African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organization that works together with the people of Africa to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever.

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Devinia Sookia

African Wildlife Foundation Facebook page

Africa is a continent with the most beautiful wildlife. African Wildlife Foundation is doing a wonderful job trying to protect the animals out there. We need to support this organization if we don't want to have many extinct animals.

Edward Bornstein

African Wildlife Foundation Facebook page

I have been donating to African Wildlife Foundation, every year, for 30 years or more. I see the things that humans do to the other creatures on the planet and it makes me ashamed to be a human. All I can do is give cash to African Wildlife Foundation. I wish I could do more.

Cyrille Timmerman

African Wildlife Foundation Facebook page

It is so important that the wildlife in Africa, and also in rest of the world, need to be protected. I have been in Tanzania for many times and I can tell you it is so special to see all the wildlife around, so it really has to be protected! African Wildlife Foundation is doing the good work to communicate about what's going on. That's step 1 to let people know that the wildlife needs to be taken care of.

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