Apex Expeditions

Seattle, United States

Apex Expeditions specializes in biologically and culturally unique travel and safari experiences that explore Brazil, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Namibia, and Raja Ampat.

Testimonials 3

  • Karin G.

    Apex Expeditions website

    What an amazing itinerary that you had the courage and foresight to assemble for our eternal pleasure. It takes extraordinary people with a very deep passion and lots of energy to take guests on a field trip such as we have just experienced in your very capable hands. Thank you!

  • Lillian S.

    Apex Expeditions website

    What an expedition and what a great country to visit. The whole trip was a delight, the hiking for birds and animals brought me in contact with people. This diversity made it one of my most interesting trips ever!

  • Gary K.

    Apex Expeditions website

    What an amazing trip! It was at least as cold as I'd expected, but we were well equipped and following our motto of "Failure is not an option" we managed to see the gray ghost (Snow Leopards). An unbelievably thrilling experience.

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