Gustafson Photo Safari

Illinois, United States

Gustafson Photo Safari lead dedicated photo tours to East Africa, South America, North America, and other nature photography locations around the world.

Testimonials 3

  • Joe McDonald United States

    Gustafson Photo Safari website

    Todd, I’m not kidding you when I say that you are the greatest wildlife photographer alive today!

  • Art Morris United States

    Gustafson Photo Safari website

    As many of you know, Todd Gustafson is an extremely talented photographer and a dear friend. As I looked back at Todd’s images I said to myself, 'Was I on that trip? How can one person be so talented? Is Todd not the best safari photographer alive today?

  • George D. Lepp

    Gustafson Photo Safari website

    I do wish you the best on this trip and all the others that you lead. I am impressed with your photos on these programs. I know with your knowledge of the places a lot is possible. Your work is proof of that. Your images are exceptional and the video is a very good marketing tool. All my Best.

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