11 Days Safari and Beach Yoga Retreat Zanzibar

  • Zanzibar - Moshi

11 Days Safari and Beach Yoga Retreat Zanzibar

  • Zanzibar - Moshi

Zanzibar Yoga Retreat

Travel is one of the greatest teachers. As is connecting with other beings on other parts of the planet. In July, join for an African safari and beach adventure. This life is meant for exploring and living. Join along for the journey! From the beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania along the Indian Ocean to Mount Kilimanjaro and The Serengeti this mind, body, spirit retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the beauty of this Earth while connecting more deeply with the self.


  • 4 days full safari with guide and vehicles
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and group sessions in Zanzibar
  • Excursions of sunset cruise, spice tour, and trip to Stone Town
  • Entrance to 3 spectacular wildlife parks in Moshi
  • Transfer from Zanzibar airport
  • 7 nights accommodations
  • Daily meals
  • 11 activity days
  • Spanish, English
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The first retreat space is within a close walk to numerous restaurants and bars. It has individually styled cottages with spacious rooms and large verandas. Breakfast can be served on your own cottage veranda. All rooms are double occupancy, either with two single beds or a double on request. There is also an option for private rooms if needed. All rooms have en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and a refrigerator.

When you arrive in Moshi, you will stay one night in a hotel with views of Mount Kilimanjaro. During the safari, you will stay the first night in Lake Manyara, second night in Seronera - the center of the Serengeti; and the third night at the rooftop of Ngorongoro Crater.

The first part of the retreat takes place in a small beautiful beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where you will enjoy daily yoga, meditation, and group sessions by Dr. Nikki. The next part of the retreat takes you to Moshi. The safari experience begins.

Day 1, Moshi, Arusha - Lake Manyara

  • This morning, you will depart for Lake Manyara national park.
  • Spend the afternoon on a game drive of this park, described as one of the hidden gems of Tanzania.
  • This park is famous for its tree climbing lions and large herds of elephant (which are not shy to come straight up to the vehicle).
  • Overnight at Lake Manyara.

Day 2, Lake Manyara - Serengeti

  • After breakfast, drive to one of the most famous game parks in Africa, the Serengeti.
  • This is home to millions of wildebeests during the migration and over the huge flat plains you are likely to find lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena, and many other small predators.
  • All afternoon will be spent on game drive before enjoying dinner and the experience of sleeping in the middle of the Serengeti.
  • Overnight in Seronera, the center of the Serengeti.

Day 3, Serengeti - Ngorongoro crater

  • An early morning start in the Serengeti to try and find cats before they retreat away from the blazing sun during the day.
  • After a few hours game, drive in the Serengeti drive to the Ngorongoro crater.
  • Overnight at the rooftop of the Ngorongoro Crater.

Day 4, Ngorongoro Crater - Arusha,Moshi

  • This morning you will descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, a wonderful haven for wildlife.
  • Ngorongoro is unique in that almost all the wildlife live within the crater walls hence you have the opportunity to find game easily.
  • Rhino, in particular, can be seen regularly as well as prides of lion and other predators like cheetah.
  • Enjoy lunch by the hippo pond before commencing your drive back to Arusha and then Moshi.

There will be excursions to Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro crater, and the Serengeti. Also sunset cruise, spice tour, and tour to Stone town are included.

  • Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.

    Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Ashtanga Yoga)

    Dr. Nikki lives every day with the intention of health, happiness, and harmony with herself, others, and the earth. After receiving her medical degree from New York University School of Medicine and completing her internship at NYU Medical Center, Dr. Nikki chose to veer from the western medicine model to focus on wellness, prevention, and happiness via a modern healing approach by integrating all elements of the being: mind, body, and spirit.

The first part of the retreat takes place in a small beautiful beach front hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa in Nungwi Village. The next part of the retreat takes you on a small flight to Moshi, where you will stay one night in a simple hotel, with pool and magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Here you begin the Safari adventure.

