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Africa Adventure Safaris is a specialty Africa-based tour operator offering the best deals on gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Sandra P Canada

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With only 4 days available for a visit in Uganda, Anna was very efficient for planning a fantastic trip that will be remembered forever. We went to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park located in southwestern Uganda and it was marvelous! We stayed 2 nights at Rushaga Gorilla Safari lodge and we were very pleased with the accommodation and food. The Gorilla trekking was everything we had hope for; a demanding walk with a rewarding sightseeing of the Gorillas. We definitively recommend this company.

Heather and Cynthia Canada

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My mom and I recently returned from Gorilla and Golden Monkey trekking and it was one of the best experiences we've ever had! Gavis, our guide, truly went above and beyond to make our trip extra special. He was always attentive, friendly, and told us lots about his culture and way of life. Additionally, he was a very safe driver (which is important as the road from Kigali to the mountains is quite windy!). We would absolutely recommend the trip and would always ask for Gavis by name if we returned! Thank you for a marvellous time!

Peter and Geertruid The Netherlands

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First of all: Uganda is a beautiful country. I now understand why it is called the pearl of Africa. This counts especially for the National parks we had a chance to visit during a very well organised safari trip, starting on the 6th of march, ending on the 7th. For us thinking about a safari started with sending a mail and the almost immediate response was from Anna. From that moment on we had good mail contact and she provided us with all the necessary information and tips, including reliable payment of course.

About two weeks before travelling she sent us a long packing list with all possible equipments that could be of use, including clothes. For us absolutely necessary, especially for the gorilla trekking, were the puncture proof hand gloves, the long sleeved shirts, the waterproof and windproof jackets, gaiters and of course strong waterproof walking boots. Before we really went off she mailed us the name of our driver guide and his telephone number. It was a big surprise for us to know that when we met William K. for the first time that there were no other clients for the trip than me and my wife.

William, a handsome young man, age 26, picked us up at our hotel in the centre of Kampala and the fun began immediately, because of the traffic jam. Traffic in Uganda and certainly in Kampala is unbelievable and almost a safari in its very own way. William, so we discovered very fast, is a incredible driver who managed very well in the most difficult traffic circumstances I ever encountered in my whole life. The most difficult round about in Paris, around the Arc the Triumph, is easy compared to the big ones in Kampala.

During the trip we had al lot of time to getting know each other. I was sitting in front, talking to William and he explained us a lot about culture, religious beliefs, and the way of life in Uganda. We also talked about, women wrights, the history of Uganda, political issues, the school and health care system and other topics we had questions about. He immediately made clear that we could ask him everything and so we did most of the time. Our relationship became in a way more personal when I asked him about his youth, his family and the way he was educated. By telling parts of our own history and the way people live in the Netherlands it became even more interesting. A lot of humour kicked in when I started challenging him, because he had told us about fighting sports during the years he went to high school.

On the first day of our trip we reached they first lodge in Kibale forest, named Chimp Guesthouse. The views over the hills and landscapes where so beautiful that paradise as a word came spontaneous to my mind. In the afternoon we had a chance to take a guided walk to the so called frog lake. The guides start talking about Pet names they could give us and after the walk, were we met several very friendly people, drunk banana bear in a small local village, they gave us the names of Abwoli and Ateenyi. The stay at the first lodge was great, as were the people who we met and the way they made us feel at home. An excellent lodge and I will never forget Shakira who served us with great kindness every time we had a meal in the restaurant.

The second day we did a Chimpanzee Tracking and this became an almost mindfulness experience. Our female guide found the chimps very quickly, but unfortunately they would not come down out of the trees, so we had to look up for more than one hour, but no comment about that. It was a most beautiful setting we encountered and it was possible, even without great physical condition. I am 58. In the afternoon we did also a Swamp Tour and during that tour, also guided very profession, we saw a lot of different apes and other species.

The best had yet to come. After a long but very beautiful travelling day, we drove through Queen Elizabeth national Park and discovered that our driver has great eyes, he just saw everything on time, so we also saw apes, elephants and many other animals, we arrived at Bakiga lodge, in Bwindi impenetrable national park. This most beautiful forest is also recognises by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Again the views from our lodge where extraordinary. On day four we went for the world famous Gorilla Tracking and, Wow!, this was a knock out experience, not only because of the gorillas, but also because of the jungle itself and the physical experience. I felt down several times, could at times hardly bread anymore during the way up the mountain, but finally, after about one hour, we encountered the almost extinct species. The first ape we saw was a large so called silver back and he just ignored us human beings completely. After that we saw the whole family of gorillas and they were eating, playing and moving down the hill, so we just had to follow them throughout the indeed impenetrable jungle. Our guide named John was so kind and helpful. He and the others made feel us complete save and I discovered no fear at all. Of course we were briefed carefully before the walk into the jungle and, totally surprising, we both received a personal Gorilla Tracking Certificate.

On the 5th and last day we drove back to Kampala. During they approximately 500 hundred kilometres we saw again great landscapes. The real threat of our tour, so we found out also during the last day, was a strong and beautiful person, our driver guide William K. In spite of all my attempt, I unfortunately could not beat that guy, although I constantly repeated that I could. What a man! We will never forget and hopefully once in a time we find an opportunity to meet again. Thank you William, for giving us such great time. Thank you Anna for organising this flabbergasting safari for us.

A traveller United Arab Emirates

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Anna was patient and wonderful, helping to create our 5 day gorilla trip. She handled all of our many email questions with grace and honesty and worked with us until we were totally satisfied.David our guide and driver, was gracious and friendly and went out of his way to make our trip memorable. I highly recommend this company. We did the comfort level.

Lin H

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My first trip to Rwanda. First day I was guided in Kigali, then off to Volcanoes. My driver Assaf had a lot of knowledge, and answered all my questions. I was staying at Muhambari in Musanze, ok hotell, nothing special, but clean. Early next morning we go to Volcanoes to see the gorillas. We were prepared to go a bit of distance in difficult terrain, but this day the 18 gorillas came out of the woods, so it was like a walk in the park. Great experience, and I will recommend it for everyone.

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