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Kampala, Uganda

Kazinga Tours was started in 2006, by Felex Musinguzi from Uganda and Vincent van ‘t Hof from the Netherlands. They organize safari trips to Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

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  • Bertvan Netherlands

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    We had a great trip to Uganda and Rwanda with Kazinga Tours! We started in Rwanda for the gorillas and continued to Uganda for the other animals. Our highlight were the gorilla and chimps! And the boat trips in both Murchison Falls and on the Kazinga Channel.

    We were very happy to do this custom made trip. It was specially shaped and designed for us and included all the highlights we wanted. So thanks Kazinga team for the marvelous trip!

  • A Guest

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    From the outset Faith at Kazinga was very prompt in her responses and helped us to shape the trip we wanted. Innocent was a great driver and guide, and even when the van developed problems there were local arrangements to provide new transport with no disruption to our trip. I would very much recommend them.

  • Sally United Kingdom

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    Myself and 2 friends (all girls) did a 7 day trip with Kazinga Tours, organised by Felex and with an excellent local driver, Denis. I consulted a few different tour operators, and Kazinga were by far the most impressive - responding promptly to our enquiry and helping us to tailor a really great itinerary which was affordable for us. We were able to inspect the vehicle and meet the driver ahead of our departure which was really reassuring and appreciated. Denis was a fantastic, professional guide and driver. We learned so much from him about the country and thoroughly enjoyed his company. He made the whole trip so relaxing, fun and informative and was always punctual, accommodating and a really safe and careful driver. We absolutely LOVED Uganda - it's such a beautiful country, with incredible wildlife, landscapes and people. In 7 days, we covered Kibale National Park, Fort Portal, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the Mountain Gorillas and then to the border of Rwanda, where we continued our adventure. My only regret was not taking Denis & Kazinga tours into Rwanda. We didn't realise ahead of time that this was possible! Highly recommend this tour agency, especially if you want to see a lot in a limited time! Fantastic!

  • a traveler Ireland

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    My and my friend had a great 5 day trip with Kazinga tours. We chose Kazinga, because of reviews, price and the fast speed they (Faith) answered our e-mails etc.

    Faith organised trip based on what we wanted to see and gave suggestions to make it even better. All went smoothly and we had a good driver. We went to Volcanoes to see golden monkeys, Bwindi to see gorillas and to lake Bunyonyi to chill in the end.

    Price and organising was great. I wouldn't maybe recommend to take the 30$ a day full board. Afterwards when I saw the food prices on the trip, it seems bit expensive.

  • Rossana United States

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    My husband and I booked our trip to Rwanda with Kazinga. Everything about Kazinga was great. We have no complaints. Hussein patiently helped us figure out the itinerary for our trip. He booked all of our hotels, arranged for all of our chosen activities, secured the permits we needed, and answered all our questions quickly.

    We ultimately decided to go to Nyungwe Forest for two days to see chimps and colobus monkeys, to do three days of gorilla trekking and one day of golden monkey trekking at Volcanoes National Park, and to spend two nights in Kigali.