This retreat is located in a lush tropical garden lined with coconut palms, frangipani, and banana trees. Close walk to numerous restaurants and bars. Enjoy of a small, independent, family-run beach hotel is situated on the north-western coast of Zanzibar island, on the beautiful turquoise coastline of Nungwi. A warm welcome awaits you. Ideally situated for swimming, snorkeling, and diving activities. Mnemba Atoll, just a short boat trip away, is one of the best diving spots in the world. The hotel lies within a beautiful private tropical garden, which fronts the famous north-west coast beaches.

When in Zanzibar, the chef prepares meals that are a mixture of international and local cuisine, there is choice of a variety of fish dishes. In addition, the menu offers chicken, meats, and vegetarian dishes. Nungwi being a fishing village, the fish served is locally obtained and is served at candle lit tables set close to the sea. Snacks are available for extra cost throughout the day and can be taken either on the cottage veranda or by the sunbathing area. The chef provides snacks during the day and dinner in the evenings with a half board option if required. A cooked breakfast is served on your private veranda or if you prefer in the garden restaurant. You will also be provided food and drinks during the safari.

  • Big Game fishing
  • Consider to join a volunteer project
  • Discover numerous restaurants and bars
  • Dive in Zanzibars crystal blue waters and pristine white beaches
  • Enjoy a lush tropical garden lined with coconut palms, frangipani, and banana trees
  • Experience a sunset boat cruise
  • Go on a spice tour and trip to Stone town
  • Join a safari in Tanzania
  • Lounge around the swimming pool in the garden
  • Nourish yourself with a daily meditation class
  • Reef fishing in a beautiful reef
  • Refresh at the pool
  • Relax in a hammock with a good book
  • Sail at sunset
  • Snorkel at Mnemba Atoll and Kendwa coral garden
  • Sunbathe on the white beach with turquoise blue sea of the Indian Ocean
  • Take a daily yoga class
  • Visit three spectacular wild life parks
  • 1 night in hotel with views of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • 3 nights safari accommodation
  • 6 nights accommodation in Zanzibar island
  • Camping equipment on the safari
  • Daily meals
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and group sessions by Dr. Nikki
  • Entrance to three spectacular wildlife parks, including The Great Serengeti
  • Full safari experience
  • Safari guide and vehicles
  • Sunset cruise, spice tour, and trip to Stone Town
  • Transfer from Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ)
  • Extra food, snacks, specialty beverages, eating out
  • Flights from America to Zanzibar, Zanzibar to Moshi, Moshi to America
  • Gratuity for staff (cooks, drivers, guides, etc.)
  • Scuba diving in Zanzibar
  • Transfer from Moshi to the airport

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ).

Heal Your Mind Body Spirit will pick you up from the airport. The pick-up is included in the price.


  • Review by Maria C.

    "Diving into the retreat was one of the most meaningful, life changing decisions I have experienced. I didn’t know what to expect so the groundwork and exercises that you had us do helped me so much! I was able to get clear with my intentions and sometimes that’s the hardest part. I learned so much from the meditations and was totally swept away at how peaceful each one made me feel. The meditations and it’s affects have stayed with me even in New York. I was inspired to deepen and continue my practice back at home. I was also inspired by the amazing yoga we did!!! It was challenging and I felt so great afterwards! The yoga was one of the favorite parts. It put my mind at ease and made me feel so strong! I loved being in the Nucleo and meeting everyone. Dr. Nikki- is such a fun, loving, funny, caring, nurturing teacher!!! I felt really comfortable at all times and love how real she was! It’s like you go on this spiritual life journey for the time you’re there and you lose all concept of time and space. She chose the most amazing places in nature to do our meditations and exercises which made it all the more magical!!! I am grateful to have chosen such a wonderful mentor to guide me on my spiritual journey. Dr. Nikki is like the sister you always wanted! You feel so protected and guided, it was incredible to feel in only 7 days."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "I am so beyond thankful for the time I spent in Torino rediscovering and learning so much more about myself. Digging deeper. Honoring. Opening up my heart. Letting in. Letting go. Letting love. And trusting that my path of service to others is indeed mine. Thank you for the beautiful meditations which led me to lead with my heart. The amazing yoga which made me even stronger. The fuel (food) that nourished my body in the greatest way possible! For your endless love and support for humanity in general. For encouraging us to work collectively to achieve a more balanced, healthy, happy life. Thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for being a mentor. You are the change you wish to see in this world and I am inspired and grateful to have experience once of your life changing retreats."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Javier from United States
    10 out of 10

