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10 Days Rest and Relax Eco Safari Tour in Madagascar

Hotel Chalet des Roses, 13, Rue de l’Auximad, Antsahavola, Antananarivo, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar

Extraordinary Safari in Madagascar

Need rest and relaxation? Come and discover the wildlife in the midst of the luxurious nature of Madagascar! You'll feel like you've reached a hidden paradise. You will be entranced by the amazing natural spectacle that reveals itself to you in this tropical landscape, in myriad shades of emerald green — may be the most beautiful travel in Madagascar. You will admire the sunsets on the valley and rejuvenate yourself. Discover a surprising range of plants and animals (chameleons, lemurs, birds) and bathe near a waterfall in a natural swimming pool. Rest and relax in the luxurious nature of Madagascar!


  • Minimum group size: 2 persons
  • Starting point and ending point: Antananarivo
  • Main wildlife to be viewed: Crocodile, Madagascan chameleon species, butterflies, lizards, snakes, birds, leaf-tailed geckos, various frogs (including common tree frogs Boophis viridis and Boophis pyrrhus), and various species of lemurs (diademed sifaka, indri, nocturnal lemur, black-white ruffed lemur, common brown lemur, coquerel’s sifaka, crowned sifaka, eastern lesser bamboo lemur, mongoose lemur, and ring-tailed lemur, Goodman’s mouse lemur, greater dwarf lemur, and catta lemurs)
  • Children policy: Minimum age allowed for participation is 6 years old and participating children under the age of 6 need to be supervised
  • Languages: English, French, and Russian

Meet the guides

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  • 8 days' exciting trekking and game drives
  • Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides
  • Sights of various species of lemurs, Madagascan reptiles, birds, butterflies, and more
  • Wildlife viewing in various national parks and reserves like Vohimana Reserve
  • Use of a 4x4 vehicle and all transfers such as domestic flight
  • Delicious and hearty meals throughout the tour
  • Complimentary airport transfers
  • 9 nights of accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner


10 activity days in English
The organizer also speaks: French, Russian
Group size: Maximum of 18 participants
Airport transfer included: Ivato International Airport
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You will stay in various accommodations provided by NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar that consist of only the best accommodation options. Although NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar uses a variety of properties, their preference is for small, characterful, owner-managed properties which are crucially located close to the best wildlife sites. It helps keep travel to a minimum and ensure you are in the right place at the right time, although it does mean on occasion, the location is a higher priority than comfort.

Depending on what is available locally, NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar can arrange everything from top-end accommodation with all the associated comforts, to simple mid-range camps, lodges, and hotels. Even if your preference is for luxury, it may be worth suffering some minor discomfort for a few nights to get the very best animal sightings – as long as you can then return to comfortable accommodation. Whatever trip type you choose, all your accommodation and transport are included in the price of your safari.

Accommodations for this safari are in standard hotels / bungalows (similar to European three-star hotels) in bed and breakfast basis. Please note that this trip cannot be adjusted for luxury hotel options in some places. Additionally, hotels can be replaced by similar ones.

Day 1, 7, and 9: Antananarivo - Hotel Chalet des Roses

The hotel Chalet des Roses is located in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, specifically in the quarter of Antsahavola. The hotel is centrally located in the heart of the city – surrounded by the American, French and Swiss Embassies, and numerous international banks – ensuring a safe and vibrant environment. The Chalet des Roses offers the comforts of a modern hotel and classic charm, decorated in classic Italian tastes, with the aromas of Italian cuisine in its restaurant.

Day 2, 5, and 6: Andasibe - Andasibe Hotel

You will stay in one of the most luxurious hotels on the east coast of Madagascar. Nestled in the lush vegetation of the Ala Atsinanana (eastern forest), the Andasibe Hotel opens its doors. You will live your unforgettable holidays in the heart of a jealously guarded endemic nature. Enjoy the delicious dishes concocted by the chef who offers varied and exotic menus in an original presentation, to the delight of gourmets. At break time, you can enjoy the calm of your sleepy stay on your private terrace or take the time to relax with a massage session with essential oils. It is your time to escape for long holidays to discover again and again.

Day 3 to 4: Vohimana - Le Relais du Naturaliste

A tourist infrastructure is perfectly integrated with its surroundings. On first sight, it's like a real-life version of National Geographic magazine: from the song of the birds to the whispering of the waterfall, and the guest accommodation constructed entirely from wood. A few bungalows scattered on the hillside and built with local materials. There you can admire the sunsets on the valley and rejuvenate yourself. The Relais Nature de Vohimana is a simple and rustic accommodation located in the heart of the forest.

