Bushtracks Expeditions

Healdsburg, United States

Bushtracks Expeditions designs unforgettable luxury African safaris and adventure vacations to places around Africa.

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  • Tracy

    Bushtracks Expeditions website

    When we were originally planning our trip, we were hesitant about bringing the kids, in part because they were just 5 and 8 years old. Halfway through the trip, we realized that we would have been devastated to have been enjoying these experiences without our kids.

  • Shirley Sanderson

    Bushtracks Expeditions website

    Seeing a leopard in a tree, an elephant matriarch leading her herd, wild dogs feeding their puppies, or lions enjoying family time gives us a glimpse of what the garden of Eden was like.

  • Jim Hooker

    Bushtracks Expeditions website

    Both of us love the outdoors. The serenity of the wild. The open expanses and the untold beauty of the deserts, the bush, and the rivers. Just add animals and the wonderful birds of the Okavango Delta to paint a magnificent and lasting tableau in your mind, your heart, and your memory.

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