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Founded in 2004 by Muksin Mushi, Homeland Adventures aims to provide exciting and affordable adventures to all travelers in Africa, especially in East Africa.

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a traveler Austria

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Everything was great! The guides and the porters took great care of every detail especially my health, safety, food, and mood. Muksin went out of his way to ensure that his clients are satisfied. The company not only takes care of their clients but also of their porters. One of the guides fell ill on the 3rd day and they sent him back immediately. Furthermore, originally 5 people were supposed to join the group climb i paid for however they canceled last minute and Homeland Adventures yet ensured that the trip goes smoothly as planned and never asked me to reconsider changing my itinerary. I met people who signed up with companies canceling on travelers last minute/ forcing them to change the Kili route from 7 days to 6 days since a group was not formed, but Homeland acted really responsible and delivered their promise from the start till the end. I would definitely recommend the company since traveling responsibly (porter wages and treatment) is the right way to go - ALWAYS! :)

Last but not least, I needed a budget safari and on a last minute basis Muksin arranged one for me and made it clear that he is helping me out and cannot promise on the quality since it's a budget safari and not offered by his company. So they all really went out of their way to ensure i have a good time and there were no false promises. Thanks again for everything to the entire team! Hope to visit again some day! :)

a traveler Germany

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Better than expected! also the staff was amazingly friendly and overtook all organization for me very fast. The price was the best I could achieve with distance! I had so much luck to find them. 100 points!!!! I can only recommend this organization!

a traveler Tanzania

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Homeland adventures is a great company and Muksin (the owner) is a very friendly person. Me and some other went bike riding with him for a short trip one evening and it was a really good experience. It was a perfect way to use an afternoon. He came to the place we stayed and we started from there. We bicycled a bit out of the city and it was beautiful nature and we got to see more of the rural areas around Moshi. I can really recommend Muksin and Homeland adventures!

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