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3 Days Big Five Safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Available from August till February
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Martin Hedström

from Sweden, November 2019

"Masai Mara the big 5 safari"

The guide Johann (i thought his name was Joseph.) That guy was excellent, he found every animal that we wanted to see. He even tracked down hyenas and his English was very eloquent. The few moments we were feeling low in energy and kind of sleepy, he always found something to raise the energy level and be excited about. He was the perfect guide for us to be paying attention again.

Winnie who attended our room at Rhino Camp was really nice and good to us! She was really helpful and did a perfect job.

The two cooks (the gentlemen) always looked out for us and made sure that everything was okay.

Anna Dimitropoulou

from Greece, October 2019

"A must have experience in Kenya"

The safari was a great experience along with our guide Gofrey Okinde. He was an exellent driver and he gave us information on all species. He replied on all our questions and he was very open to answer everything. Our lodge was well equipped with two big beds and clean toilets although there were no towels.

The safari was amazing although the second day was a little tiring. The best moment was the first day game during which we saw a beautiful sunset.

Alexandros Pinialidis

from Greece, September 2019

"An interesting - once-upon-life- experience"

The quide was was very friendly and knew a lot about the natural reserve. Wildlife is amazing. Our experiences in the park were unforgettable.

Nosheen Hasni

from Kenya, March 2019

"An Amazing Experience. Paid off well!"

Safari was the major highlight! It was exciting and fun. Our safari guide was very passionate of showing us most animals. Kudos to him! (I guess his name was James though). He was a little rough in tone at one point but that's understood. After all, all that heat and long drive can make someone go crazy :D. He was giving very brief and required info about animals, which is great. Food was a lot in quantity and very tasty. Accommodation was not so great, considering the light provided for a certain time and sockets to be used outside. But I guess, in a camp style, it is generally the setting. Plus, when on safari, you are meant to explore and have fun, which is usually outside and not while sitting inside your camp. Also, this can contribute towards a lot of power saving and helping to socialise (when coming outside to charge the electronics and meeting a lot of other people). So I dont think it is a major concern.

A lot of water given. Miti Minci camp people were very hospitable as well. Safari vehicle was good as well.

Gaja Rocca

from Italy, December 2018

Tamás Pongrácz

from Hungary, October 2018

"If you want the maximum in short term"


Josef Pletzer

from Kenya, August 2018

"Gut und günstige Safari"

Es warten schöne intensive Touren und wir haben fast alles gesehen was es zu sehen gibt.

Die Unterkunft war für den Preis super okay.

Habe mit dem anderen Mitfahrern gesprochen die haben über andere Webseiten gebucht und teilweise fast das doppelte bezahlt.

Catherine Reid

from Australia, July 2018

Taurean Dennis

from United States, May 2018

"Awesome first time experience!"

Everyone including the tour driver was very professional and made sure all needs were met. We also seen all of the big five as promised despite weather conditions.

Serge Hyacinthe

from United States, March 2018

"Outstanding experience and value!"

Everyone we interacted were outstanding and very professional and helpful.

Diyan Dimitrov

from United Kingdom, February 2018

"the guide of the safari, Maxi was amazing "

almost everything

Mariuza Odle

from Kenya, February 2018

"Great safari. Great value "

The guide James went out of the way to show all animals. We saw all big 5.

Michael Nolan

from Ireland, February 2018

"Great experience "

Stanley is a great guide. Solo travelling and got lucky to find a great group of people to join for the 3 days. Saw everything I wanted to see and had a great time in the camp. A little worried about food etc but all was good!

Debra Bloxham

from Kenya, January 2018

"Johann was cool arrived early to pick me up very informative"

Charlie was our safari guide, seemed to know where all the best finds would be and certainly knew how to drive his vehicle through the rough stuff without getting stuck. We saw many animals up close and had many hours in the park on the main day.

Khatereh Lotfi

from Canada, January 2018

Our tour guide, Patrick, was very smart, experienced and always made good choices and offered interesting options. Food was excellent and delicious. Other staff were very kind and friendly.

Lautaro Alba

from Tanzania, January 2018

Felipe De Quadro

from Spain, December 2017

Michelle Parker

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"Beyond amazing trip!"

After booking the safari communication was via email with Johann, we needed to change our dates twice and he was very accommodating with this, he answered all our questions and kept us informed of other options. We met him when we were picked up at our hotel for our trip and he was very friendly and professional. Johann stayed in Nairobi and we had another guide. He was fantastic!!!! He knew a lot about the animals and the Masai Mara and was more than happy to tells us things and point out birds and animals we might not have seen. He was incredibly friendly and seemed to want us to see all the animals just as much as we did! He had a very good relationship with almost everyone we met. We had a tour of a Masai village but we're told exactly what to expect before we went and on the last day, as we'd seen practically every animal in the Masai Mara we went to one of the lakes near Nairobi and did a boat trip where we got even closer to the hippos. The accommodation was good and the food tasty. We also felt incredibly safe and protected which was great as we were three females travelling together.