    "I attended Dr. Nikkis mind, body, and spirit retreat in Ojai and I was just blown away by the experience that Dr. Nikki provided for us. She is really passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to help people live healthier more fulfilling lives. She provides a safe space where you could come and be yourself without any judgment. It doesnt matter what your age is, physical ability, background, if you are shy or very social. She accepts and loves everyone for who they are and makes them feel comfortable. She goes above and beyond to provide the best overall experience for her clients. The Ojai Foundation where most of the retreat took place was absolutely beautiful. It was there where I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets and had some great experiences that had an immediate effect on my life. On the last day, Dr. Nikki took us to another beautiful location where I continued to connect with nature and with other people. It was hard to leave. After those three days, I felt reborn and re-energized. Im grateful that there is someone out there like Dr. Nikki. I highly, highly recommend everyone to attend one of her retreats so that they could experience what I experienced."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Aliza

    "My husband and I could not be happier to have been introduced to yoga through Dr. Nikki. Sessions with Nikki are fun yet challenging, and we especially appreciate her attention to detail when it comes to adjusting the body precisely for each pose. She is so knowledgeable - not only about yoga but also about holistic health - and its ultimately inspiring to practice under her guidance. Neither my husband nor I had ever taken a yoga class before meeting with Nikki for privates, but we have instantly become hooked. Simply put, Nikki is the best!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Diane

    "This was a much needed get-away! The surroundings were amazing. The Ojai Foundation is a very beautiful place. The food was all organic, healthy and plant-based, and was very good and a nice change for me. I enjoyed very much all the activities, yoga, art projects, and I loved, loved the sharing circle with the cards. They were inspiring for me. Sharing space with each other individually, and recognizing the beauty and gifts of the other, while receiving positivity and celebrating our own unique gifts! Who knew I was such a funny girl! Thanks! Keep up your excellent and inspiring work Dr. Nikki!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Tatyanna M. Wilkinson

    "I admit that I was once a Utopia (on Fox) livestream watcher. While watching I saw a kindred spirit in Nikki. I was bummed when I didnt get a chance to head up to the Utopia land before the show was canceled. She mentioned that she would continue Goddess Circle after Utopia ended. I am so pleased that I reached out via social media.As a seasoned circle facilitator, I am grateful for the space Nikkis circle has offered me to relax and grow in a nurturing circle. It has been a long search to find a womens circle I could be a participant in, not lead. I trust her to guide the journey.Nikki creates a warm, loving, inspiring and self-affirming space for women to connect and support each other on our journeys. Thank you! Thank you!Sister in spirit."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Jillian Burne

    "After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, I decided to surround myself with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for healing. I instantly connected with Dr. Nikki and Bhavani. Their joy, laugher and love of community brought together by sustainable local organic food was infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day deepening my yoga practice, meditating and preparing an amazing farm-to-table meal to share with new friends. I can't wait to do it again!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Courtney Spritzer

    "Dr. Nikki's Farm-to-Table retreat was amazing and so relaxing. It was so great to get out of the city and meditate and eat from the land. I was so impressed by the energy of the people I met. I left feeling energized and inspired! I highly recommend!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Mathew

    "The workshop with Dr. Nikki Noce was amazing. Most of my aches and pains have disappeared. My energy level is up. I am experiencing a sense of overall well being. All this from a one-day workshop. I cant wait to see what will happen to me after her next workshop. Dr. Nikki, in my opinion, will become one of the most influential doctors in the field of healing. She has already made a positive difference in my life."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Alex

    "Dr Nikkis lessons are a soothing blend of the dynamic mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of a yoga practice than engages the entire person. The classes are engulfed by positive ethos, fostering a sense of well-being and tranquility. I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her to students at every level."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Adam

