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African Memorable Safaris is a member of Kenya Association of Tour Operators that specializes more in customized tours and safaris in Mombasa and Nairobi.

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Lotte Belgium

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Topclass service by African Memorable Safaris, with a special reward for our driver and guide Bonny: a safe driver on the chaotic, african roads and comfortable driver within the parcs. Bonny captures extremely well the expectations of the client and delivers as best as possible. We also appreciate his flexibility in finetuning the programme according to our wishes. Always plesant in interaction, even at the end of busy game drive days. Bonny has the main part of turning the four days safari into a complete succes. Apart from this: rooms in old tukai lodge (Ambosele) somewhat higher quality then those in Salt Lick Lodge (Tahiti Hills). No fridge in both cases, which we missed. More distinct personnel in Salt Lick lodge. Salt Lick lodge had outstanding location. It is an absolute advantage to have the lodge in the park (no waiting time at the entrance in the morning and longer game drive time in the evening). We absolutely recommend African Memorable Safari's.

Krister Ericsson Sweden

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had a great 3 day safari (Tsavo and Amboseli) and I saw lions kill two cows, I saw buffaloes (really tough looking animals), majestic elephants, I saw wild beast, zebras, giraffes, baboons, ostrich, hyenas and probably more that I have forgot. The lodges were perfect, the first one had a tunnel that led to a bunker so you could be really close to the animals at an waterhole. I was about 3 metres from two big elephants.The second lodge was a big house and the house itself was an enormous tent that had everything, big bed, toilet, shower, fan, candle light (for the night when the power go out) and a nice porch with comfortable chairs. It was a little scary listening to the hyenas and lions when you're in a tent but I got used to it after a while. Finally I want to thank my excellent driver and guide, Josef, I can't understand how he could drive on some roads but he did that easily, and he also must have eagle eyes because he saw animals where I could hardly see them despite him pointing at them, really impressive, so I can recommend Josef and african memorable safaris to anyone that love wild animals.

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