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Kay Adventure Tours is an established locally-owned company that specializes in customized tours and safari that are off the beaten track.

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Daniel is an expert on the wildlife and birds of the national parks and reserves. He also has many years of safari experience.


Rasheed is an expert on the wildlife and birds of the national parks and reserves. He also has many years of safari experience.

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Marina A.


One life experience!!!

We have booked a 3-day-Safari to Masai Mara with Kay Adventure Tours and it was an incredible experience! Moureen, our contact person, managed EVERYTHING for us and the tour itself was well organized. We would totally recommend this organisation, because we were really satisfied with the price and their service!

Thank you very much- it was a one-life-experience we will never forget!


Marina & Laura

Christine Hartley

Kay Adventure Tours website

Victor, Moureen and their team have been excellent in providing us with first class information about our holiday. This companies approach has been professional, polite and very knowledgeable in every way towards our holiday. It has been refreshing to come across such an accomodating and vibrant new business who have not pressured us at all to make a decision but shown patience and a deep understanding of our requirements. Cannot wait for the holiday

a traveler

Kay Adventure Tours website

We are staying with some friends, and they knew a good travel agent to prepare the safari for us. We had some appointments about the different locations we could go to. With a lot of information we could decide where we wanted to go to. Once everything was on paper, Moureen did all the organization. And I can tell, after the work she did we didn’t had to worry about anything. She knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted. And the safari we had was exactly the way we wanted it. So if you want to book a safari and if you want someone to trust with the preparation go to Kay Adventures Tours Ukunda, Diani. We all say a big thank you to Moureen and her business! We had a safari arrangement for 5 days, and we went to 3 different places. We left very early in the morning to take the plane to Nairobi. Once in Nairobi, our driver and tour guide was already waiting for us. How nice, no waiting and no carrying our luggage. He was very polite, and has been that for 5 days. From the airplane straight into the jeep, let the trip begin. We were supposed to drive for 5 hours to Lake Nakuru, but halfway he stopped for a little break. We arrived in Lake Nakuru around lunchtime. The lodge was called: Flamingo Hill tempted Camp. There was a big welcome, with a little drink and an explanation about the restaurant times. Then we got taken to our tents. First I thought a little tent and we go camping. But when we arrived at the tents my first impression was woow! A very big tent, with a big bed for 2 people and a beautiful washing room. After that we went for a lunch, very well organized. There was a buffet, and the waiters were very kind, and the food was very nice. After we finished we went for our first game drive. We got into the jeep, and the roof of the jeep was open. So we could stand in our car and take beautiful pictures. We’ve seen beautiful animals and we even saw a waterfall. It was really amazing. We got back around 7 at night. The next morning we had a little game drive before we had to pack and leave to Lake Naivasha. It was a drive for about 2 hours, and the weather wasn’t too nice, but we saw beautiful thing on the way. Once at Lake Naivasha, it was quietly the same, we got a nice welcome with a drink and an explanation. Then we went to our sleeping place. It was a beautiful apartment, totally different from the tents. The lodge was called: Sawela Lodge. So we checked in, and after that someone took us to the lake. But we didn’t see anything because it was late already and we didn’t want to go on a boat trip. But at least we’ve seen the lake. The food wasn’t really good, and the waiters were a bit too friendly. Not really our place, but the apartments were beautiful. The next day we left to go to Maasai Mara, another drive for 5 hours. But it was worth it. And when we arrived, we got a beautiful welcome. Not because of the drinks and the people, but because of the view, we were sitting at the bar and when you looked across, you saw the river with a lot of hippo’s. First we didn’t notice but then they start making noise, it was truly amazing. And not just one, no there were a lot of them. The lodge was called: Mara River Lodge. The next day we had a game drive for a whole day, we had lunch in the middle of the park. And of course, we have seen every animal you can think of. We came back late, just before dinner. The lodge was great, and the food was very good as well. The waiters were very kind, and always making a joke of everything. There was only one little thing, their lodge is running on a generator, so we couldn’t charge anything during the day, only in the morning and in the evening. The last day we left early in the morning, because it was a 5 hour drive and we had to catch a plane. On our way to Nairobi, we got 2 flat tyres. But our driver was prepared for anything that’s why he wanted to leave earlier, to make sure we were going to be on time. We got in Nairobi by lunch, so we went to a really nice Italian restaurant where we had a nice lunch and it was also a goodbye and a thank you to our driver Rasheed. And finally the big moment to leave to the airport, unfortunately the car wouldn’t start. So we had to leave Rasheed and the jeep behind. He called a taxi for us who brought us to the airport and he even paid for it. I say that these 5 days were an amazing experience for all of us. Also because this was the first safari we have been to, but anyone who wants to go. I advise to go to these places, especially Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara.

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