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Karibu Safaris In Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Karibu Safaris In Kenya offers safaris in several African countries for private, group, single, individuals, couples, and families from all over the world.

Reviews 3

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookAllSafaris

    The 4 days trip provided by Karibu Safaris In Kenya was very fascinating. Dan waited for me more than 2 hours when I arrived in the airport and picked me up to the hotel, and bought me 4 bottles of water for the following 4 days. During the safari, the nice driver guides showed us the amazing natural views in the Masai Mara, Nakuru lake et al., and a lot of animals I only saw in TV before. The food and the accommodation were both satisfied. At the end of the trip, Dan also picked me up from the hotel and finally I returned back home in safety, which is the most important part in the trip.

    The price for the whole trip is fair and I highly recommended Karibu Safaris In Kenya

    A little tired during the long time driving

  • Irina Tokmakova Russia

    August 2017, BookAllSafaris

    - Masai Mara with all Big 5 itself (but it's the nature itself, not becasue of teh Company). We manged to see even more enimal than expected. And the driver, Edward, brought us everywhere first than all other groups arrived.

    - Accommodation is ok. Clean w hot water couple hours a day. But sometimes we didin't have even cold water. But electricity only before 7 am and after 6 pm. Take batteries to charge your phones, as all the plugs are busy and some of them are broken!!!

    - Good car

    - Time plannig.

    * In many cases it was sucha waste of time. For example we had stops for lunch (on the way to Msai and back) almost for 1 h or even longer when in fact you can have it for 20 mins and spend more time watching animals.

    * On the last day of Safari the driver asked me if I want to have morning game at 06.30 or i want to have pick - up at 08.00 when they re back from the game. I decided to go at 08.00 as 30 mins there and back so in total you will spend there 30 mins max which doesn't make sence. But in fact we arrived at 09.30 (1,5 h later!!!). I was waiting for him for so long + it was a huge missed opportunity to spend more time on Safari

    * He made stops pretty often to smoke, in the mornings he was always alte and we were waiting for him,

    * And the worst - I asked 5 times if I will be at the airport at 5pm latest as i had a flight at 6.15 pm. they assured me 5 times that I would and even earlier and transfer will be for no extra! In fact the car arrived 20 mins later, I was runnig with a luggae in Nairobi to find him in a traffic jam. Then we got stucj because of bad traffic completely + the driver told me that I owe him 15 dollars for transfer! When I was completely deperate alsready that caught some guy with motobike and I went on motobike with huge luggage in the jam. I understand that it's traffic and they know that it's always bad there, but in this case don't guarantee being in time 5 times that I would bring me in time!! The worst transfer ever!!

  • James Platt Kenya

    June 2017, BookAllSafaris

    An amazing experience the safari itself was simply fantastic. John, our driver, was excellent and we were fortunate to see everything we wanted. Definitely worth doing if you are on a budget.

    Our only real criticism would be that we were stuck with a young family that included some very noisy children, one as young as 2 years old. Family's like this should probably be placed on their own as they are very disruptive and difficult, even around the animals.

    Testimonials 2

    • Meritxell A

      TripAdvisor website

      My partner and I organized a 4 days safari with Karibu and it was perfect. We spent two nights at a camp next to the Masai Mara park and one night at a hotel in Nakuru. The staff was always helpful, they organized for us to be picked up in Kisumu rather than making us go to Nairobi (as all the rest of companies wanted to). We shared a van with other 3 travelers, so we were 5 in a van for 8 people. We had plenty of space and the van was comfortable despite the bumps on the road. The driver and guide - Haroun- was excellent, trying at all times to be helpful, explaining everything and trying to find all the animals. Thanks to him we managed to see the big 5 in very good condition. He also adapted the travel plan to the requirements of all of us, and all of this at a very affordable price. We will definitely book again!! Thanks again Haroun!!!

    • Jack N

      TripAdvisor website

      As far as the safari goes, it is more than you could ever ask for. You will see every animal and more! We got so close to everything and got a full Masai experience. The camping is very good with comfortable beds and delicious food. There were a couple miscommunications however on some of the added extras which you are not informed of the cost until you arrive like the Masai village (worth the money 100%) and the boat safari (which we skipped due to the cost). The boat safari caused us to miss an early morning game drive that morning meaning we spent a day only driving to Nakuru (we stayed in a hotel which was unexpected too). We talked to Robert and this issue was fixed immediately and we were treated to a free boat safari the next day. So in my eyes they completely made up for everything as the boat safari is fantastic! Aruni was our driver and he was the best driver we could have asked for. He is a such a lovely, funny and informative man who made the trip so worth it. Thank you Aruni! If I could recommend anything it would be have lots of Kenyan shillings to pay for tips and gifts. Overall an incredible experience highly recommend!

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