Durban, South Africa

Biwakwango is a South African based tour operator running safaris, walking, and adventure tours in Southern Africa. They specialize in tailor made safaris and adventure tours in Southern Africa.

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  • Bertrand Maire France

    Biwakwango Facebook page

    We contacted Thierry from Biwakwango in August 2013, explaining him that we wanted to go to Africa for our honeymoon. Thierry very quickly picked up our interests and what we were looking to experience, and came up with a proposal which matched all our requirements, as we wanted to mix top-class safaris, adventure and luxury.

    Not only was he very quickly available to discuss the details with us (despite the fact that he's often on the road, or in the bush), but we also appreciated his relaxed and friendly approach, and our discussions on sustainable development and ecology, issues that are very important to us. By the way, he did not hesitate to recommend us not to go for certain experiences we had thought of, as they would have disappointed us from a conservation/ecology point of view, which we very much appreciated.

    During our trip, everything was flawless and we did not have to worry about the organisation (park fees, plane transfers, road transfers, ...). Besides, Thierry informed us of many important issues such as vaccines, visas, and was very helpful and knowledgeable on everything that you should be aware of before going on such a trip, which prevented bad experiences!

    To sum up, we are very thankful to Thierry for having organised such a memorable and oustanding trip to Botswana and Zambia, probably one of, if not the best trip we have ever experienced. We are always very demanding when we travel, and are much involded in the preparation of our trips. Thierry definitely did a great work with us and no doubt that we will contact him again for our next journeys to Africa. Thank you!

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