Day 8: Ampefy - Hotel Kavitaha Ampefy

The Kahavitaha hotel was created in 1930 by Mr. Boniteau. The hotel now has 26 comfortable rooms including a family suite which has three bedrooms (one on the ground floor and two upstairs), a lounge with satellite TV. On-site, the restaurant offers the freshest local produce. You will appreciate baracoa freshly caught in Lake Itasy, homemade foie gras, and also a seasonal game.


This tour provides unique opportunities to listen to the song of the birds and the murmur of the streams that will lull you at night. It is a collective ecological project on a human scale and a wonderful example of eco-tourism. You will enter the virgin forest for a head-to-head with the indri and admire different kinds of lemurs and chameleons.

You will feel the Malagasy way of life: Malagasy go to bed with the chickens and get up with the roosters. As everywhere in the tropics, people of Malagasy here have early dawn and early sunset. All of NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar's tours will start early to see the most interesting of Madagascar because during a daytime animals are asleep or have a rest, and birds fly away. Only in the afternoon their vigorous activity restarts. Usually, breakfast is served from 5.30 a.m. everywhere.

  • Transport: 4x4 car (for a group of four to five people, a minivan; for a group of 6 to 10 people, a multivan or minibus; for a group of 11 to 18 people, a comfortable bus — all vehicles are air-conditioned)
  • Distance: About 620 kilometers
  • Camp: No
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Regions: East, Antananarivo, and around


Day 1: Arrival at Antananarivo

Tongasoa aty Madagasikara! Dear friends, welcome to Madagascar! NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar will do their very best to make your trip in Madagascar unforgettable. Their bureau's team will be at the airport to welcome you from your international flight. Your very special tour will begin in Antananarivo, where you will depart by car, but before catching a hotel you will visit the Ivato Crocodile Farm, also called "Croc Farm". Spanning three hectares, this lush green oasis is ideal for you to relax, as NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar knows that having an international flight is tiring.

Afterward, you will go by car to your nice hotel where a prepared-room with a comfortable bed will be available for you to rest. Once you arrive there, you can refresh yourself. You may take your time to unpack what you need for tonight, rest, and be ready for tomorrow. In the evening after dinner over a cocktail, you will discuss the program. From the first day to the last day, NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar's experienced and professional guide and the driver will be next to you, so don’t worry about it. They will be near to make sure you have everything you need. Tomorrow, you will be leaving the capital city.

The activities of the day:

  • Arrival at Antananarivo
  • Visit to the Ivato Crocodile Farm, also called “Croc Farm”, lunch, and cocktails
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)
  • Dinner and discussion about the program

Day 2: Antananarivo - Andasibe - Mantadia Area

During the course of the morning, you will travel to Tsarasaotra which means birds' island, a small green oasis in the north of the city. The park is a refuge for many birds that can be easily watched and photographed here – among them 14 endangered species that only occur in Madagascar. After visiting Tsarasaotra Park, you will be driven along a scenic road to Andasibe. Here the adventure will really start.

You will notice that the landscape changes. The road in comparison to many Malagasy roads is in excellent condition but with many uphills / downhills and many curves. In general, it is a beautiful landscape composed of small villages, rice paddies, tropical plants, and forest. En-route, you will stop at a farm specializing in Madagascan reptiles and butterflies before arriving at your lodge. You will visit the exotic farming center of Mr. Pereyras, Marozevo, where you will see chameleon species of Madagascar, butterflies, lizards, snakes, and other interesting animals.

You will arrive just afternoon in time to stroll in the Analamazaotra Special Reserve. Inside the most famous national park of Madagascar, you will try to find the diademed sifaka and visit the largest lemur of the Earth, the “normally colored” Indri. Nature provides an unbelievable diversity here and is home to an enormous richness in species. Soon after sunset and dinner, you will visit the Vondron’olona Miaro Mitia Ala Reserve. It is full of nocturnal species of lemurs and chameleons and is run by the village community. This evening will delight in late-night strolls. The VOIMMA Park is an untouched paradise for endemic animals and plants. For reptiles and amphibian lovers, the reserve offers countless number frogs along its crystal clear river and amazing chameleons can be found in the forest. Truly, it is a wonderful tour!