Maricon Banks

from United States, October 2017

"Richard is the best safari guide.."

My safari guide Richard is very kind and accomodating to all the clients...we have seen all the Masai Mara safari animals in its habitat...am lucky to have a happy go lucky group of guys from UK...it made my safari experiences so memorable..

Thomas Köpplin

from Germany, September 2019

"Klasse Safari mit einem super Guide"

Ein besonderes Lob an unseren Tourguide Patrick! Er ist auf alle Wünsche eingegangen und hat uns den wundervollen Park auf exzellente Art und Weise gezeigt.

Kerby Zephyrin

from Canada, February 2020

"Great safari for the price"

For the price paid it is good value for the experience of looking the animal. Forget about good meal and acommodation. You going for the safari trip. The food is simply the same everyday. The first 2 acommodations was ok. The 3rd at ambosseli was the worst. If you can change that an pay an extra for a upgrade go for it. The roads are really bad and the bus trips are long, so be ready to have some back or bump pain. If you only looking to see animals at the lowest price, and really to sacrifice food and confort in your long Transportation, this is trip is for you


from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Fabulous trip"

the trip was really excellent. Joe was wonderful very skilled driver and very knowledgable about everything very interesting and a very nice guy. The accommodation was basic but clean and fine and the food simple and good. The animals were just wonderful and many more and much closer to than I had expected. It was magical. We really enjoyed it, it was a truly wonderful trip.

Amy Greenlaw

from United Kingdom, July 2019

Our guide Georgio was excellent very knowledgeable and helpful


from United Arab Emirates, May 2019

"Masai Mara Tour"

I did like the game drive, the way we were treated by our tour guide and everything within the itinerary.

Liam Lannen

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Great value and great experience "

It was a amazing safari with everything included. The vehicle was comfortable despite going over some rough roads. Kibo safari lodge was really nice and the staff where very good. All in all a great experience

Bruno Battaglia

from Italy, August 2018

"Excellent value for money. Lack of organization"

I liked the whole safari experience, the food and accomodations where quite good, expecially for the price we paid. The guide knows the drill. But basically the best thing is that is waaaaay cheaper than any other agency we contacted

Belén Rodriguez

from Spain, July 2018

Daniel Brinkley

from Uganda, July 2018

"be prepared to strait up harass wildlife"

The wildlife was stunning

Busch Funker

from Germany, June 2018

"Review for 5 day safari"

+ our guide Eduard was very friendly and helpful. He drove in a safe way and spotted lots if animals.

+ everything worked (like hotel pickup and drop off)

+ car was clean and safe

+ we saw a lot of animals like zebras, elephants, lions, giraffes, rhinos, hippos,...

Kelly Schmitt

from Kenya, April 2018


Procuramos muito e ess é um dos Safaris mais em conta. Pesquisamos sobre opiniões e acabamos contratando. A equipe costuma retornar os email com agilidade. Houve um problema com os valores que nos passaram e por conta do erro da agencia ganhamos um almoço cortesia. O alojamento e a comida são excelentes. O guia sempre atento para nos mostrar os animais. Gostei muito que não ficaram pedindo gorjeta e também não nos levaram em locais que costumam ser "pega turista". E o principal... conseguimos ver o Big Five. Recomendo.

Sangsup Park

from Kenya, March 2018

"Wonderful experience !"

Many animals, especially elephants and beautiful sceneries

Amy Greene

from Ireland, February 2018

"Great safari Guide Stanley! "

Stanlay our tour guide was amazing! Never stopped until we saw most of the big 5, the only thing we didn’t see was a leopard. He was able to spot animals from so far away I couldn’t even see what he was talking about. He was very helpful and knowledgeable!

Caj Bendz

from Sweden, January 2018

"Perfect first time budget safari"

Beautiful nature. There had been rains which made nature more green than it normally is. We were lucky to see all the animals we were hoping for AND MORE! Came really close to lions, cheetah and leopard among others.

Johannes Matthias Roth

from Germany, January 2018

team in the bus and good driver

Maria Letizia Morettini

from Spain, November 2017

"First Safari so good"

The group Was good

Hannah Lueg

from Kenya, September 2017

"Budget Safari - not too impressed"

Communication with Johann went well, he's responsive and does seem to care.

The van seemed to be fairly new, so very comfy.

Although the accommodation wasn't as expected, the beds were quite comfy.

Driver didn't stop at tourists spots, but focused on seeing animals.

Ryan Wallace

from Uganda, August 2017

"Duncan was our driver. Johann"

Very communicative and attentive. Professional and courteous.


from Germany, April 2019

"Once in a lifetime experience! "

Wir hatten die allerschönste Zeit auf dieser Safari! Unser Guide James war unglaublich, er hat uns alle Tiere gezeigt und konnte uns jede noch so kleine Frage beantworten. Wir werden diese Reise niemals vergessen!