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Bobby Tours specializes in organizing tailor-made safaris to East Africa based on each individual needs, time scale, and budget. They provide an awareness of Africa as a viable travel destination.

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Mari Rihtla Paikuse

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Asante sana, Bobby Tour! You are the best! Our safari in Serengeti was amazing! Big thanks to our guide Daniel and chef Emmanuel. They both are super! I miss Emmanuels supus. With best wishes Jaan & Mari from Estonia. (Kassim - how was the Tourest?)

Philippe Thijssen Netherlands

Bobby Tours Facebook Page

This summer we spend a four week holiday in Tanzania, visiting friends, safari and diving on Zanzibar.Before our holiday we did quite a lot of research on different safari companies and compared all prices and packages.

Quit soon we found out that de prices from Bobby were by far the cheapest. After reading some reviews we decided the book with Bobby Tours and start our adventure.

We started our holiday in Dar El Salaam visiting friends. Afterwards we took a flight to the west part of Tanzania (Mwanza). Since we had such a long holiday we decided to book 6 day/ 5 nights budget camping safari. Our driver from Bobby Tours (Gasper) picked us up at our hotel and took us to the western entrance of the Serengeti National Park. This was a 2 hour drive from Mwanza. The good thing starting from Mwanza is that the western corridor of the Serengeti is really quit, since most of the people start their safari in Arusha. Our package was 6 days/ 5 nights (3 days Serengeti, 1 day NgoroNgoro Crator, Lake Manyara en Tarangire and drop off in Arusha).

I recommend all people to go longer Safari (5 or 6 days), since it increases the possibilities of seeing more animals! We had a wonderful time! Our driver 'Gasper' was the best and a really sweet guy. He knew all the good spots and was always having fun with us, but also with the other drivers in the parks. We had a long safari (6 days) and saw a lot of animals! Taking a bit more time allows you to just enjoy a beautiful sight or landscape! So I would recommend everyone not hurrying finding 'the Big5' and really experience the Serengeti and it fabulous nature.

Our driver 'Gasper' was a really good wildlife spotter! After entering the Western gate and driving for maybe an hour we already saw: lions, hippos, crocodiles, giraffe's and many herds of wild beasts, impala's and Zebra's.

We liked all parts of the Safari, but especially fell in love with Serengeti. It's expansive plains and impressive nature are the best! You sometimes drive for hours and not see anybody since it's so big. On the other hand, you sometimes see about 15 cars around a tree, because there's leopard. It's funny seeing so many cars in one place, everyone trying to take the perfect picture.

Especially these time you see how many cars from 'Bobby Tours' hang around. I think Bobby has about 25 cars, really new and good quality. The cars have 8 places, but only few were occupied. Me and my girlfriend, the driver, and a chef.

Having a lot of space was wonderful since you could move around in the car and pick the best place for spotting wildlife.

I liked all parks since their all special in their own way. Tarangire, by example since it has the most elephants and Lake Manyara for the lakes and birds.

Ngorongoro Crater, feels like a magical world entering the crater and driving around. We saw a lot of action in the crater. Lions and hyenas were hunting. This was also the location where we saw a Rhino! Our driver had the eyes of a 'hawk' and spotted it a mile away. Although it was far away it still was a truly magical moment.

We took a basic camp safari since we like to camp in the Netherland and it's just much cheaper then staying in a lodge. The campsites were fine, showers, were not always hot. On some campsites there was electricity and warm water. Remember to bring some warm clothes for the Ngorongoro crater since it can get quit cold there during the night. The food was also good. Every night the chef sets up a table for diner and serves you some bread, soup, dinner and fruits for dessert. In the morning breakfast is served, with coffee or tea, fruits, pancakes and other food. During the day you will have a lunch break with sandwiches.

Advice, when taking budget safari there's not always power to charge your devices on the campsites. Be sure to bring enough batteries en SD cards for your camera and other devices, you'll need them. Also it might ben helpful to take a solar charger to power up some devices! Don't bother about your cell phone! There's not much coverage in the Serengeti and the sights are far too beautiful. So don't waste time watching your cell phone.

Another advice don't rush around! Hakuna Matata! Not only take a picture and move on, but wait some time to really look! There is more then meets the eye around, also small creatures and many birds par example. We asked our driver to show us the different type of birds. I think at the end of our safari we saw about 50 different bird species! So do not only go for the big animals!

We had a truly magical time and we would love to come back sometime! Wildlife is never boring. Many thanks to our driver and friend 'Gasper' for all the fun and spotting all wildlife.

With love!

Philippe and Lotte from The Netherlands

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