The activities of the day:

  • Starting at 08:30
  • Distance: About 160 kilometers
  • Drive time: About 4 hours
  • Visit in the Tsarasaotra Park
  • Visit in the exotic farming center of Mr. Pereyras
  • Lunch en-route
  • Walks in the Analamazaotra Special Reserve (Vahimantsina / long circuit of three to four hours)
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 3: Vohimana Reserve

After a leisurely breakfast, you will leave the rainforest of Andasibe and continue the trip to the east in the region Alaotra-Mangoro. You will make your way to the Vohimana Reserve. This site is about 10 kilometers away from the Mantadia National Park, the reception center is located at Ambodikijy, where there are porters whose job is to lead you. You will just need to move forward on a narrow path that leads to a railway track. This type of walk may not be very sporty but will raise new questions and make you feel like an illegal immigrant crossing a border with a people smuggler. Actually, there's still a one-hour walking needed on an average mountain to get to the Relais du Naturaliste.

Your efforts will not be in vain as a large open common room awaits you to help you discover the sounds and smells of the forest. A tourist infrastructure is perfectly integrated with its surroundings. On first sight, it's like a real-life version of National Geographic magazine: from the song of the birds to the whispering of the waterfall, and the guest accommodation constructed entirely from wood. A few bungalows scattered on the hillside and built with local materials. There, you can admire the sunsets on the valley and rejuvenate yourself.

The Relais Nature de Vohimana is a simple and rustic accommodation located in the heart of the forest. The Nature Hotel will be your starting point for hikes in the reserve. After lunch and a rest, the circuit "Ramanavy Trail" invites you to explore the waterfalls, to the bats, to the historic tunnel and to the orchidarium of Vohimana and a view across the Vohimana valley.

The activities of the day:

  • Discover the Vohimana Reserve which is still home to as many wonders as the country's national nature reserves which attract tourists to habitats of virtually domesticated lemurs — the circuit "Ramanavy Trail"
  • Accommodation at the hotel / bed and breakfast which consists of three individual bungalows in falaf (the leaves of the travelers' tree)
  • Meals are served in a big shelter that opens onto the forest, with a chimney near the seating area

Day 4: Vohimana Reserve

When dawn comes, you'll feel like you've reached a hidden paradise. You will be entranced by the amazing natural spectacle that reveals itself to you in this tropical landscape, in a myriad shades of emerald green. Maybe it is the most beautiful part of your travels in Madagascar.

This early morning, you will go on a fascinating walk. The two main forests are Maromizaha and Vohitravana. A gem in biodiversity, a multitude of animal and plant species are listed in this reserve: 70 types of amphibians, more than 200 kinds of birds, 11 different lemurs (five diurnal and six nocturnal), and seven species of chameleons. The site also hosts insects: stick insects, mantises, butterflies, and dragonflies. The flora mostly consists of palm trees and various epiphytic orchids.

The route "Babakoto" leads around the waterfall and to the primary and secondary forests (indri-indri forest). That's where you can meet lemurs. Some of the most threatened species are the indri, the biggest lemurs that you're almost certain to see. With their loud and raucous, wailing cry and the extraordinary agility that enables them to swing from branch to branch, in spite of their weight, any encounter with these creatures is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Their faces, on first sight, look almost human and the brief meeting with the biggest lemur in Madagascar will be etched into your memory forever.

After lunch, you will visit nearby villages (farming, palm-weaving with the women) as well as an artisanal distillery (making essential oils for which they have some famous customers, including the perfume house Chanel), and a reforestation nursery operated with the local association, the organic vegetable garden, and the medicinal garden.

The activities of the day:

  • Discover the Vohimana Reserve to a surprising range of plants and animals (chameleons, lemuroids) and bathe near a waterfall in a natural swimming pool
  • After lunch, you will also visit nearby villages
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 5: Lemur Islands and Mantadia National Park

This morning, you will return to Andasibe. Immediately upon arrival, you will go to the Orchid Park of the Ministry of Environment, but Mitsinjo and Madagascar National Parks run their activities in the area. Orchids are the largest family of blossoming plants in Madagascar. Researchers have identified over 1,200 different species. Eighty-five percent of Madagascar’s orchids exist nowhere else and many species have been classified rare. Most of them are epiphytes so their thriving depends on the conditions of their habitat.

Therefore, it is a must to protect the forests to save the orchids from disappearing. The Orchid Park comprises 11 hectares of rainforest dedicated to these beautiful and magnificent flowers which amaze you with their diversity. Then you'll make a restoration circuit. You can help offset your carbon print by planting a tree and supporting reforestation efforts. Mitsinjo has two circuits for this purpose in areas that have been reforested but need densification. NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar's guide will make a tour with you and give you information about climate change, reforestation, and the relationship between animals and the forest.

