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Africa Safari Classics is a leading provider of wildlife safaris and beach holidays in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Botswana, and Seychelles.

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Kit Man Chan and Ka Yan Lau Hong Kong

Africa Safari Classics website

We have been back to the reality world and started our work as well. Everything is fine. It was a very memorable time for me and my wife with Maurice and Boniface when we were in Kenya. We have inquired from several travel agents in the Kenya tourism official website and this company is the fastest one to give us feedback. Also, the price is reasonable when compared to the other agents. We very much appreciate that your company gave a lot of advice to us by emails, which made us have more information in our mind. The safari is good and Sunbird Lodge is a very good accommodation with lovely scenes, delicious food, and good facilities. The room is also very nice as we can look at the lake when we woke up. If we had more time, we would have walked around the grounds and enjoyed sunbathing and swimming. I would like to give Boniface a thumbs up. He always keeps the car clean, as well as himself. We want to give big thanks to Boniface for taking us to the places he did. He is very good at spotting the animals and he drove us to see many. We were very lucky to have seen the Big Five in the first two days of the trip. Boniface gave us a lot of information like animal features and how to distinguish the male and female carnivores and herbivores. He is a very on-time, patient person who took care of us very well. He reminded us every time to safeguard our camera when we crossed some lakes and roads. When we started our first game drive in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Boniface brought us to an area where a dead Thomson gazelle was on a tree. Suddenly, he told us that a leopard was heading towards the tree and so he drove on the underbrush to let us see more clearly. The leopard climbed on the tree and started its meal, a very precious moment as the leopard is hard to find. We watched the whole process from climbing to eating. Overall, our Kenya trip was a very good experience and memory for me and my wife and we will never forget the scenes we saw during the safari. As we went back to work, we still do not have enough time to sit down and share the nice photos with our friends but we are very sure that we will highly recommend the company and the tour guide to our friends. We hope we can go back to Africa and see these guys again in the coming future. Cheers!

Evelien Verbaenen and Erik Frans Gilberte van Buggenhout Belgium

Africa Safari Classics website

We just got back from our holiday in Kenya and are still smiling from the wonderful experience it was. We contacted several companies to arrange a safari but had the best feeling with Maurice from Africa Safari Classics. Every question or demand that we had, he answered and gave suggestions ending in a nine-day safari which was completely adapted to our needs. Especially his professionalism and speed of answering, as well as his competitive price, got us to choose his company. Arriving in Nairobi, we got the sad news that one of our bags had not made it with us on the plane. When Maurice heard about this, he took over all the communication with the carrier and arranged for my luggage to be waiting for us in one of our lodges along the safari, which was great. Thanks again, Maurice! Our driver and guide Boniface had years of experience and that was very clear from day one. He knew the parks like the back of his hand and when an animal was spotted by one of his colleagues, he made sure we would be able to see it as well by finding the shortest route. He gave us information about the different animals along the way and tried to answer every possible question we had. We visited different parks on our trip and Boniface tried to spot as many different animals for us as he could. He also looked for the best angle to take our photos of all the wildlife. The accommodations during our safari were great, from a tent next to Maasai Mara to a fancy hotel room next to Lake Naivasha. We liked all of them as well as the very helpful staff there. It was such an overwhelming and beautiful holiday and we are very happy it was organized by Africa Safari Classics. We highly recommend contacting them if you are looking to go on a safari holiday.

Lynn and Andrew Girard, and Michael and Ann Weiss United States

Africa Safari Classics website

When looking to book a safari in Kenya, I reached out to several safari companies. It became evident very quickly that Africa Safari Classics was in a different class. Not only was Maurice extremely responsive, he also understood exactly what I was looking for and catered the proposal to my request. Before we left, Maurice came to our apartment to give my family a run down of what to expect on the safari and answer any questions that we had. This was not something that I expected but it was much appreciated and showed a high level of customer service. The safari was amazing. We saw more animals than we thought we would, had a very knowledgeable guide, and stayed in really great camps. If I was to book another safari, I would absolutely book with Africa Safari Classics.

Jocelyn Goulet and Claude Lessard Canada

Africa Safari Classics website

We decided to contact Africa Safari Classics because their website was easily available, the client comments were most positive, and the company was based in Eastern Africa where we wanted to go. Maurice Nzwii, the very professional sales director of the company, recommended a custom-made safari in Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Lake Manyara National Parks just for the two of us. Maurice was efficient during the entire planning stage of our trip. His tact and expediency in responding to our emails are truly commendable. Because our excellent guide, Abdul, knew all the back trails and places to find hard-to-see wildlife such as leopards, cheetahs, and rhinos, we felt privy to the parks. We highly recommend Africa Safari Classics.

Tino Martin and Karen Bayer Germany

Africa Safari Classics website

We did a seven-day safari with Africa Safari Classics and had a great time. We visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro. The game drives have been really good and we had enough time for observing all the different kinds of wildlife. We never had the feeling that we are in a hurry and also took ways offsite the crowds of jeeps. Our driver-guide, Athman, told us many things about the animals and also about the cultural background of the people of Tanzania. All accommodations have been clean, in good condition, and with friendly staff. We stayed in Lake Burunge Tented Camp, Manyara Wildlife Camp, Serengeti Tanzania Bush Camp, Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge, and Migunga Tented Camp. The only thing we would change is to spend more time in Ngorongoro crater. We just had half a day there and would recommend to stay there for at least a full day.

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