    Once we arrived in Rwanda, we met our driver guide, Fred. Fred was amazing! He was so welcoming, patient, detail oriented, punctual, responsible, helpful, and fun to hang out with. I wanted to go shopping for art and pottery in Kigali, so shopping we went. I wanted to eat at two particular restaurants, so he made sure he knew how to get to them and that they would be open at the times that we wanted to go. He told us he'd pick us up at a certain time for the activity we were doing that day and he was there on time every single day. We always got to whatever activity we were doing ahead of time so we were never rushed. He always made sure we had all the equipment we needed, so that the activity always went smoothly. He always estimated driving times accurately and the amount of time it would take to complete an activity. Whenever we wanted to add an activity to the following day's itinerary, Fred would call ahead and make all the necessary arrangements to make sure we were able to do the activity. We wanted to change our itinerary to add an extra night in Kigali, so Fred immediately contacted Hussein and got it done. It looked like it was about to rain during one of our gorilla treks, so Fred managed to find a waterproof bag for our cameras without us even asking. And he always checked to make sure we were taking enough water and food on our treks. After one of our gorilla treks, my husband and I didn't want to do anymore organized activities, so Fred suggested driving into town and checking out the local market. It was a great idea! We spent a few hours lazily walking around the market, checking out neighboring shops, and stopped at a courthouse, which we found very interesting since we're both lawyers. On our way back to Kigali from Volcanoes National Park I decided I wanted to stop at the Muhabara Hotel to see the room that Diane Fossey stayed in every weekend and at Camp Kigali to see the Belgian memorial, and Fred immediately agreed it could be done. And all along the drives, Fred made sure to point out interesting landmarks, unique vegetation, and beautiful landscapes. I can't thank Fred enough for making our Rwanda vacation so memorable. He made sure we were always happy and comfortable. He was beyond accommodating and flexible. My husband and I don't just feel like we had an excellent driver guide in Rwanda. We feel like we made a friend.

    We are so happy with Kazinga Tours, Hussein and Fred that my husband and I have already decided we're traveling to Uganda with Kazinga next year. We have no doubt that Hussein and Fred will make sure we have a very special vacation. Thank you, Kazinga. Thank you, Hussein. Thank you, Fred.

  • Clinton United States

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    Kazinga Tours had excellent guides and planning. A day-trip to the anniversary of the coronation of the Kabaka: Hussein got us there early providing lots of background information and a good view of thousands of Baganda people celebrating at their best and taught us much about its significance in the Buganda Kingdom and in Uganda history. Several days in W/SW Uganda: Lambert combined good driving with all kinds of information about local people, economy, and history, knew where to find wildlife and identified every bird we saw. The accommodations were excellent, beyond expectation. Each thing we learned led to five more questions, Lambert kept up with and enhanced our interest, and his enthusiastic approach made this a trip we will long remember.

  • a traveler United Kingdom

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    I put together a custom-made itinerary that I wanted to experience in Uganda. Essentially, it involved travelling anti-clockwise right around the borders of the country in order to see the best the country had to offer. Check your own info, but all the best things are around the edges. We hoped to do it in three weeks. Unlike the other travel companies I contacted, Hussein, the sales manager at Kazinga, informed me it could not be accomplished comfortably in the time-scale and recommended the addition of a few days more. And, despite this, Kazinga were still competitively-priced versus their competition. I respect a company who is honest with you. Their local knowledge is one of the reasons you use a local company. They got my business and I was not disappointed. Lambert, our driver, though young, was so customer-focused and determined that we had a good trip. He worked consistently to Western time and not African time, always being at the vehicle ahead of us. He was great fun to be with and did his level best to ensure we enjoyed our trip. One or two minor things went wrong. On a three-and-a-half week trip, that is to be expected, and not all were Kazinga's fault, but both Lambert and the company did their best to make it all up. I would not hesitate to use this company again and thus recommend them highly.

  • Mark and Tracy Spencer United States

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    We had a memorable trip with Kazinga Tours. We did Uganda and Tanzania. We started off with Uganda, where we had some very interesting interactions with the local people. For my wife this was the highlight of the trip. It was so good to see the real Ugandan life and to see how friendly they are. At home we collected pencils, books etc. for them, which was highly appreciated. Only wish we had brought more.

    For me the wildlife was the highlight! Especially the chimps, gorillas, and the tree climbing lions, a must see. Other highlights were the Kazinga Channel and the boat trip to the Murchison Falls. I think I made my best wildlife photos ever.

    After Uganda we went to Tanzania. We visited Lake Manyara, Tarangire, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti. These parks together were really wonderful and made us see the Big five! The rhino was the most difficult. Finally we saw two of them in the Crater. Thanks to our great guide we saw two leopards, one in Serengeti and one in Tarangire.

