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Cul Tours and Safaris designs itineraries for all types of tours with the main focus on cultural tours which is the pride of our country.

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Martin Denmark


Uganda is one of those countries not yet polluted by an overflow of tourists, and yet there's so much to experience, see and do! Cul Tours knew this and tailored a fully packed advendture with fantastic safaris, trekkings and a variety of many different cultural sights and engaging experiences, i.e. drinking locally brewed beer in the mountains with the locals - no other tourists; just you, the friendliest guide on earth (Stephen), the locals and the surrounding nature of Africa's pearl. Cul Tours is smaller company and they specialize tailored trips to your preference, they're the best bang for your money and can't be compared to the bigger companies in terms of service and options. Cul Tours were 100% helpful and serviceminded during the whole trip, in the middle of the night they had me transfered to a better hotel because I had a reaction because of too much anti-insect spray. They're well educated and knowledgeable, very fine folk indeed! Ask for Stephen!

A traveler United States


We were 100% pleased with Cul Tours & Safaris! Before our trip, they responded quickly to all of our questions. During our trip, the service they provided (tours, lodging, drivers, etc.) were all excellent and exceeded our expectations. We were a group of 6 (2 parents and 4 adult children), and they even arranged for a birthday cake for one of our group. We would definitely book with them again!


Cultours and Safaris website

We travelled to Uganda on the 16th till the 23th December and spent the time with Stephen from CUL Tours. From our first contact with CUL tours through this website (safaribookings) we were very pleased with their prompt response and flexibility with the itinerary and accommodation etc. We did a lot of research about different safari tour companies and were obviously concerned about sending money before arriving but this apprehension was relieved once we arrived in Entebbe and saw Stephen waiting for us at arrivals.

We had the most amazing trip, starting with the first night at Rwaboko Lodge on the edge of the Mburo national park. There we saw many animals, and did a couple of game drives. The Lodge was very nice and Stephen knew the managers and they looked after us very well. It was a nice way to break up the trip from Kampala to Bwindi as Mburo is about half way. Stephen is a very safe driver and has a nice Toyota Landcruiser that is ideally suited for game drives and rough terrain. The next day we drove to Bwindi to prepare for the gorilla trekking the following day. Stephen once again made all the bookings for the lodges and we stayed is a wonderful new lodge called Buhoma Community Lodge. This place was not what you would expect from a "community lodge", it had amazing private luxury accommodation, with fantastic views across Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and the service was second to none. We saw the gorillas with Stephen the next day which was a once in a life and must do experience. After two nights in Bwindi we drove to Queen Elizabeth National Park, and throughout our driving Stephen would provide insights and knowledge about the different villages, wildlife and history of the regions we passed through, and he has a great eye for spotting birds and different animals.

We had two nights in Queen Elizabeth with the two main highlights seeing eight lions up one tree and a leopard sleeping in the grass, and also seeing chimps in the gorge. One chimp has stolen and leopard cub, we watched it play with it for about an hour.

Overall our trip with CUL Tours and Stephen could not have been better, we had the most amazing trip and felt safe the whole time and would thoroughly recommend CUL.

a traveler

Cultours and Safaris website

Unforgettable experience through the impenetrable Bwini in January 2009 while the gorillas decided to post exactly at the opposite of the entrance, about five hours away.. so we walked and walked and thanks to the gorillas for the once in a lifetime challenge up and down the forest, through the river, elephants trails, flood, green, flies, mosquitoes and finally .. what you ever wonder.. the gorillas ! My guide, Stephen, was more than a guide.He was a friend even a family man looking after me, being around with me at all times, during through to pick me up on the "tracks".... about five hours without any sleep. I will never forget and ever want to be back to Uganda to live such unforgettable experience. Thank you !

Camilla Olsen Denmark

Cultours and Safaris website

My first impression of Uganda was a little terrifying because I couldn't relate anything that I know to Denmark, where I come from! But then I met the drivers and guides from cultures and they was the greatest people I ever met! They thought me about Uganda and made me feel safe and enjoy my time with them on the tour around in Uganda! They really showed us the Uganda culture and we got it under our fingernails! They are making a lot of fun, and you get the feeling that you are becoming very good friends! I will recommend them to everybody who wants to see the Uganda culture and just to experience what Uganda has to offer!

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