kit
  • ProOPTIC Complete Optics Care and Cleaning Kit
  • Nikon LensPen Pro Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Hama Optic HTMC Dust Ex Photo Cleaning Kit


7. Battery lamp/Flashlight

For night drives and camps out in the open, you will need a source of light. Usually, there are two options – a headlamp or just a classic flashlight. Additionally, you can use them as helping tools if you are taking pictures after sunset when natural light is scarce.

For a good night light, we recommend:

  • Rogue Safari DSLR Pop-Up Flash Booster
  • J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight
  • Sunwayman T60CS U2 2100 Lumen rechargeable side switch LED Flashlight
  • MANKER MK34 6500 Lumens Nichia 219C LED Flashlight Powered By 3 18650 Batteries

Needless to say, take spare batteries with you!


8. Waterproof  

A waterproof watch is a personal item and should be tailored to each individual’s personal preferences. If you are planning canoe rides, or any water adventures, this should be on your list of purchase considerations.


9. Sports glasses

Sports glasses are made from PC (polycarbonates), which is known to be one of the sturdiest materials on the market, so it's obvious why you should consider buying a pair. There are numerous different styles for both adults and children, and these will save your eyes while you travel through dusty deserts, windy fields or any other outdoor terrain.

Additionally, blue-eyed individuals are more sensitive to sun exposure. So if you are blue-eyed, it is worth considering the purchase of sports glasses!

Some good brands to recommend include:

  • Pellor Sports Sunglasses with 5 Lenses Unbreakable Polarized UV400
  • Elemart(TM) Unisex Kids Sport Glasses Anti-fog Protective Safety Goggles
  • Wiley X WX Sleek
  • SeaSpecs Extreme Sports Sunglasses
  • MEETLOCKS Anti-Fog Lens UV 400 Eyewear For Outdoor Cycling


Feel free to go through the list, do additional research, and pack your favorite tech toys before your safari holiday, so you can rest assured that your experience won’t end up with blurry photos or corrupted files.

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