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Midrand, South Africa

Armadillo Overland Tours offers unique camping and accommodated safaris to the world famous Kruger National Park.

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  • Jon von Oy United States

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    From the very beginning of email communication to the end of our trip both owners and our guide Morris were very responsive, caring, and easy to work with. The trip went off without any problems, just as planned. The custom built truck is amazing, with every comfort feature you could imagine to make your Safari one of a kind. And my fiancé and I loved our guide Morris! His knowledge of South Africa, the Park, and every single animal was amazing and he has eyes like a hawk for spotting creatures. He was the most wonderful guide, easy to talk to, warm and friendly, and cooked great meals. If you can possibly request a guide, he is most definitely the one you want. Thank you for a most wonderful experience Armadillo Overland Safaris!! :-)

  • Catherine United Kingdom

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    We carried out a lot of research before choosing to book with Armadillo; this company stood out because it was very apparent that this is a family run concern which cares deeply about their beautiful country and who want to show it off as best they can to their customers. We made right choice. Truck Norris has been discussed in detail before, but when you are travelling with children, the benefits of being high cannot be over emphasised. One morning we watched as a mother cheetah and her four cubs took a stroll through the long grass. We had a perfect view but other people in cars and jeeps were craning their necks to see them.

    Morris was a charming host; his energy,enthusiasm and knowledge is amazing. He was our guide, driver and chef for the five nights and must have been exhausted by the time we left him. For us this was a perfect holiday; we loved the rhythm of the days, early starts, picnic lunches and eating outside by the fire in the evening discussing what we had experienced and what we hoped to spot the following day. It was a wonderful experience and it was quite hard to leave at the end - thank you Armadillo.

  • Harry United Kingdom

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    As said it was very well organised, from being picked up from the hotel to the drop-off at the airport. Transport was amazing as we were able to see from above any other cars in the Kruger by having a higher viewing platform. All the Kruger overnight compounds were excellent and enjoyed the adventurous feel of camping in the tents. Morris, our driver, guide and cook was superb providing us with anything we might have needed. Saw all animals, only animal we didn't see was a cheetahs but safari's are unpredictable. What more can I say but thanks for the memories.

  • Sarah and Robbie United Kingdom

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    This was our second 8 day camping safari with Armadillo, and yet again it was an unforgettable experience... Morris our tour guide/driver/cook was brilliant throughout our safari and worked constantly for the 8 days to ensure that our family group of 6 was very well looked after. Morris has excellent local knowledge as he has worked within Kruger Park for many years and was able to answer any question we threw at him! Not only about the animals but also about living and surviving in the bush.

    We were very impressed with the food provided on the safari, all food was freshly cooked by Morris and he was able to fully cater for 6 people including one vegetarian/gluten free guest without problems.

    All camping and other equipment on the truck was clean and in top notch condition, all the camp sites we visited on our safari were lovely with clean, great facilities.

    Kruger park is a beautiful place, and Truck Norris is the best and most memorable way to see it! We would highly recommend Armadillo and we will surely be using them again on our next Kruger Adventure!

  • Patricia Pallot Australia

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    We had a truly wonderful time with a great guide. Thank you to him and the team at Armadillo for a wonderful holiday.

  • Sabina Brazil

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    Our 3 nights/4 days Kruger Safari Tour was the experience of a lifetime. I went with my husband and my 7 years old son. The 3 of us absolutely loved everything.

    The truck is amazingly well equipped, very spacious and comfortable. The big windows allow a wide view of the landscape. It is very important that, once inside the truck, you have a point of view which is far above the ground, a view from the top, which promotes a great sightseeing.

    Morris, our guide, does his work in a brilliant way. Unwearying, very skilled, he is able to drive throughout the park spotting many animals, even small and hidden ones, besides cooking very nice food and solving the daily problems that may appear during the trip. He has great knowledge of the animals and the wildlife of the park. Is always willing to make the best of our time. Excellent worker, excellent company. We are very satisfied. Definitely recommended.

  • Marie United States

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    In October we went on a wonderful 5 day Armadillo safari. Their truck is so roomy it allows you to move around to get the best angle for photos, plus you are situated high above many obstacles.

    The best part of the trip was our guide Morris, who was so in tune with the animals and always eager to share his knowledge and stories. He worked all day as driver, cook, and guide and never lost his enthusiasm. We started at 6 am, and later ate picnic breakfast and lunch at beautiful set aside areas in the park, with another picnic outside our rooms at night. I occasionally asked him if he was tired and would like a break, but he said no, he loved being out looking for the animals.

    This small family-run company gets the highest recommendation from us!

  • Lara K United States

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    Armadillo Overland Safari company - Chris, Nicky, and Morris specifically - is a wonderful organization. They were responsive to emails and helpful with logistics beyond just the tour. "Truck Norris" is truly a unique vehicle to tour Kruger. Unlike all other vehicles we met on the road, Truck Norris has enormous windows and an aisle to easily jump to either side of the truck for the best viewing and pictures. Most tours have seats window to window and you see what you see from your seat only. The truck also has a great library to help you identify all of the wonderful things you see. Another real bonus is that we carry our meals and bags with us, so we don't backtrack to a spot to find meals or retrieve our bags. Finally, Morris our guide was gracious and knowledgeable. I will never understand how he spots lions under a tree 100 yards away, but he does it! Please remember, nature is not predictable, Morris works with what he has. For an example, we saw 102 unique species of birds, animals, and all of the big five on our trip. It was amazing, but I'm sure experiences vary.