In the afternoon, you will head off on the next part of the adventure. You’ll spend the time visiting the great park of Mantadia, a few kilometers north of where you will be staying. You will do a circuit of about four hours, to meet groups of lemurs as the indri, the diademed sifaka, and the bamboo lemur. A group of five diademed sifaka has recently been re-introduced to Andasibe-Mantadia, and if you are lucky, you may spot one of these unusual creatures.

This circuit is also very spectacular for its landscapes. You’ll see waterfalls and rivers surrounded by strikingly beautiful tropical plants. The path is pretty good, but with some hills. Here, in the evergreen rainforests, you can take pictures of the most colorful inhabitants of Madagascar. Chameleons, lemurs, birds, snakes, and high diversity of frogs will be your models. When you return to your hotel, enjoy the view and discover the beauty of your hotel before dinner. Then, in the early evening, you will take a twilight / nocturnal walk, looking out for the nocturnal species of lemur as the torchlights pass by their eyes.

The activities of the day:

  • Visits to the Orchid Park (one to one and a half hours) and restoration circuit (one to one and a half hours)
  • Strolls in the Mantadia National Park
  • Picnic in the forest
  • Visit the sacred waterfall and a natural pool where you can take a bath
  • Night tour to search for mouse lemurs, listen to the frogs or stumble across sleeping chameleons after dark (one and a half hours), and with luck, you’ll have a chance to observe the locally-endemic Goodman’s mouse lemur (Microcebus lehilahytsara), common encounters that include the greater dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus major), leaf-tailed geckos (Uroplatus sikorae and U. phantasticus), and an impressive sample of Andasibe’s amphibian diversity such as the common tree frogs Boophis viridis and Boophis pyrrhus
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 6: Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site - Conservation projects of Mitsinjo - VOIMMA Park

Awaken the reckless spirit! Today, after breakfast, you will encounter Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site and conservation projects of Mitsinjo. What about looking at a few birds species? Situated in the fokontany of Menalamba in the north-west of Andasibe Commune, the Torotorofotsy wetlands (together with its three branches Mokaranana, Ankahelava, and Ambasimbavy) serve as a large reservoir for water and host an array of water dwellers. Birds, frogs, lemurs, and chameleons depend on the wetland just as much as the rural human population living close to it.

You will love it. The region where Mitsinjo is based contains a number of rainforest and marsh sites which offer mind-blowing birding – a true "O.O.E." (Orgasmic Ornithological Experience in birder speak), to put it mildly. You might wonder why Andasibe-Mantadia is included in all Madagascar birding itineraries. Well, for starters, this is where you can seek the bulk of Madagascar’s rainforest-dependent endemic birds, as well as a select band of marsh-dwelling species unique to the eastern domain.

The activities of the day:

  • Walking in the Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site
  • Conservation projects of Mitsinjo
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 7: Island of lemurs - Mandraka Park

Prepare your camera! To give you a last sweet taste of Andasibe, you will have the last visit, before breakfast, just a snacking.You will get a visit to the lovely private reserve of Vakona Lodge known as the "Island of lemurs" to take part in their feeding and to meet some of the friendliest primates of the island. You'll be keen to experience this unique activity.

The lemurs — brown, ruffled, dancing, lemurs galore — they will want your bananas and they will be willing to do whatever it takes to get them, including jumping on your heads, shoulders, arms, and gouging your eyes out. Lemurs are small and pleasant, but mainly greedy. These spoilt island brats (that have all at some point been rescued) have the appetites of 18-year-old boys. The next island has a few black and white ruffed lemurs on it. They too will be hoping you’ll feed them.

A family of catta lemurs inhabits the third island. You must get ready as many lemurs will be intent on boarding a canoe – lemurs pirates! You will leave the island delighted and excited. How fun it is to have lemurs jump on your head. After seeing the world famous lemurs at the national park, Lemur Island will be the cherry on top of a delicious cake of a day. Then, you will return to Madagascar’s capital, known simply as "Tana" to the locals.

There will be plenty of interesting spots on the way. Get your finally “wow” moments on the way, this road is filled with typical Malagasy landscapes for you to contemplate. You will stop at Mandraka Park. It's a stroll very short in time but with a thousand surprises. It is a paradise stopover, ideal for picnicking and located about five kilometers from the hydroelectric power station. But the big surprise will come mainly from the two pools and the waterfall.

