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Conservation Safaris is a conservation-minded wildlife travel company that offers an incredible wildlife experience at exclusive, authentic lodges and camps around the world.

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Shivani Bhalla

Conservation Safaris Facebook page

I have been friends with Bansi and Mark for years and finally had the pleasure of going on a safari to Namibia in November that had been arranged carefully by Conservation Safaris. From the beginning - I was so impressed with their attention to detail, their extensive knowledge of the areas where we were going and their patience in answering every question we had for them. The safari could not have gone better and I can't wait for the next one we do with them. Their commitment to conservation is also unique and it is clear that they support conservation efforts because they really believe in and are passionate about conservation causes. Conservation Safaris are a truly remarkable safari company and I cannot recommend them enough. Everyone should go on a safari with them because you are guaranteed a high quality experience and one that is contributing to preserving wilderness areas and wildlife. Thank you Mark, Bansi and your team for a very special experience!

Beverly Cate

Conservation Safaris Facebook page

I tried another tour agency before them, but will only travel with Conservation Safaris now. After several trips, my family and I can attest to the professional, detail-oriented, fun-loving, and passionate ways in which they organize each tour. They personally visit every location before-hand to ensure only the highest standards of safety, comfort and eco-minded guidelines are met for every guest. Every part of your trip is organized well before you leave your home and the only surprises are the incredible moments of sheer joy you feel when you encounter wildlife up-close, living free on protected lands. Do yourself a favor and take a trip while some beautiful and rare animals are still alive. This is 100% bucket list material but DON'T wait until "someday" to travel. You will not regret a single moment spent on these safaris as you will re-visit your photo memories over and over again, long after you have returned home. I will definitely go with them again. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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