    Again the highlight of the Tanzania part for my wife was not the wildlife but visiting the local people. We visited the Hadzabe, the last remaining bushman of Tanzania. A truly unique experience! It was really like going back in time and see our ancestors.

    So thanks Kazinga Tours team for organizing this wonderful trip. Your knowledge and patience made the trip as it was.

  • a traveler New Zealand

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    Loved our four-night tour to the mountain Gorillas with Kazinga. From the initial enquiry through to the end, the communication and professionalism was amazing. Faith in the office answered our emails and questions very fast and all the arrangements for the accommodation, meals and park visas went smoothly. We loved our driver Lambert who was a very friendly, generous guide with tons of local knowledge and made the whole thing even more special. Can highly recommend Kazinga and Lambert in particular. We can't wait to come back!

  • Rebecca United States

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    We did five days in Uganda (Kibale and Bwindi) and eight days in Tanzania (Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro). We saw everything we wanted to see, and the wildlife experiences surpassed our wildest dreams. We got close enough to chimps and gorillas to touch them (though of course we didn't actually touch them). We had an elephant pass by our safari vehicle in Tanzania so close we could smell his breath. Our guide Ukadi went out of his way to find animals for us, including two leopards and a very far-away rhino and her baby. He was an incredible skilled wildlife-spotter and we are so grateful to him!

    My one major complaint is that the vehicle in Tanzania was in bad disrepair. The pop-up roof that makes wildlife viewing so fun was broken, although our guide didn't know it when we began the trip. We had two occasions when the roof suddenly slammed down very hard because we were on a bumpy road. Thankfully, neither of us were standing up at the time, or we would have had severe head injuries. Our guide eventually was able to make a temporary fix to the roof, but we were still nervous for the remaining time that it would slam down again.

    We chose the budget option, and are glad we did, but it's important for travelers to know that the accommodations in Uganda are very basic. Hot water and electricity was not available at all hours (bring a headlamp or flashlight!), and there are no electrical outlets in the rooms. The accommodations in Tanzania were absolutely beautiful, no complaints.

    For anyone going to Bwindi, bring trekking poles and gloves! I didn't, and had to rent them at the hotel. Depending on which gorilla group you are tracking, it could be the hardest, steepest climb of your life. You'll need the poles to pull yourself up the mountain (and I'm in pretty good shape), and the gloves because you'll be grabbing on to a lot of vegetation, and some of it stings. I would also recommend hiring a porter who will pull/push you up the mountain for 15 USD. But the experience cannot be surpassed. Watching the gorillas was the highlight of my life.

    Thank you again to Innocent, Ukadi, and Ummi for making this such a wonderful trip!

  • a traveler Croatia

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    Thanks for this great trip! We visited two countries: Tanzania and Uganda. We started in Tanzania and saw Serengeti, Ndutu, Ngorongoro and Tarangire. WOW! We saw all the animals we did want to see, except for the leopard. Our guide Ukadi was great and did his very best for us. Another highlight was the visit of the Hadzabe tribe. We went for hunting with them. At first we expected not to like them seeing hunting, but it turned out to be natural for them so we accepted this.

    In Uganda we wanted to see the big primates and monkeys, and we did!!! Another WOW! We started in Kibale for the chimpanzees. We did the habituation experience to see them the whole day. It was really amazing. On our way to Bwindi we made a stop in Queen Elizabeth. At first we wanted to go to Bwindi directly, but Hussein from Kazinga Torus convinced us to make a stop in Queen as well. We did and we had a great boat trip there! Another great experience. In Bwindi we saw 8 mountain gorillas, another great experience. And the last highlight was to visit the local people in Lake Bunyonyi. We did spend an afternoon with them, cooked with each other and had a meal together. For my wife, this was the highlight. Thanks Emmanuel for driving us around. Kazinga Tours gave us this great trip to East Africa. We recommend Tanzania, Uganda, and Kazinga Tours.