A totally natural creation fed by Lake Mantasoa, the vast field of orchids and other exotic plants (Eulophiella, Azalea) only add to the charm of the place. Seventy percent of the species of orchids from Madagascar are listed on this plot of three hectares. A few kilometers earlier is located a 50-hectare ecotourism park rich in animal and plant species typical of Madagascar. It is both a playground, a mini-zoo and a location for fishing. The surprises do not end. There is even a feeling of Switzerland where the air is cool in summer and winter.

The activities of the day:

  • Distance: About 160 kilometers
  • Unique activity in the private reserve – Lemur Island
  • Visit to the Mandraka Park
  • Arrival at Tana in the evening
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 8: Lemurs' Park - Ampefy

The area of Ampefy is characterized by the volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination by Madagascar national parks. Volcanoes, dating back two million years ago, and over 40 lakes of volcanic origin, are scattered in a region of 400 square kilometers. Ampefy is a small borough on the banks of Itasy Lake.

Three of the most famous sites you will get to visit on this tour are Lake Itasy, Lily Waterfall, and Analavory Geyser. At around 09:30, you will be visiting Lemurs' Park which is a private reserve located at 25 kilometers from the capital. You will find birds, medicinal plants, reptiles, and the main types of lemurs of the island (black-white ruffed lemur, common brown lemur, coquerel’s sifaka, crowned sifaka, eastern lesser bamboo lemur, mongoose lemur, and ring-tailed lemur).

Afterward, you will continue to Ampefy. You will arrive at Ampefy at approximately 12:30 and have a delicious lunch at Kavitaha Hotel. In the afternoon, you can relax, resting at fresh air, far from the crowded beaches, discover this small haven of peace. The splendid volcanic landscapes of this region offer some good hikes and fantastic views of the area, very undulating and different from the usual image of the Red Island.

Pirogue tours on the lakes can easily be arranged. You can also take out bicycles. Ampefy with its rolling hills adorned in green, untainted by the peril of mass tourism and overflowing with an extensive range of fauna and flora is exceptionally appealing to nature lovers. Ampefy is an ideal for hiking. The trails lead through plantations, rice fields, and farmland. Ampefy and the area of Lake Itasy offer many treasures of curious forms.

The activities of the day:

  • You will be met at the reception of your hotel between 08:00 and 08:30 before departing to Ampefy which is located at 100 kilometers from the capital, in the geographical center of Madagascar
  • Visit to the Lemurs' Park
  • Discover the area of Ampefy
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 9: Ampefy - Antananarivo

To view all the wonders Ampefy offers, you will need a little stroll to join the Lily Waterfall. To reach the legendary waterfall requires passage over picturesque volcanic hills dotted with quaint little villages made up of red mud houses with thatched roofs, typical to the central highland. While going forward, one will meet very discrete peasants who will be posting a broad smile and full with generosity. After a few minutes’ walks, one will start to hear the buzz and the crumbling which becomes increasingly strong: it is the Lily Waterfall.

The precious beauty of Ampefy is highlighted by the Lily Waterfall (Chute de la Lily) that thunders down a staircase of rocky clefts, sparkling in the radiant sunlight and finishing in a tremendous spray that fashions a nebulous mystical aura around her. It pours its water from its 26 meters elevation which generates a large scum on water. A refreshingly clear pool of fresh mountain water that beckons out to anyone who would dive in and bathe in her coolness. Once you arrive, the most classical panoramic view will await to take your breath away with the best rapid waters.

This waterfall full of legends is well-anchored in a splendid site bordered of green grasses that are very developed by the water evaporation of the waterfall. One can even take a few minutes of a small bath. Thereafter, your driver will pick you up and take you to the La Terasse or Chez Jacky hotel restaurant where you will enjoy lunch. After the waterfall and the Lake Itasy, the stay with Ampefy also makes it possible to enjoy the gushing spectacle offered by the Analavory Geyser. The geyser site counts four geyser springs. It is certainly the most pleasant place of Ampefy.

The activities of the day:

  • Visit to Lily Waterfall
  • Visit to Analavory Geyser where you will find a natural pool of not very hot water which is especially for children, the possibility of massages with clay, two places where water comes out with good pressure which allows taking a shower (very pleasant if the sun is patting or after a massage with clay), and a very special tenant
  • Arrival at Tana in the evening
  • Accommodation at the hotel (bed and breakfast)

Day 10: Antananarivo

Today your tour will end with a transfer back to the Ivato International Airport (TNR). NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar wishes you a comfortable journey home and is sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Madagascar. Experienced travelers are used to goodbyes, but that doesn't mean they get any easier. When the time comes to depart wonderful Madagascar, NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar wouldn't be surprised if you were already planning a return trip.