    "Dr. Nikki, you inspire me. You are someone who both exudes and attracts such positive energy. You have a beautiful spirit and it shines."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Christie

    "I have been reading your blog and I have to say it has helped a lot. I have lost 45 pounds in four months! Thank you!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Mike

    "Dr. Nikki, you are awesome! I had never done yoga before and after one of your sessions, I loved it! Thanks for being so patient and understanding of my beginner level. I would totally recommend you to anyone. Your positive energy and outlook on life is inspiring. I look forward to creating a healthier lifestyle from your coaching."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Summer

    "Dear Dr. Nikki,I just wanted to take the time and let you know how much I appreciate you everyday! You are the kindest and most beautiful person inside and out that I have ever met. You taught me more than youll ever know. Youre an angel."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Jim

    "Dr Nikki - you are a very positive and happy person and I am always around stressed out people who are not so happy so my time with you is one of the best parts of my day - you are also the right kind of teacher for me, which is encouraging rather than scolding!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Brandon

    "Yoga with Dr. Nikki on the beach during sunset was pretty magical. I'm a rookie, so it was nice to have such a great, personal instruction, and I cant imagine a better experience elsewhere. "

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Laura

    "Thank you Dr. Nikki! I had an amazing experience. I went in with a completely open mind and really enjoyed taking time to breathe and meditate! Looking forward to more yoga!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Vivian

    "I am so thankful for you and your light that shines so bright! It is truly an honor to know you Dr. Nikki."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Liz Lvovski

    "I attended Dr. Nikkis Spirit Retreat in Tulum last November and had a profound Rejuvenation and Peacefulness experience.I been practicing yoga for the past 2 years and was looking to go back to my regular ashtanga practice by attending a retreat that will motivate me and inspire me after a very difficult year in my life. Thankfully, Nikki not only lived up to but surpassed expectations in every way. There were 4 additional people in my group and I can honestly say everyone expressed the deepest gratitude for having landed there.Nikki is one of the most inspiring people I met in my life, she is truly a beautiful soul! You can really sense the amazing energy that surrounds her, you can see the light in her eyes and how genuine she is and passionate about what she does.This retreat allowed me to open to spaces in me I didnt know existed and I was able to regain my inner power and light that I lost this year. This retreat is a place where everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come with all of who they are and Nikki was really amazing at providing us with unconditional love, joy and growth opportunity.Nikki combined the spiritual practice with practical, offering tools through the union of mind, body, spirit and heart to become a better person in this world thwarts yourself and others.Nikki is very knowledgeable when it comes to yoga practice, nutrition and healthy lifestyle and she is spreading that knowledge in the world with so much love. I left the week inspired, uplifted and ready to conquer the world and make it a better place! Thank you for your teaching, exercises of the mind, challenging yoga poses and inspiration for me to keep on studying about the wonderful world of yoga, spirituality and mind and body connection!"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Vito G

    "Getting away and having a moment to breathe and forget about the everyday was exactly what I needed to clear my mind and get inspired. This was my second retreat with Dr. Nikki. She is a great teacher, she really practices what she teaches. She is kind, warm hearted and really cares about everyone on the retreat. Its a beautiful experience to share and connect with others.The Tulum retreat taught me how to be focused in my mind, how to eat healthy meals, and improved my yoga abilities. This retreat put me back on track and focused to live a healthier life. Dr Nikki inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle and to lead by example. It was an overall outstanding experience on all levels."

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

  • Review by Kayla W

    "I will remember Tulum for years to come, and wanted to take the time to say thank you again. I have much to reflect upon and put into practice, and like I told Serrina, I feel like I will hear your guiding voice in my head when trying to make tough decisions"

    Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website, edited

California, United States

Heal Your Mind Body Spirit was founded by Dr. Nikki who's a trained medical doctor empowering and inspiring people to live healthier, happier, and more conscious through self-care and exploration.

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11 days / 10 nights


Arrival: Sunday July 1, 2018
Departure: Wednesday July 11, 2018

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