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Inside Africa Travel

Nairobi, Kenya

Inside Africa Travel offers budget tour safari packages in Kenya and Tanzania.

Reviews 2

  • Eckart Hildebrand Germany

    August 2017, BookAllSafaris

    Everything bug the chsotic planning, three group changes, one kinda off day, nibody knew, what to do with me until 11:00 am

    Look at 8

  • Moaath Bukaai Bahrain

    July 2017, BookAllSafaris

    The place is good and the camping experience is great

    The management, the company stuck different programs in one car where we have to argue everyday about what we hate we are supposed to do where we already have program

    There high delay at the parks gate up to 5 hours because of the bad management of the company giving that we already drove 3 hours, so no time for the game drive at all and we lost the day

    The car have a broken window

    And the stuck the bags beside the passengers

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