    While I don't find these things bothersome, some of you might want to know the following. Wifi is available in the truck, but you're in a National Park, so understand it won't be reliable, not the guide's fault. Guest houses sometimes have an en suite bathroom and sometimes do not. You're in a park so things like cicadas might be in season and create a maddening/hilarious experience, but hey, that's part of the adventure! Finally, the "roads" are bumpy, you'll be seated but turning your head to look outside a lot, your body may feel some of that after six days (great excuse for a massage), but again, I wouldn't trade the experience for any other.

  • Gary Dukeshire Canada

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    I preface this review with the fact that this is the first and only safari I have taken, so I have no other frame of reference with regards to safari service. However, it is difficult to imagine better service than we received.

    I am Canadian and was in South Africa on business in October/November 2016. My colleague and I researched various companies and chose Armadillo because of the good reviews and the advertised unique truck they offered. It is truly rare when already high expectations are exceeded in every possible way. We were taken on this experience by Morris, a guide employed by the owners, Kris and Nicky.

    The only other spiral galaxy besides our own that can be seen with the naked eye is the Andromeda Galaxy. It takes approximately 2.5 million light years for its light to reach Earth. Even if I contemplated for this amount of time, I could not come up with one way in which Morris could have been a better. He was a fantastic guide, cook, driver, and general resource for everything. He literally worked non-stop 13-15 hours a day to make our safari experience the best it could be, even to the point of us asking him to take a break. He knew the name of every plant, animal, bird, and tree imaginable along with the anatomy, habits, and pretty much anything else we asked. As a spotter, he could spot the smallest animal in the tallest grass, all while driving. Many times we needed to strain 2-3 minutes to discover what he had seen. It was truly uncanny. We have also never seen anyone who can stop at a rest area and within 15 minutes have prepared a full, hot breakfast. He catered to our every need. For example, my colleague mentioned that she may need to buy a new suitcase as the zipper on one of hers had completely broken. The evening we went out on our night drive, when we returned, it was mysteriously fixed. Morris is truly one of a kind.

    The vehicle was amazing and lived up to its billing. Kris, the owner, certainly has a unique talent as he custom built it. It was kind of cool to be stared at every time we pulled into a parking lot. We gladly gave tours of the truck to a few people, as if we ourselves had anything to do with creating this work of art. There is a fridge, electrical outlets to charge all your devices, a coffee machine, a mini bar, and the floors open up to reveal ice boxes for any beverages you may wish. I'm not sure how many other safaris end the day watching animals while sipping a pop or beer in the comfort of a truck which allows an incredible view of everything. The wifi offered in the truck was also very important, as wifi in the park is otherwise pretty much non-existent.

    Suffice it to say we appreciated our experience. Based on my experience, you can't go wrong with this company.

  • Bernadette Canada

    Armadillo Overland Tours Website

    I just finished my safari with Armadillo Overland Safari (Full House) in the beautiful Kruger National Park. My expectations for this 4 day-3 night safari were high. I have to say that my expectations were exceeded. This safari was absolutely phenomenal! I don’t even know where to start.

    Well, I will start by the guide/driver/cook, Morris. He provided us with a remarkable service and did everything possible to make our safari an unforgettable experience!

    I was very impressed with his personal knowledge of this particular ecosystem and the wildlife of the Kruger Park. Obviously, Morris knows this area like the back of his hand. He knew not only the name every single animal, bird and even tree we saw, but also much more information about them. He answered all our questions. Morris is also a great spotter! While driving, he was able to spot everything, even the smallest creature, even if it was the same color as the grass or the threes.

    He was so resourceful too! I mentioned that my suitcase was ruined because the zipper was broken. We went for night game and when I returned, he had fixed it! I have to say that the vehicle is amazing! It was so comfortable and everything was carefully designed. It was high which make it easy to see the animals. We had Wi-Fi, refrigerators and a freezer, a bathroom and plenty of space to put all our stuff. The company took care of everything for us (for example we were provided with blankets, with binoculars, etc.).

    The experience of being in this wild and beautiful Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa and following trails in areas of wilderness that seemed almost untouched by humans was absolutely fascinating. We not only saw the Big Five, but so many more animals and birds! I just can believe how many animals and birds we saw!

    We had a sublime safari! I want to add that the panoramic Route we followed the first day (including Blyde River Canyon, God's Window, the Mac Falls etc.) was an excellent inclusion. We were able to stop and take as much time we needed to admire the magnificent many views. Morris took us to several best spots. It seems that he knew them all!

    Many thanks to Chris (owner) and Morris (guide/driver/cook) for this wonderful experience! I really recommend this company to anyone.

  • Susan

    TripAdvisor website

    This was the best safari experience one could expect, better than self-driving. A tailor sewed safari on your own conditions and budget. In a game viewing truck with a built in honesty bar, a great driver, and host, wonderful food. Unreal to fall asleep to the sound of lions. We slept in tents but other accommodations are available.

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