Jamela Africa Safaris is an online travel company offering tailor made safaris across a host of premier destinations, from South Africa to Zanzibar.

Testimonials (3)

Jim Le Fevre United States

Jamela Africa Safaris Website

Both of our trips were planned and executed through Sheilagh and we have been pleased with the services she provides. I must say that we built our trip cooperatively, with suggestions from my research and suggestions on her part. She did not disappoint.

Mainak Ray India

Jamela Africa Safaris Website

Sheilagh - you are such an amazingly resourceful and easy to deal with person! I am still surprised with the way you had handled hundreds of my queries/suggestions/wishes pre tour and as well as during the time when we were in your rainbow country.

I am so glad that I had picked you as my SA travel advisor - everything was planned perfectly and executed even better, completely flawless.

Jeff Plant Canada

Jamela Africa Safaris Website

Thanks for all the great work you did to help organize all of these adventures. Even the unexpected challenges - like the failure of a major airline the day before we left home - were resolved by you effectively and efficiently.