The activities of the day:

  • Antananarivo city mini-tour
  • Transfer to Ivato International Airport (TNR)

Included excursions

  • Cultural visits and craft workshops, handmade factories
  • Guided visit to the conservation projects of Mitsinjo
  • Guided visit to the Orchid Park
  • Discover the area of Ampefy and Lake Itasy
  • Visits to Lily Waterfall and Analavory Geyser
  • Walking in the Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site


Solofo Razafimahazo


This eco-safari will take place in several destinations of Madagascar, including Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Mantadia National Park, Vohimana Reserve, Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site, Lemur Islands, Ampefy, Lake Itasy and Lily waterfall (the little paradise on the land of volcanoes), and Antananarivo the Madagascar capital, the city of the thousand.


For nights spent in hotels, you'll pay for meals as you go along and get the chance to sample local cuisine from local fresh fish and seafood. NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar has listed any included meals on the individual safari pages. Your accommodations are in bed and breakfast basis, but you will get full board meals on the third and fourth day of the safari. Bottled mineral water in the vehicle will be provided for you.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Excursion Chocolaterie Robert factory and Chocolatière boutique
  • Excursion The PALA jewelers
  • Hiking and biking in Ampefy
  • Pirogue tours on the lakes in Ampefy
  • Visit to Botanical and Zoological Park of Tsimbazaza in Tana
  • Visit to Tismbazaza Park to see the mythical aye-aye before dinner (there are tours that will take you to the natural habitat of the aye-aye, but these animals are nocturnal and live in the trees, so spotting them in the dark up in high branches is practically impossible)

What's included

  • 8 days' outdoor activities including trekking in the forest and exciting game drives
  • Guided visit to the Ivato crocodile farm, also called “Croc Farm”
  • Guided visit to the Tsarasaotra Park
  • Guided visit to the exotic farming center of Mr. Pereyras
  • Walks in the Analamazaotra Special Reserve (Vahimantsina / long circuit of 3-4 hours)
  • Late-night strolls in the VOIMMA Park
  • Discover the Vohimana Reserve
  • Guided visit to the Orchid Park
  • Restoration circuit
  • Strolls in the Mantadia National Park
  • Tanafisaka / night hike
  • Walking in the Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site
  • Guided visit to the Conservation projects of Mitsinjo
  • Unique activity in the private reserve – Lemur Island
  • Guided visit to the Mandraka Park
  • Guided visit to Lemurs' Park
  • Discover the area of Ampefy and Lake Itasy
  • Visits to Lily Waterfall and Analavory Geyser
  • Cultural visits and craft workshops, handmade factories
  • Swimming in natural pools
  • Antananarivo city mini-tour
  • Picnics in the stipulated places at the program
  • Entrance fees to parks and reserves and the services of local guides
  • A 4x4 vehicle with a driver
  • Fuel
  • Services of a professional, experienced, English-speaking personal guide-escort (French or Russian language)
  • Services of porters
  • All transfers, including water transport and domestic flight
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Breakfasts
  • Full board meals on the third and fourth day
  • Bottled mineral water in the vehicle
  • 9 nights' accommodation
  • Government taxes and fees, including TVA and tourist tax at hotels

What's not included

  • International air travel
  • Visa fee (single entry of one month visa currently 30 EUR, issued on arrival)
  • Your medical insurance
  • Personal items and expenses
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks in hotels
  • Lunches en-route, lunches and dinners, lunch in the crocodile farm
  • Additional activities and excursions
  • Special requirements (to be specified during your order)

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Airport: Ivato International Airport Airport transfer included: Ivato International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 40% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
10 days / 9 nights
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Pricing information
  • 3 persons: 4,080 EUR (1 double room and 1 single room)
  • 5 persons: 5,850 EUR (2 double rooms and 1 single room)
  • 7 persons: 7,105 EUR (3 double rooms and 1 single room)
  • 9 persons: 8,370 EUR (4 double rooms and 1 single room)
  • Children under 12 years old must share the room with parents at the rate of 150 EUR per child
  • "No surcharge" guarantee / no hidden costs or surcharge: NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar’s holidays offer outstanding value for money. You will miss nothing of importance and the fully comprehensive itineraries including the “ must-see” sights and experiences, plus a whole host of less famous visits you will just love. NDAO-i-Travel Madagascar’s “no surcharge” guarantee means that whatever happens after booking, the price will not increase.

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