Kambaku Safaris & Tours

Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Kambaku Safaris & Tours provides safari vacation including riding and horseback, jeep and trekking, hunting, and safari tours in Namibia.

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  • Tanja Wagemann Germany

    Kambaku Safaris & Tours website

    Here we spent one of our best vacations of all of all. Every wish a very great pleasure of the eyes. All employees are very dedicated and hard working and very friendly. The food can only be described with one word: a dream. The rooms are lovely and exceptionally, in the evening you get a delicious chocolate and a warm hot water bottle to bed. Of us, and rightly so 5 star plus and 100% recommendation

  • Andrea Reese

    Kambaku Safaris & Tours website

    Beloved, it was now for the fourth time, a very, very great holiday with you!

    Back in cold Germany I would most like to book direct flight back to you! Much love to all of Kambaku Team!

  • Claudia Benda

    Kambaku Safaris & Tours website

    Dear Kambaku Team - thanks for great wild week with you - as always it was just toll..und as always the farewell was so hard ... But how Torsten put it so well: what are you so sad - yes come eh again ... :-) he is right !!!! In this sense: see you soon

  • Johann Austria

    Kambaku Safaris & Tours website

    I love Kambaku Safaris & Tours team! I want to thank you for the wonderful holiday. Staying in your camp was awesome. We were very lucky in the hunt. About the kudu, I was allowed to shoot at the neighboring farm, Tyrol, that I was most looking forward. Of course, I was also very grateful about elandbulle and gnubulle. A special thanks to Horsti. I would also like to thank Cuba, Paul, and the other PH. It was a wonderful holiday again. Thank you for everything.

  • Christiane Behrendt Germany

    Kambaku Safaris & Tours website

    I love Kambaku Safaris & Tours team and loved the riding guides. I wanted to have always written since we were in October 2013 that we enjoyed our stay with you, but it was just a shame that the vacation was so short. Next time, we would like to plan a lot more time with Kambaku Safaris & Tours. The service and the style of your lodge were great. The best thing was our sundowner ride because we had four drinks made by your guild. The canters, sunset, and table set were great. What an atmosphere! We still rave about it. Your horses were in a really good condition, very well-maintained, and well-trained. There were no truncated school horses, but motivated and super tradable animals. All harness was very well-maintained and it was just great. Greetings and all the best for you.

  • Inge Breitner Germany

    Kambaku Safaris & Tours website

    I love Kambaku Safaris & Tours team! I just come back home from safari trip and it was so good to me. If I close my eyes, I remember that I had this wonderful lodge with Kambaku Safaris & Tours team before me. Best wishes and thanks again for the great support. Many greetings to all.

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