  • a traveler Malta

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    We booked the Uganda tour with Kazinga Tours. An amazing experience where we saw chimps and gorillas among other animals. Our guide Lambert was very polite, energetic, knowledgeable, and an amazing guy!

  • Lena and Dominik Steiner Austria

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    Our trip with Kazinga was great! We did a four week trip through Uganda and Rwanda to have enough time to see these beautiful countries. Highlights of Rwanda were Akagera, VNP, and Nyungwe. Especially Nyungwe was great and Nyungwe Forest Lodge was probably the best lodge we visited. Really high class!

    Highlights of Uganda were Kidepo, Mount Elgon, Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest and Bwindi, and Lake Bunyonyi. We saw the gorillas twice, both in VNP and Bwindi (yes we are lucky). In Kibale we slept in Chimps’ nest. Not the same luxury as Nyungwe Forest Lodge, but what an experience, sleeping in the jungle and have a shower under the stars.

    Kazinga added Lake Bunyonyi were for us what we really liked. We went deep into the villages and saw the local life! This made our trip different than a standard safari trip.

    The reason we chose Kazinga is because of their knowledge and combination of Africa and Europe. They gave us great advice on how to build our trip and also on wildlife photography. Their photographer, Vincent, really made the difference for us. Thanks to his advise we were able to make better photos.

  • Marla United States

    Kazinga Tours website

    We just returned from a safari in Tanzania and a gorilla trek in Rwanda. It was an amazing and memorable trip thanks to Kazinga Tours. We loved our two guides, John and Ukade - they were fun and energetic and great at spotting the wildlife! Patricia answered all of our questions quickly and made planning easy. Thanks!

  • Amadé Netherlands

    Kazinga Tours website

    It was a two-part journey, first taking the Machame route, climbing Kilimanjaro, then watching wildebeests cross the river Mara in northern Serengeti.

    After consulting various agencies we chose Kazinga Tours, because of their attractive rates, their knowledge and experience and their eye for detail. They helped us put together and prepare for a beautiful trip. Kazinga Tours also supplied us with an outstanding guide, who helped us through the last, harrowing stages of the climb. Because of him, and other aides, we made it to the top, an experience never to be forgotten. Another great experience was watching the trek of the wildebeests in northern Serengeti National Park. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch multiple river crossing.

  • Niklas Fischer Germany

    Kazinga Tours website

    The overall trip was beyond fantastic! I am not sure if we had a better vacation ever! We visited Tanzania and Uganda and Kazinga Tours organized it well. We did not have a lot of time to plan this trip, so we needed some help. Kazinga Tours were organized and nailed exactly what we were looking for: The best of East Africa: Gorillas and Chimps in Uganda and the Big 5 in Tanzania! And we did see it! Kazinga made a balanced plan including all the highlights we wanted to see. They also organized our flight. Thanks to our drivers Ukkadi and Nicolas! Highly recommended.

  • Louise Debetaz Switzerland

    Kazinga Tours website

    Thank you so much Kazinga for a truly memorable 14 day tour of Rwanda. The whole trip went very smoothly and Ivan was a superb guide! Of course the gorillas were a real highlight, but the chimps and other wildlife was brilliant too. Ivan made the experience extra special with his extraordinary knowledge, wonderful wildlife spotting skills and never-ending patience and good humor. A fantastic holiday that we will never forget.

  • Petra Netherlands

    Kazinga Tours website

    We just got back from a short (one week) but wonderful trip through Uganda. Ever since I can remember I wanted to go visit the mountain gorilla and I did thanks to Kazinga! It was a dream come true! And our visit to the chimpanzees was an experience I will never forget either. We had an excellent driver, Walter, who turned out to be a great game spotter! All was very well organised, we had nothing to think about, let alone worry about, it went as smooth as possible. Before and after the communication with Kazinga over email was impeccable. Kazinga showed the ability of translating my wishes into a trip I will cherish forever!

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