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Gorilla Link Tours Africa is a day tour and travel agency in Uganda that delivers exciting and affordable safari holidays in East Africa.

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Grace Hung

from Uganda, February 2018

"An Eventful Trip"

The gorillas trekking was extraordinary experience to us, people coming from the city. Our trekking has taken us more than 8hours, where we have to climb up and down and breaking through bushes and jungles! It is an unforgettable experience to us. The trekkers, porters and guides are very helpful. With a jointed group of five, they sent us with two trekkers, three guides and two porters. We feel extremely safe and got fully support along the trek!

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Ninsima Patience

Gorilla Link Tours Facebook page

Gollira Link Tours has knowledgeable guides I was really impressed Thanks and keep it up

Lissa Lucero United States

Gorilla Link Tours Facebook page

Gorilla link tours is amazing and great for all your east African needs! Had such a great experience going to the safari and being shown around Uganda. Thank you!

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