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Marcel Bogaerts

from Belgium, July 2019

"Formidabel avontuur!"

Ik had nooit verwacht dat we de dieren van zo dichtbij en in zulk een massa zouden kunnen bekijken. De Big Five waren al snel volledig en de trekkende zebras en gnoes maakten het plaatje compleet. Prachtige ervaring.

Gunnar Engebretsen

from Norway, February 2019

The whole safari and that everything was taken care of. Everything was arranged in front of the happening. We realy liked to sleep outside in the parks in Tanzania in tent when the animals were nerby. We appriciated that when something happend it sorted it was sorted out quickly.

Priscila Vera

from Spain, January 2019

El tour en Tanzania operado por una compañía distinta a la de Kenya.

Berson Rita

from Italy, January 2019

The guide it’s better

Greg Attwood

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Trip of a lifetime "

The variety of destinations and the guides were very good. The accommodation was basic and there wasn't always hot water available but I felt they were good value for money


from Australia, October 2018

"11 day Kenya and Tanzania Safari "

Great Value for money Safari Option compared to other operators.

The accommodation is quite simple (somtimes tents) but I found it comfortable. You can possibly pay more for an upgrade to better accommodation but in my experience it isn't worth the extra money.

Food was more than filling (you wont go hungry). Food in Kenya was relatively simple but tasty. Food in Tanzania was very good. Considering the local produce available to them the cooks did very well with what they had to work with.

Guides were excellent. They know the parks extremely well and will be able to give you a good chance of seeing most large wildlife (We saw the big 5 in Kenya and also again in Tanzania - not guaranteed though, we were lucky).

The guides also know most behavioural characteristics of all the animals so there are few questions they were not able to answer. Guides were also fluent or near fluent in english.

Overall highly reccomend trip. The 11 day safari gives you access to 6 national parks (3 in Kenya and 3 in Tanzania) which each has thier own unique wildlife mix and habitat. For some people 11 days may be a bit too much but for me it was a good length and allowed me to really take in the wildlife and varied habitat without time pressure

Eric Buscher

from United States, September 2018



from Spain, September 2018


See all the animals! And our guide Yibson, was super good!! With him we saw many animals everywhere!

Norman Libardoni

from Italy, September 2018

"Masai Mara - Nakuru - Naivasha"

Great experience with a really nice group. Edward was a great driver and David a really cool guide.

Masai Mara was awesome, the program was very good!

Daniela Margarone

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"12 days Kenya&Tanzania"

Most national parks.

Jan Ng

from United States, August 2018

"Good experience!"

Migration run. Only if you stated it was your priority.

Leslie Grosz

from France, July 2018

"not at all what I expected"

James was a good driver but in a broken down bus ( yes we broke down a few times )

Luckily other buses helped us after we broken down in front of a lion, we all got out and pushed the bus and then James took apart the engine for a good hour so we could continue. James did not like to talk or explain much to us all.

My first night in the tent with a broken toilet ( and of course I had diarrhea) and a bed completely broken ( number 7 ) the second night we had a better tent.

Arnaldo Ferreira

from Portugal, May 2018

"Interested and friendly"

I liked everything in general

Philips Michael

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"12 Days in Kenya And Tanzania April 2018"

In Kenya the Guide John Wanjao also called Animal was very good and experienced.

Hana Capkova

from United Kingdom, March 2018

I liked it all, program, people, everything worked.

Pan Ho Liu

from Taiwan, February 2018

Guide and driver in Kenya

Anton Simonchik

from Russia, February 2018

"Хочу ещё, и на неделю👍👍😀"

James made this weekend an unforgettable experience. For real!!! If you want to see the beasts from all angles and seen all Masai Mara park, then sit in the car to James.

Although we did not see the leopard, the very search for it was very entertaining.

Margrete Iversen

from Norway, January 2018

"Great experience with a perfect guide"

James really made the difference

Iris Lutz

from Netherlands, December 2017

"Unforgetable experience"

The astonishing wildlife- experience, the guides, with the real spirit, the often changing groups, international exchanges, the logistic organization....

William Graham

from Italy, May 2017


Maxwell was an excellent guide, and our safari mates were fine companions.