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Evelina Chao

Facebook website

Equitours, in partnership with the local organizer Vicky Mattison, and our superb guide Vicente Montero, provided a superbly organized and implemented trip that leaves us enriched with haunting memories. It (literally) took our breath away, and gave us a view of this part of the world that remains wild, unpredictable, and elusive. We feel fortunate and privileged to have glimpsed Patagonia close up, far from crowds, on horses that carried us as the wind.

Barb Miller

Facebook website

Back in Australia now after doing the Three Park ride Utah/Arizona .. One of the best weeks of my life. Riding through desert, canyons, ponderosa pine forests, birch and aspen forests, riding up to 9500feet through snow ( for an Aussie that's a big deal) and ending at the north rim of the Grand Canyon . Horses, equipment, food etc were excellent ..

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